Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 Beauty Favorites

With the final countdown to 2016 upon us (yes it is nearly here!) I decided it was only right to fulfill my bloggering duties and put together a favourite beauty list of 2015 for you all!
Yes... totally predictable and totally cliche but hey - the end of December wouldn't be the same without one now would it?

So here they are.... my favourite beauty bits from the past 12 months - including everything from hair to eyelashes!

Eylure 101 false eyelashes have become my go-to lashes - I've talked about them so much on here and over my other social media channels for so long now. For someone who has fairly small eyes and can't rock a huge pair of fabulous lashes these are the perfect size for me. I used to wear 107's but they changed the design slightly so they were way too big for me to wear so I thought I'd try these and they are the best - I love buying the trio packs!
Mascara fav of the year has to be L'oreal's Volume Million Lashes Feline. I decided to try this on a whim when it first came out as the brush looked similar to Benefit's Roller Lash which I had tried and loved but couldn't afford to invest in!
Such a great dupe for Roller Lash and I've already repurchased it once or twice, girls this is awesome if you have short stumpy lashes!

Two MAC favourites now - Velvet Teddy lipstick & Whirl lip pencil have to be my two most worn lip products of this year! I'm on the last couple of uses of VT now and not too sure what I'm going to do once it's gone, I'm just going to have to splash out again as to be honest I don't think I can live without this shade! Whirl is the perfect lip pencil to wear alongside it and as much as I've worn it I still have so much left, brilliant value for money!

theBalm are the brand that have taken 2015 by storm and these two face powders I've used nearly every single day. Bahama Mama and Mary-Lou Manizer have been raved about throughout the blogging world and they are two of my favourite products I own (which says alot when you see the ridiculous size of my make-up collection). The perfect matte bronzer and gorgeous shimmer highlight are my favourite duo for both everyday and 'night out' make-up! (Full post about the two - here.)

Lush is a store which, I'll be honest, I don't pop into that often. Mainly because I live on the Isle Of Wight and we don't have one haha but when I am in a town with one I don't always even bother going in. (As a blogger I know this sounds ridiculous but I've never been overly excited about it..... maybe I just need to try more products!) 
Something I had always wanted to try however was the Bubblegum lip scrub and back in June whilst in Victoria train station I decided to treat myself. I have been using it non-stop ever since. I am prone to dry, flakey lips - which is gross - so this is the perfect product for me to keep on my dresser and use most days! (It also tastes amazing!) 

Perfume of the year for me has to be Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge. Oh my lord I've been obsessed, so obsessed that I have actually in fact I have none left. Which is so sad.... but I'm thinking I may treat myself for my birthday (less than 6 weeks to go!) .... plus I did just get Alien and Angel for Christmas so I'm sure that will keep me going for a while!

I can't believe I only have on hair product in this years favs but there we go! Aussie's 3 Miracle Oil has been my go-to oil, especially over the last few months. I love the scent, it's not too heavy on my short hair, it lasts for months on end plus it's affordable! So yeah.... go and try it!

Last but not least is something that seems to be in every favourite, holy grail and skincare post - but I STILL haven't found anything that I like better and that's the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I love this stuff, it's the only product that I use that actually makes me feel like I have removed all of my make-up and it leaves my face feeling clean, fresh and totally bare.
If you are still yet it try it - get it on the top of your list for 2016, you won't regret it!

So there we have it. My 2015 beauty favourites.... what have been yours? I'd LOVE to know in the comments below :)

Shop my favourites :

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

ASOS Christmas Upto 50% Off Sale : My Top Picks


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Make Up Revolution Pro Primer Aqua Priming Base Review

It was only a few years ago that primer became a 'thing' in my make-up bag. 

I remember stumbling across the Smashbox photo finish primer whilst travelling the US back in 2012 and wondering how I have ever put make-up on without that game-changing first step.

Since then I have tried SO many. From your everyday bargain drugstore brands to the products with prices that make your eyes water!
This, however, is something fairly new to me. A priming spray. 
I've only ever tried one other and I hated the scent so much I only used it once so didn't really get to see how well it worked!
This, Aqua Priming Base from Make-Up Revolution is one of their snazzy new products which they were kind enough to send to me to try out!

