Monday, 6 April 2015

Payday Boots Haul

Every payday I like to treat myself, now I'm not talking about a chanel handbag or trip to Paris but I like to get myself a few new little things to try or maybe a new pair of shoes or jeans.
Life is not fun when all your hard earned cash goes on bills is it? We've got to feel like we've got something nice out of working all month long!
Of course, once again my money has been spent in the big bad Boots! A few things on offer caught my eye along with a few newbie products too! But of course before I go and try them out like any normal person I must photo them and show them to you lovely people, who may or may not care.......
I love these face mask sachets. I've lost count at the amount of times they have been featured on here! For only £1 each they are the greatest weekly treat for my skin without breaking the bank, so when I saw NEW ones on the Boots website I squealed with excitement and ordered them straight away! (I order in store, free delivery and you can collect the very next day - perfect!) Along with my ultimate favourite the Hot Spring Sauna exfloiating mask I also ordered 3 of the masks from the new 7th heaven collection. Coffee Mocha Mud, Banana & Honey Masque & Argan Oil Mud.
They all sound amazing right?! I've used the Argan Oil Mud one already and had great results... although the smell wasn't fab!
More skincare now in the form of some Nip + Fab goodies. Being half price online at the moment I thought it would be rude not to invest in anything! I had heard alot about this Dragon's Blood range and after previously trying some of Nip + Fab's other skincare and loving it I decided it was a must.
I thought I'd try the Plumping Serum and the Cleansing Pads, they promise alot so I'm hoping for a fabulous skin overhaul sometime soon!
Yes this was definitely a "that is an amazing offer, I should probably buy it" purchase! I've had the Oral B Pro 600 toothbrush for about 18 months now and I was due to buy some new heads for it. BUT seeing this - the Oral B Pro 2000 toothbrush - down to just £27.99 instead of £70 I thought... stuff the heads I'm upgrading to a better toothbrush instead!
SUCH a good decision, I can really feel the difference with this, it is soooo much better than the 600! Bargain of the week!
I also bought some of the Colgate Max White One toothpaste as it was half price, I've used it before and liked it and I hate forking out for toothpaste so for only £1.99 this was perfect!
Last buy not least, some essentials. I talked about the Nivea Creme Sensitive shower gel in my post yesterday - I love this stuff and it was only £1 so I had to pick up another.
The next item was actually something I grabbed to get my total over a certain amount so I could use a points booster with my advantage card.... yes I'm one of those people! The Maxfactor Masterpiece Max is a mascara I have used for years and years and a total favourite of mine. Seeing as my Rollerlash sample is slowly running out and I can't afford a new one this is going to have to do for now - I'm liking the new packaging aswell for it.
And finally... some highly un-exciting vitamins! Now, I am not a fan of tablets or anything similar, so, like a child I love the good old chewy gummy vitamins! These are super yummy.... and they make me feel like I'm kind of doing my body some good?!

What have you treated yourself too this month? 
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  1. That banana and honey mask sounds so delicious! I'm a big fan of face masks. Nip + Fab sounds like such a great brand, but I've never tried anything from them!
    Ivory Avenue

  2. I'm still on the hunt for a mascara that won't give me panda eyes by the afternoon, I treated myself to the Bourjois clubbing version, so far so... ok. Next payday I might have to treat myself as well :)

  3. I love using the Montagne Jeneusse face masks - they're so much fun :) love the idea of the Banana flavour and the Coffee one! xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

  4. I've been looking for some new face masks to try out for a while, these ones look really good so I'm definitely going to be trying them out! x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  5. You cant beat a good splurge at Boots! I love those face masks, I haven't used them in ages so I should treat myself to them too :)

    Dannie x

  6. I must look out for that offer on Nip+fab, as I'd love to try out some of their products!
    I love me a good haul! :)

    Mollie,xo \\\ The Fashion Of Craft

  7. I really want to try nip&fab! and I also need a new toothbrush! You reminded me! Xx

  8. I love a good boots haul. I love the 7th heaven face masks and the new one sound lovely, especially the banana and honey one.



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