Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Go-To Primers

Primers are something that have become a totally necessity to my make-up routine over the last few years! I can't imagine ever putting my foundation or concealer on now without have primed myself first!
There are a few different primers I use on a regular basis, from high end brands to cheap bargains under £5, so I thought I would share my 5 favourites with you guys!
I'll do these in price order for you guys - from cheapest to ..... not so cheap!
THE EVERYDAY BASE : Nivea Hydration Primer - £4.99
I use this stuff every single day. When my face is clean and after I've used my Liz Earle Skin Tonic I use this as my daytime moistouiser, aswell as first primer! It keeps my face hydrated and smooth without being too heavy or greasy. It works as a great base for then one of the other 4 primers mentioned below! I couldn't be without this stuff, I can't tell you how many I've been through already!

THE DRUGSTORE BEST : Maybelline's Baby Skin - £7.99
Now I have tried out both versions of this and I can't decide which one I like better! The original is a lovely clear gel which gives the skin a lovely smooth finish which helps my make-up sit perfectly. The other is alot creamier and gives the skin a lovely subtle radiant glow. One of the best drug-store primers out there I'd say.

MY NEW FAV : No7 Airbrush Away Primer - £19.50
This I actually the newest primer in my life. I picked it up back in November when it was put on offer for half price! Alongside that awesome price I had a £5 off No7 voucher (Yup this stuff is classed as skincare not make-up apparently) so I got it for literally a quarter of the price! I was so pleasantly surprised by how well this works and it has been the primer I've used for my everyday make-up near enough everyday since buying it. (So I'm glad I bought two!)

THE ULTIMATE FAVOURITE : Benefit POREfessional - £24.50
This is my ultimate favourite primer! I wish I could afford it to use it everyday, but being over £24 a tube unfortunately I'm way too skint to be buying it all the time! I've had loads of these smaller tubes, even though they are tiny they really do last! I save this for when I'm going "out out" or when I'm doing a full-face of make-up! 

THE HIGH END SPLASH : Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - £29
When on holiday in Florida I decided to treat myself to a few make-up bits that either were 1. more expesive in the UK or 2. weren't sold in the UK. I've wanted to try LM for soooo long and was so happy to finally be the owner of the primer! 
This is a light creamy base which I use when I feel like treating myself a bit or if my skin is feeling a bit dry, it keeps my skin hydrated and leaves my skin feeling like silk. If you have a larger budget to work with this is definitely something to try out. I cannot wait to try out the silk creme foundation.

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  1. i really want to try baby skin and benefit - always gets such a good review x

  2. I love no7 actually and I could not be without a primer, I used my £5 off voucher too and got the matte one, never looking back ;) xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Ohh I love how you categorised the Primers based on their abilities and performances! ^ w ^

  4. The No7 one sounds lovely! Iv tried the Baby Skin ones and really didnt like how they felt on my skin. I do love Urban Decays Primers! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. I love the Baby Skin primer too but my all time favourite is the Clinique Superprimer :)

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  6. Really want to invest in a decent primer! Definitely thinking about trying the no7 one out xx

    Abi |

  7. Porefessional is amazing, but at the point I am really loving the Smashbox clear primer x

  8. I got the No 7 one on the offer and with the voucher, I tried the makeup one and was so shocked it was skincare. I love it loads but not sure I am willing to pay £20, unless I keep it for just nights out. I love the LM one too

  9. I love the Porefessional, it is my favourite primer ever! I didn't like the Maybelline Baby Skin that much though. And the Nivea one sounds interresting, you really made me want to try it.


  10. love the porefessional, i have had about three sample tubes and they last such a long time. i have a large bottle as a back up but I think my latest sample size could last this term at uni at least, if not next one! xxx

  11. Porefessional is by far my favourite!

    CharlotteSamantha //

  12. I've been using the Laura Mercier since Christmas and I really don't think it's doing it for me. Can't say I'm not disappointed :(
    Benefit porefessional is good for a day off from foundation but my foundation seems to slip right off from it. Sometimes I think I'm not using things properly haha :)

    Gill x

  13. I've been using two drugstore options : the L'Oréal Magic lumi Light infusing primer for when I want some additional glow and the L'Oréal Youth Code texture perfecter for smoother pores. Love them both! I did pick up (yesterday!) the Benefit POREfessional and I can't wait to try it! xo

    MD |

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Benefit was my first ever primer and I've just done a post on which one I love now :)

  16. I love the Nivea hydration primer as an everyday base as well! It's so refreshing and makes your makeup look flawlless! Great post!

  17. I've only tried the Laura Mercier on this list and it was ok but not anything I was die for. My ultimate fave is NYX Studio Perfect, I'v been using it for years and love it!

    I also took the time to follow your social links. Please when you get a moment visit my blog and links!

    Creatively Dysfunctional|Facebook|Twitter

  18. I've tried the maybelline primer but i didn't like it very much. I want to try that Nivea primer.

    Enter my Smashbox giveaway!

  19. I love porefessional and babyskin. Try maxfactor primer, it's amazing! x

  20. I love the porefessional primer but my favourite has to be from Laura Mercier!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x

  21. I have tried the Baby Primer and I couldn't tell much difference which was disappointing. However I do have the LM Primer and the Benfit Primer for christmas so I can't wait to try them out, they sound amazing.


  22. I use the baby skin and i love it. Would love to get the POREfessional but too expensive for right now.
    Chinella x

  23. I have SO much love for the Laura Mercier one, but wish I hadn't started that expensive addiction. Plus...have I just noticed you've hit 3000 followers!? Congrats beaut!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  24. I also like Maybelline Baby Skin)))

  25. had no idea nivea had a primer! id so like to try the laura mercier one!

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