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Herbalife Skin 7 Day Results Review

Herbalife are a brand you probably instantly relate too health, well-being and weightloss. But what you may not know is that they also have a popular range of skincare products aswell! From cleansers to eye cream the range named simply "SKIN" is being sold alongside the the famous nuritional products by Herbalife members all over the country.

I am very lucky to know an amazing Herbalife member, Louise. Louise and I went to high school together and over the last 6 months she has lost an incredible 2 stone and totally changed her life with the products from Herbalife (her words not mine people!) - she is living proof that the programme can and does work.
Louise is also a blogger - and not just your fabulous Disney, coffee and travel loving blogger. Louise suffers with epilepsy and with her blog and awesome youtube channel she is doing an amazing job of spreading awareness of the condition and creating a great outlet for others suffers to talk and express themselves aswell. Her blog is called Upon A Sunshine (such a cute name) - check it out here and her YouTube you can find right here

Louise was lovely enough to send me a box of goodies recently, she knows I love my beauty products and being a fan of these herself wanted to share them with me aswell! This is the 7 Day Results Kit* from the Herbalife Skin range.
Products in the kit I have been testing : 

Soothing Aloe Cleanser
Daily Glow Moistoiser
Replenishing Night Cream
Hydrating Eye Cream
Firming Eye Gel

The 7 day Results Kit has been clincially tested to help create softer, smoother skin with a great healthy glow over just 1 week, so of course I couldn't wait to try it out!
Soothing Aloe Cleanser
I love a good cleanser and this gentle aloe vera based gel has been working really well with my skin. I use this in the shower each morning and every evening after I have removed my make-up (I don't trust anything to do this apart from C&P). It's worked perfectly as a little extra something to remove all the dirt and oils left on my skin.
The cleanser itself is a clear gel consistency which has a light and fresh scent, it reminded me of cucumber. The product lathers up quickly when added to a damp face and leaves my skin feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed - like literally squeaky clean. I did make the mistake of not washing it all off properly one night though and was left with a sticky face haha opps!

Daily Glow Moisturiser
I don't normally use a moisturiser in the mornings - I know shocking. I find that my Nice Hydration Primer is enough, but I knew it was about time I gave it a go, especially as it is said to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines... something I struggle with already.
It's light-weight which I was really happy about, I was nervous it would be thick and greasy which is normally why I avoid day creams. It left my skin with a slight glow ready for my make-up to be applied. Perfect!

Replenishing Night Cream
Night creams are one of the only things I have known to bring me out in spots, so I was slightly reluctant to give this a go but with all the facts and ingredients listed I knew it was worth a shot. This has 100% helped with hydrating my skin, after having a horrible cold on and off again for a few weeks the skin around my nose had become so sore and dry and this has helped get it back to how it how!

Hydrating Eye Cream
My eyes are pretty lifeless at the moment, work, work, work - tired, dry, dark circles, they really do need some TLC! This hydrating eyecream is perfect to pop on in the evenings to really refresh my eye area over night. It helps to make them plump and hydrated and slowly hopefully I'm going to notice the reduction in wrinkles.

Firming Eye Gel
Now for the eye product for the day. This is probably the product I have been loving the most out of all of them. It makes my skin firmer and immediately reduces the puffiness I have grown to hate each morning. Massive thumbs up for this one!

Overall I have been loving this range and after looking on the website there's a few more products on the list that I definitely want to give a go! If your skin is sensitive or in need of an over haul this is a fabulous collection to give a go.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Louise for giving me this kit to try out I have been really impressed with the results!!! If you want to know anymore or are interested in anything else by Herbalife then make sure to contact Louise as she is a lady in the know - +Louise Glover.

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