This lightweight spray has been working wonders, it's so easy to use and has been making my morning routine that little bit shorter each morning as it sinks into the skin so quickly which I love!

I can't wait to use this during the hotter months too (remember those?) it keeps my skin feeling hydrated without seeming to add any excess oils and seems to do the job of keeping my make-up on!

For only £6 this is definitely worth a try, especially if you're someone who doesn't wear alot of make-up throughout the day or wants a product to help freshen up your skin.

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Monday, 14 December 2015

2016 Goals, Aims & Plans

Hello hello girls and boys, it's that time again - the year is coming to a close and we are all looking forward to that refreshing feeling of January!

Over the last month or two I have really felt like things have started to come together for me, I've totally overhauled my diet which has made me feel so much better and have finally been able to hand in my notice at my job ready to start my new career in January #yay!
2015 has been alright... I mean nothing major seems to have happened, I've had fun times and great experiences but nothing too life-changing - however that's not always a bad thing.

Looking back at my 'Goals & Resolutions' post from the beginning of 2015 it's clear that I did slightly fail on a few of those things I set myself and.. in fact... some of them are things that I still want to work on in 2016 - but oh well... the only way is up!

Running & Fitness
You may have read my post about my diet recently, so of course next thing on my list is fitness. Growing up I was always so active and a few years ago I was running every morning. I'm hoping that with this new job I can finally get myself into a good routine and include an exercise plan into this! I want to be fit and healthy and am looking forward to challenging myself a bit - bring on the abs, planks and squats!

New Job Confidence
Yay! It's only a couple of weeks until I fully start my new role as a PR & Social Media Executive and I cannot wait.
 Yes, I won't lie, it is a little daunting jumping into a job that I have no previous experience in apart from everything that I've done for myself but I'm so ready to take it on and put my all into it - I hope this is the start of something great as I've been stuck in a job for so long that I just haven't been happy with, aiming for the stars here people, lets do this!

Fashion Blogging
I feel like I've said this alot but I really, really want to start blogging more fashion bits. I always get lovely comments from you guys when I do and I really enjoy it! Fingers crossed I'll be able to afford some new clothes to chat about soon haha!

Grow Grow Grow
Well.... this has been my aim for the last (nearly) 3 years! I love blogging, social media, creating and I just want to grow my channels as much as I can. 
I mean..... that might sound vain or self-centered? Does it? I feel like if you're a blogger then you will understand how I feel. I love engaging with people and blogging has become something that has well and truly taken over my life - I love it, bring on another fun-filled year of learning and improving.

YouTube Take Two
I'm going to try. I'm really going to try - it just takes up sooo much time. The videos I put up this year I had so much fun doing, but I'm so hard on myself so just never feel like they are good enough. Vlogging has been a goal of mine since I started watching YT videos regularly back in 2009, so watch this space.... filming will commence shortly.

I'm such a bad worrier. I'm always panicking about something, have a horrible feeling of dread or weight on my shoulders for no reason - so next year I want to try and let myself feel more relaxed. Take things as they come and don't let little things worry me, 99% of the time whatever I'm worrying about doesn't happen!

Get a Tattoo?!
Haha! How many times have I said this? My friends are fed up of me even mentioning it! I'm just so damn indecisive. 

Adventure Out
Weekends away, nights out, days with friends, seeing new places, experiencing new things - with a holiday to Florida on pause for now I want to spend as much time making memories as I can.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Disney Wishlist : December


Friday, 11 December 2015

New Years Eve Glam Under £50

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Freedom Makeup London : House Of Glamdolls Exotica Doll Look

It's been a while since I featured a palette here so what better a time to share this new beauty with you all.

Freedom Makeup are a fairly new brand on the block... but if you use the internet I'm sure you've spotted them or come across them by now.
They already have a huge range of products including professional kits and brushes aswell as the usual make-up top picks. 
House Of Glamdolls is a collection of 4 fabulous palettes full of gorgeous shades for lips, cheeks and eyes.

