Monday, 13 April 2015

100 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Musicals 
2. Naps
3. New Nails
4. Harry Potter - any shape or form of it.
5. Booking Adventures Away
6. Tea & Biscuits
7. Good Hair Days
8. Netflix - all. day. long.
9. Looking Through Old Photos
10. Whatsapp Group Conversations
11. Having a Clean & Tidy Home
12. The Smell Of New Carpet
13. Watching Youtube
14. Writing
15. My Parents House
16. Girly Days With My Mum
17. Appley Beach
18. Clean Bedding
19. Having a Wardrobe Clearout
20. Days Off Work
21. Concerts
22. Having a Tan
24. Online Shopping
25. Taylor Swift
26. Payday
27. Emojis
28. Cinema Trips
29. Popcorn & M&m's
30. DISNEY (duh!)
32. Walks In The Sunshine
33. New Make-up - especially MAC lipstick
34. Gifs, meme's & Vines
35. Rollercoasters & Rides
36. Girls Nights Out
37. Putting On My Pyjamas When I Get Home From Work
38. A Good Book
39. Joey C
40. Clicking/cracking my bones (don't judge)
41. Freshly Washed Hair
42. French Bulldogs
43. Reality TV Shows
44. 90s/00s pop music (Britney can do no wrong!)
45. Dancing & Singing At Home Alone
46. Fake Eyelashes
47. HD Brows
48. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
49. Face Masks
50. ASOS Free Next Day Delivery
51. Reminiscing About High School
52. Yellow Dog
53. Spending Sunday's On The Sofa
54. My Girls & Gay
55. Summer Heights High
56. Twitter
57. My Doggies
58. Margherita Pizza
59. Quoting Movies & TV Shows With Others
60. Water (I'm a big water drinker!)
61. Hugs
62. Loosing Weight
63. Primark Trips
64. Oversized Jumpers 
65. Pretty Little Liars (Although it also makes me stressed!)
66. People Thanking Me For My Help At Work
67. Christmas 
68. Award Shows
69. Holidays
70. Getting Glammed Up
71. Stephen Mulhern Saying "Unbelievable" (makes me laugh everytime)
72. The Wizard Of Oz
73. Universal Studios
74. Receiving Blog Comments
75. Fancy Dress Partys
76. Vodka & Lemonade
77. Massages
78. The Cold Side Of The Pillow
79. The New Cinderella Movie (It's perfect)
80. My Blog Followers (How on earth is there nearly 3,500 of you!?)
81. Magazines
82. The Feeling I Get Post-Run
83. Broken Sword (Yes I am a geek)
84. Dr. Seuss' Work
85. Sales
86. Going To America (I miss it everyday)
87. Watching Jennifer Lawrence Interviews
88. Getting Post
89. Chocolate (Any shape or form.... I'm addicted)
90. Candles
91. Ross Gellar
92. Ariana Grande & Her Perfect Voice
93. Marmite
94. Photobooths
95. Drag Queens
96. Taking My Bra Off After a Long Day
97. Channing Tatum Dancing
98. Well.... Channing Tatum In General
99. This meme that me and the girls send each other as peer pressure...
100. The Isle Of Wight - Home Sweet Home

Now.... time for you to share your 100 things that make you happy!
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  1. This is such a cute post, I love it! x x

    Lydia x

  2. So cute I love this post and your fabulous use of GIFs. Out of curiosity, where do you find all your GIFs from? I used to have a collection but they were on my old computer and I miss them dearly :'( xx

  3. Oh my goodness I absolutely love this post :) Reading this has put the biggest smile on my face - I love posts like this that make you happy for the little and make you feel glad to be alive :)
    Love Holly x

  4. Love this =] Im surprised you could come up with 100 things, id be stuck after 3 haha

  5. I love this post!! Made me smile so much! Buffy rules! And so does Jennifer Lawrence!

  6. Loved reading this post!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  7. I love the way you put this together. You started off with Musicals and a snippit of Wicked, I was hooked.


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