Sunday, 1 March 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #9

Modern Family - Facetime Epsiode
This episode was genius! I love Modern Family, it neverfails to make me laugh and this week's episode was not different! Filmed all via facebook this 20 minute episode was so so clever... and a great advert for Apple haha!

EOS Blueberry & Acai Lipbalm
 I feel like I've talked about these loads recently. I found this one hiding when I was tidying up the other day and was so happy to see it! It smells yummy and helps my chapped lips out no-end!

Vampire Academy Book 2 - Frostbite
I have finally got back into reading and I've picked up where I left off! Hopefully I'll be finished with this series before the summer.... there is 6 of them you know! I have soooo many books on my wishlist at the moment!

My New Bed & Early Nights
Finally we have our new bed! We had a bit of a pickle with it all.... (someone may have ordered the wrong sized bed.... although that someone was not me!) ... but after nearly 2 weeks of sleeping on a mattress on the floor we have a bed - and I am so happy! This week I've also been going to bed super early which has made me feel alot brighter!

E45 Overnight Hand Cream
You may have seen this on here earlier this week! This stuff has been a lifesaver for my dry, rashy hands - I'm so impressed!

Margot Robbie
Ultimare girl crush alert! After watching The Wolf Of Wall Street once again last weekend (one of my favourite films ever), seeing Margot at the Oscars and all the Focus premiere's I have fallen in love again! She is amazing... and making me want to cut my hair.... again! #flawless

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks
The best way to relax and give yourself a beauty treatment for under £1! I love these things, I have a draw full of them and this past week I have dipped into it more than once! Hot Chocolate & Hot Spring Sauna are my favourites!

PLL.... the build up the the Big ReveAl
I love this show so much, every single week I get more and more into it and I am waiting so patiently for the big reveal next month..... only 4 more weeks girls and boys! Who do you think it is?
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  1. Oh the things I would do to be Margot! She is the ultimate babe, and I am actually watching Wolf of Wall Street right now...swoon!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Margot is stunning and she also makes me have huge hair envy, I'm just too scared to do it! Glad everything is sorted with the bed, a good nights sleep always sets me up for a productive day x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  3. I'm addicted to PLL too! It's quite lame how excited I am for the big A reveal. My money's n Wren and/or Melissa x

  4. I absolutely love Margot Robbie's style - she looked stunning at the oscars! I really need to catch up on the last couple of episodes of PLL

    Jess // Where'sMyLipstick

  5. I got a new bed this month too, new mattress and all, and oh my god I never want to leave it!! x


  6. I loved Margot Robbie when she was on Top Gear - she made me laugh.

    Lizzie Dripping

  7. I love that episode and I'm excited for PLL too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  8. Fab faves, I have to agree early nights are the best - I always try and go to bed early on a work night and have noticed a huge difference the next day :) I’m obsessed with Margot Robbie - I used to love her on Neighbours and her hair is stunning! :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  9. Modern Family is my favourite, it never fails to crack me up! That blueberry and acai lip balm, sounds dreamy! Fab faves!

    Lauren x

  10. Ooo, I've just bought the Hot Chocolate Face Mask. Can't wait to use it. But I'll probably want to eat it instead. x

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