Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Skincare Routine : Video

I'm back on YouTube! I'm so sorry that there always seems to be such a huge gap between each of my videos... I promise I will get my butt in gear and sort my channel out as much as I can!
Anyway, today I'm talking all about my skincare routine - all those bits and bobs I use on my big round face day and night!

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Disney's "Tsum Tsum" Collection

After nearly 2 years of blogging and over 6 years blabbing away on the twittersphere I think most people know that I am a bit of a Disney fan. (I mean look at my blog header for crying out loud!)
So when I was contacted to see if I wanted to take a sneak peek at the new collection Disney has released I nearly dropped my precious iPhone with excitement!
I had obviously heard of the 'Tsum Tsum' collection already....  I tend to visit the Disney store website at least once a week so new things rarely slip past me (no I'm not ashamed of this!) so I was really looing forward to seeing them in the flesh fluff!

Tsum Tsum's - pronounced "Soom Soom" (if you were wondering like I was!) are the newest collectable collection from Disney.

The name comes from the Japanese verb tsumu which simply means 'to stack'. These gorgeous soft toys are designed to sit on top of each other and form a pyramid - cute right? The more you have the bigger and higher your pryamid can be!

There are 3 different sizes - Mini, Medium & Large which are priced at £3, £10 & £20The Tsum Tsum's I have pictured are mini's and medium's.
Medium Tsum Tsum's : Winnie the Pooh & Dale £10 Each*
Mini Tsum Tsum's : Lady, Jiminy, Thumper - £3 each*

I was actually really impressed with the price, I think alot of the time people think official Disney items are hugely expensive but I think these prices are totally reasonable, especially the mini's - only £3?! Bargain! 

I love that you can pick and choose your favourite characters that you want to stack, I have a huge wishlist at the moment... Woody, Buzz, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Stitch... I want them all! (And yes I am 25 with no children....but don't judge me!)
The amount of characters available is endless - check out the full list here - and they've even started releasing series' too e.g. Christmas/Easter!
Yay for Disney!
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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Am I a Real Woman?

"A Real Woman" - what does that even mean? 
The amount of campaigns, magazine articles and TV segments on the subject seems to have blown up over the last few years. 

Yes, 99% of us don't have the toned tanned physique of Jessica Alba or a Victoria's Secret Model and lots of us have curves, boobs and bums but does that make us more of a "real woman" or less of a "real woman"?

I'll answer that, neither.

 We are all real women and I'm quite fed up of there being an issue with what is classed as a 'real' or 'natural' woman. 

Body image can be a sensitive topic and seeing people saying what is and isn't 'real' can be seriously damaging to certain females.
Having curves doesn't make you anymore of a woman than a someone with a slim, petite frame, we're all real, we're all woman. That's pretty much the end of it.

Size 6, Size 16, Size 26, we are all different and that's how it's meant to be. Life would be a bit bloody boring if we all looked the same, imagine if we all had the same hair colour and cut - how boring would that be? No individuality, no uniqueness. That isn't what this world is about.

If you feel happy and healthy then that's all that matters.
(Saying this I know most of us would like to change something about ourselves and will probably never be truly happy with our appearance. That's just natural, we are all going to be jealous of others... that's life I'm afraid friends.)

Why do some people have mentality that being slim is 'fake'/not 'real' and being a bit wobbley and curvy is the norm and how a woman "should" look. Some woman are born slim and that's that, some woman are born curvy and that's that.

We all come in different shapes and different sizes - be proud of who you are and never let anyone put your confidence down. 

I'm real. You're real. Lets make sure we empower each other to have confidence in the skin we are in, girl power is strong... The Spice Girls proved that!

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Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator Review

Being an Isle Of Wighter born and bred, Liz Earle are a brand which feature heavily in my skincare routine. If you didn't know the brand was formed here on the island in 1995 and I have used it for years and years now - I don't think I could live without my daily Cleanse & Polish session.

