Saturday, 31 January 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #5

Dance Moms
I started watching this back in like 2011 when it first started and be obsessed with it from the first minute! I love dance and this show is amazing! I have started watching it again this past week and have had some serious marathons - I get so so into it, I need them all on DVD! (I wish I still danced!)

HD Brows
Finally! I've had my eyebrows re-done and I LOVE them! (Thanks Mellisa!) I get so paranoid when my eyebrows aren't done and I had left it wayyyy to long this time to get them done so it feels fabulous to have a great shape and colour back!

Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils Light Oil Repairing Mist
Now... I had totally forgotten that I owned this! Other products from the range I have completely used up or use every week, but for some reason this little spray had been living at the bottom of a basket - poor bugger! My hair has felt so, so dry lately and as I am getting it bleached next week I really want to get it in a half decent condition for it!  I've been using this everyday - it's so light-weight that it doesn't feel like an oil or heavy at all! It has made my hair so manageable and soft - it will definitely be staying in my daily routine for now!

Oh god, I know - I'm meant to be being good but I had a bounty the other day and my love has been totally re-kindled. They aren't the most popular chocolate bar are they? But I really like them!

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Shimmer Brick
This has been in my life for years and years and years. I bought it when I saw Billie Faiers used it (I always love her make-up) I literally use this every single day - there is hardly any left, I need to find a new one! Hands down my favourite shimmer brick that I own.

Red Lips
I have being wearing a red lip so much this past week or so! I have so many favourites....

Cheryl Stormflower Perfume
I've had this perfume since October and after getting some newbies over the Christmas 
season I stopped wearing it for a bit. BUT, this week I decided to get it back out again. Everytime I wear this I have someone ask me what it is, it's like nothing else I own and I'm going to be gutted when this bottle runs out!

Start Your Day With Katie 
I have lost count by how many times I've talked about this book! So many you ask what it is when I post pictures from it on instagram, twitter and facebook! A lovely quote for everyday of the year - it keeps me motivated and makes me smile every morning! This month I have been in desperate need of this!

Hallelujah it has finally come - after waiting from 19th December until this week I finally have a few pennies again! I have literally been living off pennies this past couple of weeks and it has had me seriously down in the dumps! Payday I love you!

What have you been loving this week?

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Friday, 30 January 2015

Disney Wishlist

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

LIFE : My 5 DON'TS of 2015

Being a new year, yup it's 2015 don't you know?, I decided to set myself some new "life rules", to really help me become happier all round! Kind of like resolutions but... I'm not using that word! These are my 5 DON'TS of 2015!  I have been trying to follow these since the beginning of the year and have found they are definitely working and making me feel better - maybe they are things you need to follow too!
1. Don't Be Late
Yes, one of my worst traits ever.... I'm one of those 'late people'! I've been trying to hard to avoid being late so much! I know so times it can't be helped but yes I've tried to give myself extra time and planning my day in advance...ish! Hopefully this year I'll be able to crack the knack of being on time... maybe even early! #shockhorrow=r

2. Dont Buy Things Until/Unless You Need Them
This has been my most successful 'don't' so far. (mainly because I've had no money) but this is something I had to seriously work on! I am so guilty of picking things up because they are on offer or new - this has to change. There is no point buying 3 bottles of shampoo when I already have 10 at home! I've learnt that after having the massive clear out at the end of 2014! It will just sit in a cupboard and be forgotten about! Same with things like tins of soup - I buy some, come home and then realise I already had 4 stacked up neatly in the kitchen! So before every single purchase now I am saying to myself - do you NEED this? Is this worth spending the money on? 
I'm hoping to save some money this year and I think doing this with everything I go to buy is going to seriously help!

3. Don't Leave Things Until Later
Again this is something I was doing alot! Texting someone back, replying to an email, washing up that plate, finishing a blog post, making a certain phone call - thinking to myself "ooo I'll do that in a bit" always seemed to then become a long long list of things to do! So I am trying to do things then and there - getting them out of the way and done while I can!

