Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Am I a Real Woman?

"A Real Woman" - what does that even mean? 
The amount of campaigns, magazine articles and TV segments on the subject seems to have blown up over the last few years. 

Yes, 99% of us don't have the toned tanned physique of Jessica Alba or a Victoria's Secret Model and lots of us have curves, boobs and bums but does that make us more of a "real woman" or less of a "real woman"?

I'll answer that, neither.

 We are all real women and I'm quite fed up of there being an issue with what is classed as a 'real' or 'natural' woman. 

Body image can be a sensitive topic and seeing people saying what is and isn't 'real' can be seriously damaging to certain females.
Having curves doesn't make you anymore of a woman than a someone with a slim, petite frame, we're all real, we're all woman. That's pretty much the end of it.

Size 6, Size 16, Size 26, we are all different and that's how it's meant to be. Life would be a bit bloody boring if we all looked the same, imagine if we all had the same hair colour and cut - how boring would that be? No individuality, no uniqueness. That isn't what this world is about.

If you feel happy and healthy then that's all that matters.
(Saying this I know most of us would like to change something about ourselves and will probably never be truly happy with our appearance. That's just natural, we are all going to be jealous of others... that's life I'm afraid friends.)

Why do some people have mentality that being slim is 'fake'/not 'real' and being a bit wobbley and curvy is the norm and how a woman "should" look. Some woman are born slim and that's that, some woman are born curvy and that's that.

We all come in different shapes and different sizes - be proud of who you are and never let anyone put your confidence down. 

I'm real. You're real. Lets make sure we empower each other to have confidence in the skin we are in, girl power is strong... The Spice Girls proved that!

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  1. I completely agree with you, nothing annoys me more than when anyone starts talking about what a 'real woman' is/should look like. People come in all shapes and sizes and, like you say, they're all as real as each other xx


  2. YES! i hate all the girl on girl hate that seems to be about when it comes to body shaming, we need to stick together! xx

  3. Well said! It's one of my least favourite phrases and it seems to be everywhere!


  4. Great post =]

  5. I've been thinking about everything you've mentioned in this post for a long time now. I completely agree with everything that you said!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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