Because I am such a fan of their products I'm always open to trying more from their constantly growing range and recently I have fallen hook, line and sinker for their Gentle Face Exfoliator.

To be honest I don't know how it's taken me this long to try this particular product out, I'm a big scrub fan and tend to try and use one at least once a week.

I don't have many skin problems, I have been very lucky in that sense, a few spots pop up now and again but come and go in a matter of days, but I like to have a good skincare routine I always have done.
Alot of the time the scrubs I use are fairly abrasive, e.g. the Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix, which are great but tend to be a bit much/harsh to carry out weekly so seeing this had the word 'gentle' in the title I thought it would be a great product to have as a weekly treatment.

The scent of the scrub is lovely, and reminds me of a few other LE products - but for the life of me I can't think which ones.
It is made which a range of natural ingredients (something LE are known for) including jojoba beads, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and eucalyptus oil.

The Gentle Face Exfoliator is for 'congested or flaky skin'. This time of year with the hotter weather coming in I feel like my skin needs a good de-congestion now and again to get rid of build up and excess oils.
I have been using this about twice a week for the past few weeks. I keep it in the shower and once my face is clear of my grotty make-up I squeeze about a 5p sized lump onto my fingertips and gently massage it in circular movements around my face.

The jojoba beads help gently buff away dead skin cells while the cocoa butter is there to make sure the skin stays soft, moisturised and hydrated.

The results have been great and my skin has been looking fab with this added into my routine.
The version I have of this scrub is the 50ml tube, there are a range of sizes and tube/pump alternatives for it, but this is a great size when just trying it out.
Saying this I think I'll be investing in the largest pump version to get the best value for money once this is finished with.

Have you tried any Liz Earle products before? I highly recommend them!
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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cohorted Beauty Box - Worth The Hype?

Beauty boxes dropped into our life over 5 years ago and with the amount of different versions on the market now it's hard to know which ones to sign upto... if any at all!

When they first came out in the UK I was super excited but after being signed up to a certain box for months and months I kind of gave up as I was fed up with crappy little samples that I had sat in a drawer that I wasn't really interested in.
Since then, I'll be honest, I haven't really thought much of them, that experience kind of put me off.

So when Cohorted contacted me I was a little weary but I was definitely curious after seeing their website and other bloggers reviews of them. The products seem full sized alot of the time and all the brands were ones I'd heard of and ones I longed to try or buy more of. Plus this isn't a subscription service like most of the other beauty boxes out there, you can just pick and choose which months you pre-order/order which is great if you have a month or two where £19.99 isn't as accessible. 
So I agreed to give it a go.
Cohorted Beauty Box - March 2015*
 Now.... you may have seen my Twitter meltdown a week or so ago about a certain delivery company posting to the wrong address and the parcel being "lost" (*cough*stolen*cough*) - well that was my original Cohorted box! So another was sent out to me and thankfully I received this one safe and sound but this post is now up a little later than I first expected it to be so I do apologise.

The box I have is the March 2015 box.... and yes I do realise it is nearly May but I'm sure this post will still give you a good gage and idea of what to expect from Cohorted plus my honest thoughts on the service.

