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This Week I'm Loving... #7 (& My Fifty Shades Movie Review!)

Canon 700D
It's official - I own a DSLR! I have been wanting one of these beautiful cameras for so, so long now and after receiving some money for my birthday I went ahead and invested!
 I went for the Canon 700D for a few reasons and have been overwhelmed by how awesome it is so far! Obviously I'm a total beginner with this sort of thing so there is definitely alot for me to learn but I can't wait!

Dirty Looks Quad Piece
After my lovely friend G chopped this clip from my extensions set to my own hair length a few weeks ago I have been wearing it non-stop! I have actually given up on wearing the whole set of extensions and live for this one easy clip! 
Being a quad piece it is alot thicker than all the other bits I have and it gives such an amazing natural look! Here's a photo of me with it in - here! I think it blends so well with my hair now I've had it dyed and makes me hair look so much thicker than it is - I really want to buy another one on payday!

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask
You may have read my review all about this in my last post (see sidebar for that one!) so I won't ramble on about it again! All you need to know is that this stuffed has saved my newely bleached hair from dry, cottoon-wool feel hell! AND I've actually grabbed a bottle for one of you to win :) So head over to Instagram now and enter quick, comp ends on Wednesday evening! 

Holy Moly I've found a new snack that I'm obsessed with. Damn, it's like weekly now that I'm finding these new treats I want to eat 24/7! I was actually sent some bag of Popchips from their lovely team to try and as soon as I tried my first bag I was sold! I'm not really a crisp person, I hardly ever eat crisps - if I was to have anything it would be Ryvita minis or snack-a-jacks! So these are right up my treat street! Me and Joe have already eaten the whole box we were sent.... shame on us BUT I managed to get some more today in my local Tesco AND they were on offer - only 89p for a huge bag, YUM!

Better Call Saul
I'm sure I'm not the only person who sat down as soon as they could this past Monday & Tuesday to watch the first 2 episodes! I am a huge Breaking Bad fan and always will be so for there to be prequl/spin-off show just gets me hugely excited! I loved Saul in BB - I thought he was hilarious, such a loveable fool and after seeing the first couple of episodes It think this series is going to be just as brilliant as BB!

Mac Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick
Opps! I had forgotten I owned this! I bought this in the airport in Orlando before I flew home to England and it just kind of got chucked into my make-up collection when I got home! But after wearing it out shopping last week I have found myself reaching for it more and more! This fairly sheer (compared to others I own) baby pink is perfect for a simple girly look.

Taylor Swift Incredible Things Perfume
As soon as I had mentioned this to my lovely Mum I knew it would be wrapped up for me for February 8th! (She's such a babe!) 
Yes T-Swiz - my queen - has another perfume out and I bloomin' well love it! I've decided I'm not going to use this daily - only on my days off work and when I'm off out doings things.... wearing it to work is a waste. (Especially as I work with perfume and end up spraying myself for half the day anyway!)

Cloud 9 Magical Duet*
Now this is something that I have to admit - I forgot I owned until about 2 weeks ago when I was having a good old tidy! I used these two alot just before xmas and at the end of last year and really, really enjoyed them! 
There is the Magical Remedy and the Magical Potion. The Remedy I've found is fab for popping in the ends of my hair after I've washed it and letting it air dry, this is hands down my favourite way to use it although there are a few other options! Where it's such a small tube I only like to use a small dollop. It really does make my hair feel softer and alot less coarse, perfect for all this dying I seem to be doing lately! 
The potion I used more at Xmas time as I had alot more things to "do" my hair for which involved alot of hair drying ..... I'm not one to dry my hair everytime I wash it I normally just let it air dry! This stuff is great as a heat protector too and I reckon it does cut down drying time ... plus I have the ghd air which helps too! Check them out on the official site here they makes an amazing present for a hair obsesser like myself!

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie
Last but not least it's probably what you all want to read about - what on earth did I think of the 50 Shades movie?! Well being in this particular post I think you can probably tell that - yes I did like it!
I read all three books in just a week back in 2012 - and I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed them! Yes they aren't literary genius or going to go down in history as a fantastic novel but they were easy to read and I enjoyed reading them (it isn't all about sex you know!)
I was a little reluctant at first to see the movie - the reviews out have been a tad critical and some just totally harsh, so when I went into my local cinema I wasn't expecting much!

Saying all this when it came down to it.... I actually really liked it! I think going in with an open mind and not really expecting alot helped (plus a shirtless Jamie is always going to up my rating of anything!) I knew the plot obviously and yes there were a few bits missing but I think that happens with every book-to-movie transition
Dakota was a fantastic Ana in my opinion, she made me laugh out loud with her one liners and sarcasm and that drunk phone-call scene was brilliant! Jamie is a god as we all know and I loved him as Christian all dark and brooding! 
I think this movie has been taken way too seriously by some and should just be taken for what it is! I will be looking forward to Fifty Shades Darker whenever it may appear! 
Have you seen it yet? What do you think?

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  1. I went to see Fifty Shades yesterday and loved it! Really don't understand why people are criticizing it! I was like you and went in with an open mind, looking forward to the next one :) x

  2. So happy about your new camera :) your photos are always stunning and a fancy new camera can only make them better. You're the first person I've seen who has actually enjoyed the fifty shades film, I'll definitely take your advice, and try to keep an open mind for when I go xxx

  3. I really want a camera!! I think I'll look at the Canon 700D I want one with a flip screen too so this would be perfect! xx

  4. I love dirty looks extensions so much, such good quality and look so natural I think! I love the cloud nine spray as well, not only is it pretty but it smells good too! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. I am in no way an expert, but let me know if you need any DSLR tips :) I love my Canon, such an investment too xx

  6. I wasn't impressed by 50 Shades - I thought the books were OK.

    Lizzie Dripping

  7. Sounds lovely and I love the sound of the MAC lipstick and perfume. I'm still not sure if I'm going to see the movie yet though.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  8. I was really pleasantly surprised by Better Call Saul. I didn't know what to expect from it but it was good! Xx

  9. Okay, first of all, I obviously have to comment on 50 Shades. I loved it as well! I read the same harsh reviews on the movie and so I thought it was going to be terrible, but I really enjoyed it! Ana made me laugh too with her one liners. I especially liked the drunk bathroom phone call scene ("I showed him.") and the "It was nice knowing you..." e-mail hahaha. Jamie played Grey really well, although I wish they had let him grow out his beard! I didn't think I was going to like him as Charlie Hunnam was in the lineup to play him (Hello *heart shaped emoji*), but I think he did quite well!

    Also, I have that lipstick as well...somewhere.

    And I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your new DSLR! Have you tried those tips I told you about? :)



  10. Love Better call Saul!

  11. I went to see Fifty Shades on the weekend and I absolutely loved it! I was a little unsure due to the bad reviews but overall I was really pleased! Ana was cast perfectly in my eyes and Jamie actually surprised me on how well I enjoyed him being Christian. 5 stars!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥


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