4. Don't Forget To Say Yes
Yes, yes, yes - saying yes is key to 2015! I want to take up every opportunity and stop thinking of excuses just because I'm a bit nervous or scared (or tired!)!

5. Don't Put Unnecessary Pressure On Yourself
Whether it's about my blog or my life I have decided this one has got to be done this year! 
I came a bit obsessed last year with constantly having posts going up daily on my blog - this resulted in me spending a little too much time behind a laptop and not enough time actually having a life! I have felt so much more comfortable and stress-free doing 3-4 posts per week instead of 7 or more! 
This 'don't' also applies to my day-to-day life - I've realised I don't have to take everything on and try and please everyone all the time!  

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Monday, 26 January 2015

The SAG Awards 2015 : My Top 5

Now I wasn't going to have a post going up today but for the last 12 hours I've been on my phone staring and admiring the mass of gorgeous gowns, on point outfits, fabulous up-dos and perfected make-up looks from this years SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards.
So I thought it would be fun to share my favourites - so here we are my top 5 ladies!

Sarah Hyland
The Modern Family actress looked totally and utterly stunning in my opinion! This dress is beautiful, the fit, the back, the embellishment -the list goes on, I wish I could wear something like this! I love her lighter hair - the up-do is perfect to showcase the dress's detailing and the statement earrings and nude lip finish off the look seamlessly. (plus those eyebrows are on point.)

Jennifer Aniston
My love for this woman has grown and grown over the last few months. Yes I've always been a fan but after watching Friends for hours on end recently my love for Jen has been rekindled - and more than ever. This woman is 45 (I think) - seriously though.... 45! She is god damn awesome - I mean look at that cleavage! Her hair is effortlessly perfect and there isn't a hint of a wrinkle anyway!

Emma Stone
It wouldn't be an awards show favourite list without my main girl - Emma Stone! In my eyes she can do no wrong, from head to toe she is perfection. Yes it isn't your usual award show gown but, for me, it just works .... maybe because I love her so much? I'm not sure! But I think she looks fab! The red lip brings the glam and the earrings bring the edge, now.... a round of applause for the Stone once again please everyone!

Sofia Veraga
And the bombshell award goes too................
Like my Mum said to me the other day - this woman has the most incredible body ever. Total Hollywood glitz and glam, with a bit of boob! The red is bold and looks gorgeous, I honestly think she is every man's dream! The make-up is simple and she is literally glowing!

Sophie Turner
Last but not least is this Game Of Thrones beauty! I think it's between Sophie and Sarah for my overall favourite look of the night! I am obsessed with this whole ensemble - the hair, the dress, those shoes - I would wear this on my next night out if I could!
(I also LOVED Maisie Williams' look too - love how she can look so different from her on-screen character!)

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

YOUTUBE : January Favourites 2015

New video alert! It would mean the world to me if you checked out my Jan Favs and if you like it hit subscribe! I would love to get into YouTube alot more this year - I've been wanting to do it for years and years and my confidence grows with every one that I film.
I have been loving your comments and tweets to me about them too - they literally make my day, so thank you guys :)!

What have you loved this month?
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Saturday, 24 January 2015

This Week I'm Loving... #4

Celebrity Big Brother
Well if you follow me on twitter you will know this already. I'm totally and utterly addicted to big brother and I'm not ashamed! I have so many opinions they are coming out of my ears! I LOVE Michelle (obvs), Katie Price and Calum - and surprising don't mind KAtie Hopkins that much! I'm horrified I ever liked Perez though - urgh what a horrible guy!

Herbal Essecnes Bee Strong Collection
This stuff has been around for ages now but I always seem to have some in the house! The smell is great and it leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft and smooth - better than some products that are double the price! They are always on offer in Boots so give them a go!