This box featured 4 products - 3 full sized and 1 sample sized, already a huge improvement to what I have previously experienced with beauty boxes. (Plus each product is from a well-known brand which I was really impressed with.)
The first thing I received in my box was a product from Too Faced. A brand I have admired from afar for far too long. I only own a couple of products from them but my wishlist is never ending, especially with their eyeshadow palettes and kits.
 Anyway... the product I received was an eyeshadow. One of the Exotic Colour Intense Eye Shadow's to be precise. I actually received the shade Poison Orchid which is not the colour stated on the insert card provided. So either than ran out of the stated 'copper peony' or I got the wrong shade! Saying this it was nice to get a bright colour as my current collection of copper shades is pretty big! This colour is gorgeous purple and it is soooo pigmentated! It has a lovely iridescent shine to it and having green eyes purple shades are always a winner.
Next was the onyl sample size in the box, the Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay in the shade black. I don't mind getting samples sizes when they are decent brands and products like this one. Mascara's are something I am quite picky about so it was nice to have a little tester to give something new a go.
This is the perfect mascara to use after my current one. I know that sounds silly, 2 mascaras, but my eyelashes are so short and stumpy that I find using 2 can work wonders for me. I normally use a lengthening mascara with a comb type brush first and then something like this is great for using afterwards, creating bigger and bushier lashes. Top marks for this tester size.
Now for a product that I wasn't entirely sold on. When I spotted this in the box and read the front of the box I thought.... Oh I didn't know bareminerals had creams out. How wrong I was. This is the bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment. Yes a mineral night treatment, a make-up to put on at night. The treatment is meant to replenish the skin, reduce pores, even skin tone and give an all-round more radiant look all while you are catching your 40 winks.
The colour in the box was 'light' and I guess that's what everyone got - to be honest I don't really see the need to have colours if it's only going to be worn at night? Surely a translucent powder for all complexions would be easier?
For me personally this isn't something I'll carry on using, I like to let my skin have a rest from everything at night I love the feeling of bare face and it definitely helps me sleep better having a face totally free from everything.
I'll probably give this to my Mum to try out as it's an expensive product and I wouldn't want it to go to waste!
Last but not least is a highlighter palette from the wonderful drugstore brand Sleek. I had actually been eyeing up this Precious Metals palette for face and body recently, I'm a big highlighter fan and sleek's contour kit is one of my must-haves so this looked right up my street. With 4 different shades this is a grea addition to any make-up collection. Again, it is another full-sized item from Cohorted which is fab and I know I am going to get ALOT of use out of this.

Overall I am really impressed with this beauty box from Cohorted. Being £19.99 per box I think alot of people may be a little apprehensive about committing to a box unknowing of it's contents but if this is anything to go by then it will be worth it.
Having 3 full sized products has me sold completely and looking through the site and seeing what has previously been in the boxes and sneak peeks of what's to come makes me think that the box is at a well-deserved price point.
I know for a fact I won't be able to afford to commit to purchasing every month (booo to being poor) but I think a treat now and again is a fab way to find new products and try out things I may not fork out the money for normally. So yes is the answer to my question, from what I've seen, the Cohorted Beauty Box is worth the hype.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #17

This was meant to be up yesterday so I am super sorry that it is late! But like they say... better late than never right?
Eat Natural Bars
You may have seen on twitter that last week I started a 6 week chocolate ban. Yes - I am insane, but until June 1st I will be eating NO form of chocolate at all. The first week has been a little painful but I've managed to get through it okay and I've found alternatives to hit that sugar craving just as much as a cheeky Kit-Kat. Eat Natural bars are SO yummy, my favourite has to be the yogurt coated blueberry and cashew bar, they are so, so good.... I just wish they were cheaper!

Sugar Crush Body Spray
This has to be my purchase of the week! I love the Sugar Crush scent and having a body spray on had 24/7 has been awesome, both me and my home smell sweet and zesty, perfect for Summer! (Here's the post I did a few days ago...)

Trouble - Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson
TUNEEEEE! I love Iggy and Jennifer's voice is amazing so this song has me smiling everytime I hear it.... especially when James Cordon is singing it - please tell me you've seen that video?

Disney Tsum Tsum's
Having these delivered to me last week was the highlight of my week! They are so adorable... keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure they will be featured again, you know how much I love Disney!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I thought I'd feature my everyday foundation this week! I've used this for the last 18months or so I'd say. I remember picking it up just after I had starting blogging after seeing lots of reviews and recommendations and immediately I fell in love, said goodbye to L'oreal's True Match and swapped over to this as my daily base.
 I cannot tell you how much bottles I've been through since then but this week I finished off yet another and made another repurchase. If you love a good coverage with a slight glow this is the stuff to try - plus it's less than £10!

