Wednesday, 28 January 2015

LIFE : My 5 DON'TS of 2015

Being a new year, yup it's 2015 don't you know?, I decided to set myself some new "life rules", to really help me become happier all round! Kind of like resolutions but... I'm not using that word! These are my 5 DON'TS of 2015!  I have been trying to follow these since the beginning of the year and have found they are definitely working and making me feel better - maybe they are things you need to follow too!
1. Don't Be Late
Yes, one of my worst traits ever.... I'm one of those 'late people'! I've been trying to hard to avoid being late so much! I know so times it can't be helped but yes I've tried to give myself extra time and planning my day in advance...ish! Hopefully this year I'll be able to crack the knack of being on time... maybe even early! #shockhorrow=r

2. Dont Buy Things Until/Unless You Need Them
This has been my most successful 'don't' so far. (mainly because I've had no money) but this is something I had to seriously work on! I am so guilty of picking things up because they are on offer or new - this has to change. There is no point buying 3 bottles of shampoo when I already have 10 at home! I've learnt that after having the massive clear out at the end of 2014! It will just sit in a cupboard and be forgotten about! Same with things like tins of soup - I buy some, come home and then realise I already had 4 stacked up neatly in the kitchen! So before every single purchase now I am saying to myself - do you NEED this? Is this worth spending the money on? 
I'm hoping to save some money this year and I think doing this with everything I go to buy is going to seriously help!

3. Don't Leave Things Until Later
Again this is something I was doing alot! Texting someone back, replying to an email, washing up that plate, finishing a blog post, making a certain phone call - thinking to myself "ooo I'll do that in a bit" always seemed to then become a long long list of things to do! So I am trying to do things then and there - getting them out of the way and done while I can!

4. Don't Forget To Say Yes
Yes, yes, yes - saying yes is key to 2015! I want to take up every opportunity and stop thinking of excuses just because I'm a bit nervous or scared (or tired!)!

5. Don't Put Unnecessary Pressure On Yourself
Whether it's about my blog or my life I have decided this one has got to be done this year! 
I came a bit obsessed last year with constantly having posts going up daily on my blog - this resulted in me spending a little too much time behind a laptop and not enough time actually having a life! I have felt so much more comfortable and stress-free doing 3-4 posts per week instead of 7 or more! 
This 'don't' also applies to my day-to-day life - I've realised I don't have to take everything on and try and please everyone all the time!  

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  1. Love this post! I am so so bad at buying things just for the sake of it, even when I don't need it!! xx

    Abi - Don't forget to enter my giveaway

  2. Great post! I can find myself doing some of these and have actually managed to save just by holding of on purchasing thing :) a lot more cautious about what I pick up now x

  3. So very true! I think the most important one is to stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. I'm so guilty of that !

    Analesha xx

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  5. These are such good "life rules" and I need to follow some of these! Great post!

  6. I will be attempting to follow all of these, especially the buying when only I need something!

  7. Good ideas! I'm so bad at buying things I don't need - definitely going to be stricter with this, this year!

    Beth /

  8. Great 'resolutions' - I'm always late too, think I'm going to try and plan ahead this year! *fingers crossed* <3 xx

  9. aw this is a great post , and i love that pen

  10. Awwww, love this! i'm so bad when it comes to my lateness

  11. Great tips! Especially agree with number 5! x

  12. A perfect list of don't. Definitely need to follow these too. :)

  13. I should be doing all of these too haha. Especially to stop being late.... even when I plan everything out so I can be early, I'm still late!

    Dannielle xx | Delightfully Indulgent

  14. I really need to stop buying things I don't need, this month I've been a nightmare for it! I also need to put less pressure on myself, I get too caught up in being the best I can possibly be and then end up not doing anything because of the pressure.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  15. I definitely need to get into the swing of number two for going to uni in September! That pen is amazing :-) Rebeka xx

  16. I'm like you and am forever putting pressure on myself...really need to stop!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  17. All such great 'dont's'! I think making an effort not to be late is a great one. I need to keep telling myself that every morning before my 9am seminars...

  18. Well I have definitely failed all these already especially the spending one, but hey ho february is a new start I say hahah xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  19. I was shocked yesterday when I went through my beauty stash. I have so much stuff that I just haven't got round to using. It's my mission to slowly use it all.

    The Crown Wings

  20. Great post. Saying yes - is key!
    Kiran xxx

  21. great post! I am trying numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. saying yes is my hardest.

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  23. This is such a great list of 2015 Don'ts! I really need to work on number 5 myself, I always put myself under too much pressure for the most simple things! And number 2 - yep I'm a bit of a procrastinator haha
    But for number 1: I'm always super early, I just think it's polite not to let your friends or family wait too long!
    xx Ann-Kathrin


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