The Exotica Doll palette is a gorgeous mix of neutral easy-to-wear shades and funky pops of colour.
Inspired by tropical holidays and exotic destinations (waaa take me there) this palette of shades helps you to create your inner sultry beach babe.
I love the fact it has everything from cheeks to lips to eyebrows - it's a winner if you're going away for the night I tell ya!
The shimmery eyes shades are just gorgeous, a great range and the palette comes with a handy mirror too - which for the price of just £8 is a steal! 

Freedom Makeup are definitely one to watch - head over to their website and have a look through, their range is bloomin' awesome and so affordable! 

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Clutch Bag Essentials & Giveaway

It's coming to that time of year again. Christmas parties, family gatherings and that all important New Years Eve.
Most of these occassions will include a cute little dress, a nice pair of heels and of course.... a clutch bag!

Now I have a list of things I ALWAYS carry in my clutch - no matter what time of year or where I'm going - if I'm on a night out... these things will always be in my bag.

1. Tissues

I have to carry tissues wherever I go..... I think it's just the dreaded thought of having to go for a wee without them haha, believe me they have come in handy many a time on a night out!
2. Anti-Bac
Yeah.... I'm not leaving the house without this stuff! My favourite at the moment has to be the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush hand sanitizer, it smells amazing.
3. Eyelash Glue
I'm such an eyelash fan on a night out - I don't feel complete without them! I HAVE to take glue with me though, the thought of one flapping around and having no glue to fix it really scares me, so I always have one packed. 
4.Small Purse
How cute is this little Minnie Mouse coin purse! I don't like to take my huge wallet out with me (and normally it doesn't fit along with everything else in my bag) so a small purse it always a must. 
5. Lip colour of choice
Whatever shade I've picked - I've gotta take it with me! All those drinks sometimes rub it off so re-applying because a regular occurrence this time of year.

(Obviously my phone and keys are in there without question)

Last but not least.... 6. my Travalo! I can't even think how many times I've talked about these since I started blogging - it was even a blogger that made me buy one in the first place back in 2011, they looked so handy and I was about to go travlling so it was a must-have. Your favourite perfume with you anywhere and everywhere 24/7 - perfect for us girly girls!

This is where the exciting part of the post comes in.

Yes! I've teamed up with Travalo to give FOUR of you the chance of winning one of their can't-live-without atomizers!

There are 2 original Travalo's and two Milano Travalo's up for grabs (the colour of your choice... subject to availability) and all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below - the perfect little treat just in time for Christmas!
Good Luck you beauties!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Weekly Round Up #2

1. NEW JOB! | 2. Sailing The Seas | 3. My Favourite Lady | 4. The Good Dinosaur | 5. Instagram Addicted | 6. The Gold Dust Product | 7. Feeling Festive | 8. Coat Of Dreams | 9. Bargain Boots

1.  Well.... if you didn't know about this yet.... where have you been?! Yes! I have finally been able to hand in my notice at my current retail job and will be starting a new career in PR, social media and marketing in the new year. I am overjoyed and so so excited to get started! I finally feel like my life is starting to get on track!

2. What a lovely day it was, heading over to Portsmouth with my Mum for a spot of shopping. I love Primark but living on the IOW it's not often that I get to go so it's always an exciting experience. How is shopping so tiring though? Seriously such a workout!

3. It's been so lovely to spend a bit more time with my Mum over the past weekend, it needs to happen more often!

4. I went to see The Good Dinosaur last week with a couple of friends and absolutely loved it.... it nearly got me shedding a tear I tell ya! Such a cute story, lots of Lion King similarities though... did anyone you of notice this aswell!?

5. I am totally obsessed with Instagram at the moment - LOVE LOVE LOVE! I find creating images for it so fun, yes I am THAT sad! (My account)

6. Waaaaaaaaaaaa I didn't get one :( Although.... did anyone? I swear it was there and gone in like 3 seconds! Fingers crossed they'll be back in stock soon and we can all rock the perfect nude lip.

7. I LOVE December. Like... LOVE it. Even just the sight of an advent calendar gives me that warm festive feeling (and this year I have 2!), I'm so excited for Christmas. Next stop - get my tree up and watch Love Actually!