Armani Si Perfume
This one is a bit of a cheeky one.... I don't actually own it... but I have been wearing it daily! 'How?' you might ask... well, I work with perfume so having a little spritz is a perk of the job, obvs! I LOVE this scent, it is so strong just one spray can last hours and hours, hands down my perfume pick of the week.

Revenge Season 4
Okay, I know you are all fed up of me talking about bloody Revenge! I have become pretty much obsessed this month. Sad as it is to admit but I have literally watched... 86 episodes this month. 86. ..... Eighty Six. Wow - that's kind of embarrassing to admit. I am totally upto date now, minus this week's episode which I am waiting to be uploaded. Not long until season 4 will be over and I won't know what to do with my life.

Tesco Damson & Pomegranate Candle
Candles are a right weakness of mine and I think I've talked about this one before either on here on on my YouTube channel. I love this scent and it is a total bargain, if you are in Tesco look out for it! 

the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
Highlighter of the week has to be my Mary-Lou! I love popping this on my cheek bones, forehead and down the centre of my nose for a gorgeous dewy look. This brand is one that I really want to try more of this year.
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Top Highlighter Picks Under £7

 Highlighters are probably one of my favourite make-up products. For years now I have been obsessed with getting a pretty glowing complexion and the amount of products I have bought, tried and tested is endless! 
Some of the best highlighters I own and use most seem to be ones which don't break the bank - which is a total win-win situation right?
I've picked out 5 of my favourites to chat about today... and they are all under £7 ... most of them under £5! *Barry Bargain Alert!*
I've choosen a mix of brands plus a mix of both liquids and powders, as I know some of you are more of a fan of one than the other!
First up my ultimate favourite - 1. Seventeen's Skin Wow! Highlighter - £5.99. This is a product which I have raved and raved about since it was released in 2013 now! The amount of friends I've made buy this is countless now haha! The bottle of this stuff literally lasts me for months on end even though I use it daily and it is a great dupe for Benefit's High Beam at just the fraction of the price!
The most expensive of the bunch is the 2. Sleek Contour Kit - £6.49. Being a bronzer and a highlighter you can forgive it for being a little pricier than the others I'm featuring. I've already gone through one of these kits and had to buy a replacement, so for me this is a keeper! With the amount of different products I own and test to use one up completely is not something that happens regularly. The highlighter is a gorgeous alongside the matte bronzer, it's a lovely peachy shade, great for summer.
Next is the newest on the block which I actually did a review on not too long ago. 3. Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter is only £4.99, a great price for one of the best high street brands in the UK. The shade I have is Notting Hill Glow and it is a lovely pearly liquid highlighter which I have been wearing more or less everyday under my foundation to highlighter certain areas, if you are a Rimmel fan this is a must-have for your collection.
The last two are both from one of the most popular bargain brands out there at the moment - Make-Up Revolution. 
Number 4. is the Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter and at only £3 is it the cheapest product. The shade I've shown here is Pink Lights and my favourite of the bunch. The lightest and pinkest of the lot this is a beaut... although the product pattern itself is a bit off-putting... let me know what you think it looks like.
Lastly we have 5. the Make-Up Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter* - £5. These super pigmented powders are amazing value for money and with a range of shades there is a highlight for every skin tone. Pictured is the shade Exhale, a pretty creamy colour perfect for contouring aswell as highlighting.

What are your favourite highlighters? Do you like buying cheaper brands aswell as high end?

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Perfect Summer Scent For £4

The Sugar Crush range from Soap & Glory has been my favourite for a long time now. The fresh, sweet, zesty lime scent reminds me of summer, sunshine and everything bright and colourful.
I've tried the whole range over the last couple of years and I have to be honest the other S&G collections have kind of taken a backseat for me (minus the Scrub Of Your Life.... as that's great on my upper arms!) so when I spotted a new addition to Sugar Crush I grabbed it immediately.

