Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Tan In 2 Hours? : Tan On Demand Tanning Mousse

Fake tanning is something I love but I am so so lazy with.
We all want to be a bronzed goddess but sometimes the thought of stripping off, covering ourselves head to toe and waiting all night to change colour is a bit daunting. 
Alot of the time by the time I'm home after a long day it's the last thing I want to do.

So when I heard about the 2 hour tan, my ears pinged up and I was ready to see, hear and read all about it.

Tan On Demand 2 Hour Tanning Mousse*

Tan On Demand is a product from the lovely people at Diamonds on Demand. Known for their professional spray tans Diamonds On Demand have branched out to create a salon worthy product for us girls (and boys) who maybe don't have the facilities or the time to have a spray tan done.

This mousse can give a natural looking tan in just a couple of hours. Whilst the colour develops over 8 hours like a regular fake tanner this stuff can be washed off sooner and still achieve great results.
It is literally that easy - you can choose your tan and have a different shade each time you use it depending on what you want and how you feel!

For me this is a fabulous idea for a product, something I can put on maybe in the morning before I get in the shower or when I have a few hours extra before I'm off on a night out! Much easier than waiting around 8 hours or sleeping in it... which I hate doing, it feels so clammy!

The mousse itself is classic brown shade which works as a colour guide, great for seeing where you need to apply and making sure you don't have any patches. I think I could only used a tanning mousse that's coloured - I'd be sooooo patchy otherwise.

First of all I decided to try out a small test patch, to see how well it worked. I popped it on and waiting probably just over 2 hours, I think washed it off and was impressed to see a nice light tan had been formed.

So I gave it a go and was really happy with the results! I have to say though, products like this only really work if you just wash it off with water, if you start using shower gels and things it does take it off - just to warn you!
Tan On Demand contains no parabens or alcohol which is fab as I know alot of you out there look for things like that in a product. 
It is said to last 5-7 days but with the amount I shower for me it didn't last that long. This stuff would be perfect for helping keep a nice holiday tan too.
For only £16 I think this is a fab product, cheaper than St. Tropez and works just as well - if you are in a hurry or lacking time this is a tanner to own!

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  1. I have been after a new fake tan ready for when I can actually get my pale legs out x

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