Monday, 23 March 2015

Hairspiration : The Lob

I know what 50% of you are going to say.... I also know what the other 50% of you are going to say! Either "DO IT" or "DON'T DO IT!" 

I've been growing my hair now since January 2013, I got a proper bob back in Nov 2012 and loved it but decided after a few months that long hair was going to be my goal for the next few years - and look, I did it!
But I'm a girl who likes change and to be honest it's been a long, long while since I did anything truly drastic to my hair which isn't like me at all! Seeing as there's noway I'm changing my hair colour anytime soon, I can't imagine being a brunette anymore, a cut it will have to be!
After spending probably an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest and other social medias eyeing up fabulous shorter styles I've decided I'm going to go for the chop and try to rock a Lob!    (Lob = Long Bob)
I'm nervous but excited to have something different to play around with and style, here's some of my hairspiration! What do you think?
Don't worry.......... I've always got my extensions if I change my mind!
Wish me luck!!!
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  1. I'm in the exact same position but i thought there is no rush so I'm just going to cut it little by little and see how I feel!

    Hannah Rose

  2. Hair grows! :) I say do it haha! I'm a big fan of changing my hair up. At the moment I'm growing it out and I love how very few weeks it's changed and I can do mroe things with it. But once it hits boob length I'll probably start dreaming of cutting it all off again! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. Your hair is going to look amazing!! All the pictures you put for your inspo are amazing!! Hair grows so it's not the end of the world and like you said you have extensions so you can change :) xx

    Abi |

  4. I love this look, my hair is similar now but I am looking to get it restyled like this.


  5. I've been seeing this hairstyle a lot these days! I love it! You should definitely go for it :).


  6. I just did it and i love it.. feels so much better xx

  7. I love lob's! Looking at these photos is making me want to stop growing my hair put aha. Will look great on you!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. I think you should definitely go for it! I recently got my hair cut into this style after about 10 years of having long hair and although I cried for about a week after having it done, I absolutely love it now! It's so much easier to style and it looks effortless with some beachy waves - and its way healthier/thicker! xx

    Lipgloss & Lashes

  9. Go for it! I hate having the same hairstyle for very long too!
    I love January Jones' hair! I vote for that one :)
    Sarah xx

  10. I've had the chop recently and switched long hair for a lob. I donated my hair to charity. I'd recommend it! My post about my cut and donation:

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