Yes, Sugar Crush now have a body spray! A fab and handy 100ml bottle spritz, perfect to carry with you 24/7.

If you are one for layering scents then this is a great addition to the body wash, scrub and butter to keep you smelling sweet, sugary and limey for even longer!
Not only have I been keeping this in my handbag for when I feel like I need a bit of a refresh throughout the day but I've also been using it round the home.
I know I've mentioned that I do this before on here but I'll tell you again.....I love to spray lovely scents into my carpet. Yup before I hoover, I spritz around a yummy scent around the floor. It is amazing for keeping my home smelling awesome and fresh aswell - try it, I dare ya!

So both me and my home are smelling sweet and summery, perfect for these sunny days and only £4 from Boots :)

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Favourite Photography Apps

My iPhone is like an extra limb, as sad as that is - it's true. I don't think there's a moment in my daily routine where I dont know where it is.
I've had an iPhone for the past 4 or 5 years and throughout this time I've tried, bought and downloaded my fair share of apps! Some are keepers, some are pants and some I just don't even understand how to use!
After all this time I have definitely found my favourites, so today I thought I would share with you my favourite apps for photos!
Social = Instagram Free
This is an obvious one so I will put it first as I'm sure you've probably all already got it. I love Instagram, I've had it nearly as long as I've had an iPhone after seeing iJustine talk about it when it had just been released! It's fab for scrolling through when your bored and it's even become a job to some people now, which is awesome! My favourite filters have got to be Hudson and Valencia, although recently I've been more about just editing the photo and not adding filters at all! My username is : KirstieLouiseS and you can see my favourite accounts to follow - here.

Collage/multiple photos = Diptic 79p
There are some times where we need more than photo together - before and afters, a collage for a friends birthday, a group of holiday photos together or maybe you just want to have your selfie mirrored... this is the best for that! I do begrudge paying for apps.... as there are so many free ones.... but this has definitely been worth the pennies I paid years ago, I use it all the time!

Editing = Afterlight 79p
This is the newest in my collection and I bought it after seeing Megan ( talking about it! I always wanted to know how to make my photos brighter, lighter and a little bit prettier.... you know what I mean .... this does the trick and so much more! I love the amount of different filters and edits that are available, my favourite has to be Magnolia, I sometimes actually use this before popping a photo onto Instagram.. sneaky sneaky!

Helpful = Whiteagram Free
Ever wanted to add a photo to Instagram but it's totally ruined by making it into a square? Fear no more - this is the how to get the whole of your photo in! Wahoooo I hear you cry! This is perfect for outfit shots, sharing snazzy blog photos or maybe even your holiday snaps! This is so, so handy.

What are you fav photo apps?

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Monday, 20 April 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #16

Inside No. 9
Being a fan of League Of Gentleman and Pyshcoville I was looking forward to watching this season made by the same people! Episode 2 "The 12 Days Of Christine" was amazing - I recommend you all head to iplayer now and watch it .... I cried like a baby!

Shapers Blueberry & Yogurt Bars
These are so so good. I think I've mentioned them on here before but I'm telling you again - these are the nicest treat and less than 90 calories!

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Facial Pads
I bought these a few weeks ago along with the matching serum. Now it turns out the serum and my skin just didn't get along, I came up in a few spots which is really unlike me but I've kept these in my everyday routine and they have been great! The scent is strong but I quite like it, I use one every morning before I put my make-up on!

Oral B Pro 2000
Upgrading my toothbrush was the best decision I've made so far this year! I had the Pro 600 prior to this but this is a step ahead, so much quicker and I can really feel the difference between them!

I used to use eBay 24/7 but with work, blogging, life etc I kind of just gave up with the effort of it all! After going through my wardrobe I decided it was time to get chucking/ebaying and it feels so good! (My eBay - HERE.)

Wildfox Cali Jumper
Bargain of the week! I am obsessed with Wildfox but unfortunately it's not always in my price range! This is why I love the ASOS sale, this top was only £24!! I LOVE it, super comfy and it's so true... I miss California everyday!

