Sunday, 18 January 2015

OOTD : Winter Walks

I said this year I wanted to do more fashion and lifestyle type posts.... so here's my first one! I always get nervous doing OOTD's but in 2015 I want to be less of a wimp and more open to putting myself out there!
Fur Gillet : New Look
Bag : Topshop
I'm obsessed with this roll neck top at the moment, I've been wearing it so much! It's so easy to dress up with a cute skirt and heels and dress down like this with jeans and boots! It was super cheap in New Look and I think it's about time I bought it in a few more colours!
The fur gillet is something that has been in my wardrobe for over 2 years now and I love getting it out, makes me feel a bit more glam in the daytime!
These jeans are brand new and this was actually the first time wearing them! I was fed up of always wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans and after wanting a a ripped effect pair for months and months I decied to invest in these ones from New Look! New Look is my favourite place to get jeans and I near enough always buy the soft skinny style! They fit so well and are so comfortable, I hate thick,hard jeans which you can't move in!
On my feet I'm wearing some brand spanking new boots from Clarks! Clarks actually were lovely enough to give me a voucher to spend on whatever I wanted in my local store!
 I haven't been in Clarks since I was younger and picking out those trusty school shoes and I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely designs that they had in store!
I decided to go for a pair of boots as I thought they would definitely get the most wear over the next few months. After looking at my shoe collection I noticed that black boots have kind of overtaken everything I own so a different colour was high on my list!
I saw these leather beauties and fell in love! They aren't a style I would always go for as they are really casual but I haven't stopped wearing them!
They are the Orinoco Club boots in the shade Brown Snuff, they are leather and have elasticated sides which makes them really easy to get on and off!

I was surprised by how comfortable these were, I was worried they were going to rub on the first couple of wears but I've gone for a few walks in them now and they are amazingly comfy! They are £55 which is a slightly more than I would normally pay from a high street store but they are leather and I can already tell that they are going to last ten times longer than my other daytime boots - bargain!

Here's a few other photos from my walk - I love where I live, it only takes me about 3 minutes to get here, it's the best place to take these cute little poochies!
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  1. LOVE this outfit, especially the jeans and gilet :) Your dogs are adorable! x

    Under Blue Lights

  2. I am absolutely LOVING that roll neck and fur gilet! I've wanted a fur gilet for so so long but I always leave it too late and then it will soon be Summer, haha.
    You look gorgeous.
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Roll neck tops are amazing! SO comfortable, warm and they look really cute with pretty much anything. I really love the boots too :)

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog


  4. You really should start doing more OOTDs, I loved this one :) xx

  5. I love how you've set out your outfit in the picture below! :) that's so unique and creative!

    And your dogs <3 aaaaah, we need to see more of them on this blog :)

    Dannie x

  6. Lovely outfit and it was my goal last year and I learned to love it and you will start loving it and get used to it so don't worry.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  7. You look totally gorgeous you should definitely do more, I really love those boots <3 xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  8. This is such a gorgeous outfit I love it :) I really need to get a fur gilet I've been wanting one for so long!
    Love Holly x

  9. Lovely photographs! Your outfit is SO lovely! I absolutely love the roll neck and gilet together. x x

  10. I love the boots and bag.
    I haven't been into Clarks for a while either, once I grew out of their school shoes sizes I was off to different shoe stores.
    Rubi | The Den |

  11. Aww well done! It's so scary putting full photos of your blog, I still don't do it!

    I loved this post though, your outfit is so cute, well done :D

  12. You look fab! Love your boots xx

    Abi |

  13. Love this outfit, I really want a fur gilet now! x

  14. ooh those boots look super comfy yet stylish! And love the fur gilet - bet it's dead cosy!

    Beth // Bethany Georgina

  15. Love the gilet jacket! Really suits you :) xxx

  16. I love that fur gilet, like you say it really glams up an outfit! I wish I had the guts to wear roll necks, my impending bosom seems to make them look awkward. Hopefully my new fitness regime can sort that one out LOL.
    The boots are to die for too!
    Rebecca xxx

  17. you look gorgeous - this makes me want to go for a walk :) + i need more fur gillets

    Through Chelsea's Eyes

  18. Very woodsey look, love the fur and boots

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