EOS Lipbalm - Strawberry
My lips have been so so sore over the last week or so, stupid weather, stupid heating at work! This has been a total life saver - I forgot how much I love EOS balms ... I really want to get my hands on some of their hand creams too!

Day Dreamer 2015 A6 Diary
I said I'd get a 2015 diary to keep me organised and at the beginning of the month I found this beauty in Clintons for half price! Yes it was only £2.49, for a whole year of organisation that is a bloody bargain! I've been writing my to-do lists weekly, blog stuff, work stuff, social stuff - and I feel super organised! Yay me! (Plus look how cute it is!)

No explanation need - YUM.

Tangle Teezer
My hair has felt so dry and brittle over the last couple of weeks - I blame this horrible weather! My tangle teezers are my life - I cannot live without these! They have definitely helped my hair from becoming any worse for sure!

Clean & Clear Shine Control Daily Scrub
I have used this facial range for years now! I used to just have the wash version but I can't seem to find it in my local Boots store - boooo! So I have settled for the daily scrub. I use this every morning in the shower, it really helps to wake my up and make my skin feel funky fresh for the day ahead! 

Seriously I love these rice cakes - not much else to say really! Whats your favourite flavour? 

Rodial Translucent HD Powder
You may have seen this in my last post all about Rodial's new make-up range. I have used this everyday since trying it out, it i the perfect powder to set my foundation with and gives me a get soft finish.

 Hot Water with Lemon
Last but not least is a random one! Thanks to my friend Megan I have been drinking this alot, like alot, alot! A slice of lemon in hot water - so yummy and refreshing - try it!

What have you been loving this week?
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

NEW Rodial Make-up : First Impressions

Did someone say NEW make-up? 
Rodial are known for their amazing high-end skincare products and over the past year I have fallen in love with everything I've tried! Now they have decided to widen their range of make-up so I was super super thrilled to be asked if I'd like to give them a go.... life can be pretty sweet you know!

I've been sent 7 of their snazzy new products ranging from an eyeliner to a gorgeous contouring powder! So sit back, relax and check out my first impressions and thoughts!
 NEW Rodial Make-up featured: 

Rodial have really set the high-end tone nicely with this make-up range. The boxing and packaging is all super sleek and professional looking - such a treat for me! 
The first thing I decided to try out was the instaglam airbrush primer!
You may remember my post from a couple of weeks ago about my 5 favourites that I'm a big fan of primers! I cannot do a face of make-up without one and I am constantly on the look-out for newbies to give a go!
I was chuffed that this was included in the products sent to me by those lovely Rodial people - they know me well! The primer itself has a clear, smooth moisturising consistency which reminds me alot of the Laura Mercier primer.
It has a lovely scent, the same as the scent to The Hangover Mask from Rodial - fresh and slightly fruity and makes a lovely smooth base for my foundation and concealer to sit on!
This is perfect for these colder months for me as it is slightly more moisturising that other more sillicone based primers I have so it's great on those pesky dry patches!