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick - Love Bite
I did a review on this a couple of weeks ago, I am obsessed. It is the perfect formula and the perfect red!

Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures
I've been using these for weeks and weeks now and ever since having my haircut my hair has been feeling better and better! They smell yummy and leave my hair so soft plus they are nearly always on offer - and I love a bargain!

Bates Motel
This is the newest show me and my boyfriend have started watching together..... although I'm now officially like 3 episodes behind him as I fell asleep opps! It's really weird but I do like a bit of weird!

Ariana Grande
It's only 6 weeks until I head to the O2 to see this little angel and I am SO excited! This past week I have been blaring out her albums and getting really hyped up to see her live, I cannot wait!
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Friday, 17 April 2015

Anatomicals : Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell Mud Mask

Anatomicals Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell Deep Cleansing Mud Mask*

Treating myself to a little pamper is something I like to try and do weekly. Face mask, hair mask, tan, nails, I love being able to spruce myself up a bit within the comfort of my own home. I find it's ten times more comfortable and of course alot cheaper than going elsewhere to get things done.

Face mask sachets are overflowing in one of my bathroom drawers, I kid you not I think I have an addiction! 
You have probably seen me talk about the Montagne Jeunesse range many times before, they are a total bargain and work wonders for my skin so trying out new ones is one of my favourite beauty treats!
Anatomicals are another bargain beauty brand. I've used a few of their products in the past and always notice their cute and fun names whilst browse through the beauty section on ASOS.
So when I was sent this mud mask from them I was excited to try it out.

Recently have had a bit of a breakout, which isn't like me at all. I eventually put it down to the new serum I had been trying out and decided to stop using it. So really this deep cleansing mask could not have come at a better time.
The directions are easy - 1. dampen face with warm water and blot dry (this helps to open up your pores) 2. Apply sachet contents evenly to the skin avoiding the eyes, 3. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry, 4. Gentle soften and wipe off with a damp cloth.
Easy peasy!
The consistency was thinner than I thought, it felt like a creamy lotion and was super easy to apply. I didn't use the whole sachet on my face so this could probably be good for two uses or to share with someone else!
The scent wasn't my favourite - it reminded me of a smell of something my Mum used to use.... don't ask me what as I have no idea....but it wasn't unbearable.
There was a slight tingle in places on my face whilst the mask did it's magic but I just put that down to it's deep cleansing.
 After using my skin felt super soft and thoroughly cleansed.... I didn't ever want to put make-up on again haha, I wish m y skin could feel like that every morning!

You can check out the awesome Anatomicals range on ASOS - here - where you can actually get this mask in a pack of 3 for just £3 or you can  buy it individually on Amazon - here - for £2.24.
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

National Perfume Day : The Power Of Fragrance

It's National Perfume Day!!! 
Yes guys, today marks the first ever national day dedicated to celebrating our love for scents!
 I had no idea this even existed until the lovely people at The Perfume Shop informed me earlier this week, which got me thinking....

Perfume is something which we all (most probably) use on a daily basis. We all have our everyday scents, our signature scent, our "going out" scents, the favourites that we save for those special occassions and of course the bottles that bring back the best memories with just one spritz.
That's what I'm going to be talking about today.

It's crazy how just the smell of something can flood our brain with memories and images of a previous time, place or feeling. 
There are so many perfumes out there that remind me of a particular time or experience in my life and just a whiff of them has me reminiscing about the good (or bad) times. 
Calvin Klein Escape makes me think of travelling with my best friend, Hugo Boss Deep Red reminds me of being a teenager, D&G Light Blue takes me back to 2007 and meeting my boyfriend and Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy just gets me thinking of Christmas time!
It's crazy how all those memories in my mind can be accessed by just a scent.
But the perfume with the happiest memory for me is Vera Wang Princess
I bought this last year at Gatwick airport whilst on my way to Florida, for my first holiday with my boyfriend. (even though we've been together 8 long years!)

