Monday, 16 March 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #11

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour
YAY! I got to see Katy again this past week. You might remember I went to the tour back in May 2014 and last week I hoped on a plane to Germany to go and see it again! This was the 5th time I've seen Katy and have to say she was better than ever! I had so so much fun and I'm so sad it's over! Thank you KP!

Neal & Wolf Silk* & Elevate 
These products are my total holy grail at the moment. Elevate makes my hair so soft and sooth and Silk (the newest in my hair routine) is a fabulous blow-drying lotion which I feel like I've used so much over the last few weeks! Having long hair makes me more prone to wash, dry and style when going out, so this is a must! .... I'm considering cutting my hair short - thoughts please?

Make-Up Revolution Kohl & Flick*
This is a product that I had sat in a draw for so long and only discovered recently. I think it's a known fact that I am pants at eyeliner. I always used to stay clear as my eyes are so small and I thought it made them even smaller but I want to be able to do fabulous cat eye flicks so I have started practising with this and it is such a brilliant eyeliner. Plus it's super cheap!

Naked Palette
My palette collection seems to have tripled over the last few months so picking one to sit down and do my make-up with each time I want a snazzy smokey eye is becoming a slight challenge. Recently I picked up my ultimate fav... the original Naed palette from Urban Decay and fell back in love. I found a fab tutorial on youtube to use and really loved the outcome. 

Sensodyne True White
New toothpaste alert! I spotted this in my local Boots and had to pick it up.... even those it has a painful price tag of £7.99! I love sensodyne toothpastes, I suffer from sensitive teeth so anything that helps that plus whitens my teeth is a winner for me. So far I've really enjoyed using it.

New Look Mom Jeans
I have finally ventured out of the world of skinny jeans... I know it's a miracle! I'd actually been eyeing these up on New Look's website for a few months so when they went into the sale I nabbed them straight away... for only £10! I wore them to Germany last week and they are so comfortable... although I got a size 12 and they are a little baggy I am so pleased with them and think they are going to get alot of wear during the upcoming Spring months!

Love, Rosie
I watched this on a whim yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised by how much I fell in love with it. Lily Collins is a favourite of mine and her English accent was awesome - so impressed! The story made me laugh out loud and want to sit and cry, such great chemistry with all the cast and a great story... I actually think I'm going to buy it on DVD!

MAC Cinderella Royal Ball Lipstick
Why hello lipstick that I've waiting for for what seems like months on end! The Cinderella collection was finally available online last week and I had all of 60 seconds to grab something as it was at the end of my work break when it went live. It was safe to say that I panic bought and only managed to get a lipstick.... which sucked! (But at last I got something eh!) This is a gorgeous nude and I am obsessed with the packaging - super pretty!

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  1. Love those jeans! And I really want to try out MAC's Cinderella collection, great post! :)

  2. The lipstick sounds amazing and so does the movie. I'm planning on seeing Katy in May when she comes to my country.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  3. Great picks, I really want to watch Love Rosie as I’m a big Lily Collins fan :) I’m unsure about Royal Ball as when I swatched it, it looked really pale :(

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  4. I just love the Naked original palette! I also really want to try the Mac Cinderella lipstick!

  5. I was, and am, so jealous of your trip to Berlin.

    Lizzie Dripping


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