Next up it's the hyaluronic cheek sculpt (yup, that's a long old word isn't it!) This was actually the only product I had a little "ooo what do I do with this?" kind of thought with when opening it!
When I popped a swatch onto my hand to check it out I thought - woah that's bloomin' bright - panic!  But after blending it I saw it turn into a gorgeous glowing tint which I was super excited to plaster onto my face!
The product is made for the apple's of your cheeks. the coral shade adds a subtle and pretty glow while the hyaluronic acids helps to plump up the skin - so this is great for all ages!
Favourite new product alert! I have been looking for a new face powder for a while now! I got bored of all the ones I owned - the only one I felt did a good job was my elf HD powder but I normally only use that for a "night out" - it's a loose powder and gets super messy too which annoys me!
So when I saw this instaglam powder I did a little excitement quiver (if you've watched a certain TV show you'll know what that is!) - a gorgeous HD translucent powder perfect for everyday use!
I have literally used this everyday since trying it out, I use the powder brush from real techniques to glide it over my foundation - which gives me a flawless finish and helps my foundation stay on all day. It is priced at £52, which yes is a little expensive compared to my usual budget but this has worked so well for me and I don't have to use alot so I feel like it would last me a long while which totally makes it worth it!
Another compact now, the instaglam contouring powder. Contouring is something I have been playing around with alot over the past few months it really seems to have taken over the beauty world!
This is a beautiful matte sculpting powder which makes defining and contouring as easy as 1,2,3. Rodial themselves have written some great tips on how to use the powder - here.  
I have now added this into my daily make-up routine alongside either my Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from theBalm or the cheeky little product below- they both make a great pairing!
An Instaglam highlighter now! It's not actually that often that I use a pen highlighter, I normally stick to powders or my fav skin wow from seventeen. These are normally pink based shades and I don't really own alot of things that are yellow toned so I was looking forward to seeing how it was with my skin.
 This is great for illuminating certain aspects of my face - I love using it to slim my nose down (yes, I'm quite vain like that!) and it is also lovely to use alongside eyeshadows, it's fab in my tear ducts and on my brow bones.
Damn the mascara making a mess!

 The eye duo I've been trying out are the smokey eye pencil in brown and the Glamolash mascara. 
I have fairly small eyes so I rarely use heavy eyeliner as my eyes become non-existent, so a brown shade is great for me as it isn't as harsh as black. This is great for just lining the eyes alone or smudging to create a smokey eye effect and it lasts, like seriously lasts for hours! It is £17 but honestly, for me, is so much better quality that any eyeliners I've tried from high street drugstores.
 Practice makes perfect so I'm going to try out lots of different looks with this pencil.

Mascara is a must for me - all day, everyday. I have the shortest more stumpiest eyelashes which are pretty much the bain of my life!  This has been amazing used alongside my regular mascara. Once I've lengthened them I use this to really plump them out and gain a great flutter, I'm really impressed with it.

So, all in all I am LOVING these new products from Rodial - the prices are definitely more than your usual high street brands but sometimes paying more really pays off and I believe with these it does, the powders espescially!
I hope you liked this post - let me know if you've tried any of the make-up range from Rodial or if you would like to know anything else about what I've tried out!

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

10 Exciting New Beauty Releases

There's nothing that gets me more excited than new products! When I see adverts and sneak peeks of new beauty stuff about the hit the shops and web 9 times out of 10 it instantly goes straight to the top of my wishlist!
This month I've been seeing and hearing about ALOT of new things that are either about to be released or have just been released! 
Here are my 10 most wanted!

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit 
Now annoyingly enough there isn't any stock images of this online yet but I have seen a few blog posts on it already! (Really Ree has a lovely one)! I love contouring kits, my sleek one is definitely the best high street branded kit I have found so far so I'm looking forward to trying out something along the same price range!

Make-Up Revolution Brushes
This brand is awesome, their bargain prices and amazing quality has me going back to them time and time again! And now they have released make-up brushes!!! The prices are tiny compared to every other brush out there and if they are anything like the other products they have, these are going to be a major hit!

Taylor Swift Incredible Things Perfume
YAY!! My favourite lady is releasing another perfume! Yes, I'm one of those fans who would buy it before even smelling it! I've liked everything she's released so far though so I'm sure I'll like this one too! I love the name too, Blank Space is one of my fav songs from 1989!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
A mascara made for short, stumpy lashes? Apparently so! My lashes are total cr*p and I've tried sooooo many mascara over the years - I'm sure it won't long til' this newbie from Benefit is in my make-up bag being tested!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer
Primers are something I love trying out! Other products, like foundation, I know what I like and I stick to them, but with primers even though I have my favs I'm always up for trying new ones! Rimmel is probably my favourite high street brand and I'm always intrigued by their new releases, I like their other primer (forgive me I've forgotten the name) so I think I'll be giving this a go!

Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Collection
Again, this is so new that I can't seem to find a damn photo of the stuff! As far as I know it will be available from tomorrow (Wed 21st Jan) - I've seen it already and it all looks fab! A honey infused shampoo, conditioner, treatment and serum all priced under £5 - amazing right? The Ultimate Blends collections from Garnier have gone down a storm since they were released and I bet this one is another best seller!

Revlon Photoready Anti-Shine Balm
Revlon is a brand that I will hold my hands up and say I don't own alot of. That is noway a reflection on how I feel about them, as I actually really do like their products! This stuff looks awesome - I'm always paranoid that I'm as shiny as a disco ball and this priming product sounds like the perfect cure.

Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume
New perfumes excite me! This sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous fresh spring scent from Jimmy and I cannot wait to get a tester.

Aussie Body Wash
Ummmmm, yes that's right Aussie have bought out body washes!!! For all of us that love Aussie's haircare and have been using it for years the day has finally arrived where the rest of our bodies can also smell amazing! You should be able to see these in stores now!

Mac Cinderella Collection
Last but not least this is the stuff I am obviously most excited about! Mac + Disney = I need this in my life! For once the collection doesn't look totally unwearble - sometimes I love the idea of investing in some mac limited edition bits but then realise I'd probably never actually use them! These products look right up my street - pretty pinks and neutrals, I'm praying I can get my hands on it all! 

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

OOTD : Winter Walks

I said this year I wanted to do more fashion and lifestyle type posts.... so here's my first one! I always get nervous doing OOTD's but in 2015 I want to be less of a wimp and more open to putting myself out there!
Fur Gillet : New Look
Bag : Topshop
I'm obsessed with this roll neck top at the moment, I've been wearing it so much! It's so easy to dress up with a cute skirt and heels and dress down like this with jeans and boots! It was super cheap in New Look and I think it's about time I bought it in a few more colours!
The fur gillet is something that has been in my wardrobe for over 2 years now and I love getting it out, makes me feel a bit more glam in the daytime!
These jeans are brand new and this was actually the first time wearing them! I was fed up of always wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans and after wanting a a ripped effect pair for months and months I decied to invest in these ones from New Look! New Look is my favourite place to get jeans and I near enough always buy the soft skinny style! They fit so well and are so comfortable, I hate thick,hard jeans which you can't move in!
On my feet I'm wearing some brand spanking new boots from Clarks! Clarks actually were lovely enough to give me a voucher to spend on whatever I wanted in my local store!
 I haven't been in Clarks since I was younger and picking out those trusty school shoes and I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely designs that they had in store!
I decided to go for a pair of boots as I thought they would definitely get the most wear over the next few months. After looking at my shoe collection I noticed that black boots have kind of overtaken everything I own so a different colour was high on my list!
I saw these leather beauties and fell in love! They aren't a style I would always go for as they are really casual but I haven't stopped wearing them!
They are the Orinoco Club boots in the shade Brown Snuff, they are leather and have elasticated sides which makes them really easy to get on and off!

I was surprised by how comfortable these were, I was worried they were going to rub on the first couple of wears but I've gone for a few walks in them now and they are amazingly comfy! They are £55 which is a slightly more than I would normally pay from a high street store but they are leather and I can already tell that they are going to last ten times longer than my other daytime boots - bargain!

Here's a few other photos from my walk - I love where I live, it only takes me about 3 minutes to get here, it's the best place to take these cute little poochies!
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Saturday, 17 January 2015

32 Of The Cutest Phone Cases

Seeing as my phone is with me more or less 24/7 I see it as an actual accessory I love buying different cases for it and spend so much time online hunting for new ones! I bet you guys are the same!
So I've had a good look through...... alot... of cases and picked out 32 of the most awesome designs. (well I think they are anyway!)  What do you think?!

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