 Scents have always held memories so strong for me so I knew buying a new perfume for a holiday was a great way to keep those particular special memories of the trip even closer to me.
Of course it worked and now everytime I smell or wear Princess visions of Disneyworld, Universal Studios and amazing memories with my boyfriend pop up in my mind creating a huge smile on my face.
This is the power of fragrance - it really can hold the key to so many memories! I love spraying this scent as I know it will take me straight back to my Disney hotel and our adventures throughout Orlando!

Do you have any perfumes that bring back amazing memories? If you're heading on a holiday or maybe getting married or doing something life changing - why not invest in a new perfume to help remember all those memories, it really does work! 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

100 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Musicals 
2. Naps
3. New Nails
4. Harry Potter - any shape or form of it.
5. Booking Adventures Away
6. Tea & Biscuits
7. Good Hair Days
8. Netflix - all. day. long.
9. Looking Through Old Photos
10. Whatsapp Group Conversations
11. Having a Clean & Tidy Home
12. The Smell Of New Carpet
13. Watching Youtube
14. Writing
15. My Parents House
16. Girly Days With My Mum
17. Appley Beach
18. Clean Bedding
19. Having a Wardrobe Clearout
20. Days Off Work
21. Concerts
22. Having a Tan
24. Online Shopping
25. Taylor Swift
26. Payday
27. Emojis
28. Cinema Trips
29. Popcorn & M&m's
30. DISNEY (duh!)
32. Walks In The Sunshine
33. New Make-up - especially MAC lipstick
34. Gifs, meme's & Vines
35. Rollercoasters & Rides
36. Girls Nights Out
37. Putting On My Pyjamas When I Get Home From Work
38. A Good Book
39. Joey C
40. Clicking/cracking my bones (don't judge)
41. Freshly Washed Hair
42. French Bulldogs
43. Reality TV Shows
44. 90s/00s pop music (Britney can do no wrong!)
45. Dancing & Singing At Home Alone
46. Fake Eyelashes
47. HD Brows
48. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
49. Face Masks
50. ASOS Free Next Day Delivery
51. Reminiscing About High School
52. Yellow Dog
53. Spending Sunday's On The Sofa
54. My Girls & Gay
55. Summer Heights High
56. Twitter
57. My Doggies
58. Margherita Pizza
59. Quoting Movies & TV Shows With Others
60. Water (I'm a big water drinker!)
61. Hugs
62. Loosing Weight
63. Primark Trips
64. Oversized Jumpers 
65. Pretty Little Liars (Although it also makes me stressed!)
66. People Thanking Me For My Help At Work
67. Christmas 
68. Award Shows
69. Holidays
70. Getting Glammed Up
71. Stephen Mulhern Saying "Unbelievable" (makes me laugh everytime)
72. The Wizard Of Oz
73. Universal Studios
74. Receiving Blog Comments
75. Fancy Dress Partys
76. Vodka & Lemonade
77. Massages
78. The Cold Side Of The Pillow
79. The New Cinderella Movie (It's perfect)
80. My Blog Followers (How on earth is there nearly 3,500 of you!?)
81. Magazines
82. The Feeling I Get Post-Run
83. Broken Sword (Yes I am a geek)
84. Dr. Seuss' Work
85. Sales
86. Going To America (I miss it everyday)
87. Watching Jennifer Lawrence Interviews
88. Getting Post
89. Chocolate (Any shape or form.... I'm addicted)
90. Candles
91. Ross Gellar
92. Ariana Grande & Her Perfect Voice
93. Marmite
94. Photobooths
95. Drag Queens
96. Taking My Bra Off After a Long Day
97. Channing Tatum Dancing
98. Well.... Channing Tatum In General
99. This meme that me and the girls send each other as peer pressure...
100. The Isle Of Wight - Home Sweet Home

Now.... time for you to share your 100 things that make you happy!
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