8. Finally! I own a winter coat. After browsing the internet for what seemed an eternity my eyes fell upon this River Island beauty and I have to say it's probably my best buy of the last 12 months! I have had so many compliments on it so far and the qulaity is amazing! IT looks great and keeps me so warm. (Find it at River island - here and Littlewoods - here.)

9. Last but not least....... I have to share my bargain of the week! Black Friday offers were my downfall ... opps - I mean I tried to avoid them but it was pretty darn impossible! I managed to get these gorgeous knee high boots for just £10! I know amazing right? I think I'll be wearing these on NYE.... once I've found a dress or playsuit to rock them with. (Find them - here.)

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Friday, 4 December 2015

White Chocolate.... for your face!

Well, well, well, it's been a while since one of these sachets graced a post for a review but here we are again!

I know you all know how much I love these bargains face masks from Montagne Jeunesse (now known as 7th Heaven by the way!), at only £1 each they really are a beauty gem and one of my favourites finds of the last 10 years! 

This week I decided to try out the ever-so-yummy-looking White Chocolate mask.
This had been sat in my bathroom drawer for months and I have no idea why I decided to wait so long to use it, so foolish.
I think this may have come in a gift pack I got from co-op a long while ago.... or I may have picked it up in Primark - I can't be certain.

With cocoa butter and cream - this mask smells amazing. I love the scent of anything cocoa butter so I happily slapped a thick layer of this stuff all around my face - which still left half the sachet left so this is definitely one to share with a friend/partner/mum!

I left the mask on for about 15/20 minutes, it got to that lovely stage of being so hard it cracks a bit - I love this feeling so much, anyone else? 

I washed it off gently with warm water and a muslin cloth and was pleased to be met by fresher looking Kirstie than 20mins prior, with skin looking a little bit more awake and feeling super soft.
Another fantastic mask by the team at 7th Heaven, I'm going to have to see if I can pick this one up again for when I'm looking a bit dull and tired... .or I may just have to do an online order..... although my wishlist is so ridiculously long I don't know if it's a good idea haha!

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November Favourites 2015

It's December!!!!!!! Hands up if you're excited! *waves hands in the air!*

 I always get so excited at this time of year, I love the atmosphere on the lead upto Christmas, so much love and laughter and I'm really looking forward to bringing all the festive excitement to AYBB this month!

To start us off I'm going to be chatting all about my favourites from the past month..... not going to lie I had ALOT of favourites in November so I've narrowed them down to just a few!
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Gel
I'm in LOVE with this stuff - I've already used half the bloomin' bottle.... I really need to buy a back up! It has the amazing gorgeous sugar crush scent we all know and love and it's a product you can take anywhere and everywhere with you!

Nars Mini Duo : Orgasm & Laguna
I bought this little compact in Florida last year, I had been wanting to try both of these shades for years so when I saw them both in one easy palette I knew it was a must. I recently stumbled back upon it and have fallen back in love! The bronzer is fab for contouring and the blush gives a lovely warm winter glow, such a great purchase.

MAC Velvet Teddy
I may actually make a huge statement here. The best lipstick of all time? I cannot stop wearing this shade and I'm nearly out which is making me super sad. Such an easy everyday nude, how did I live without this for so long - this has to be my current statement lip.

No7 Lip Pencil - Melon
I have so many No7 lip liners hanging around and I forget I have them all the time! This is such a beautiful colour and it works perfectly with Velvet Teddy - just call me Kylie Jenner!

YES! I actually have a new prescription which works - yahoooo! I don't feel as blind anymore which is fab, I'm loving being able to wear these alot more often, my old prescription was 6 years old and just doing nothing.... I'm already wanting some new frames though!

Glade Honey & Chocolate Candle
The biggest bargain candle of all time. These are always on sale somewhere and I managed to get this one for just £2 in Tesco recently.
 This scent reminds me of my parents house, my Mum has a stock of these constantly in the cupboard. For the price the quality is amazing, it has a slight smell of angel perfume and it just makes me happy! Go and buy one now!!

Trek Protein Oat Flapjack
A part of me wishes I never found these. I'm on the health train still and feeling fab from it... but I'm still partial to a little something to cure my sweet tooth. I've been popping into Holland Barrett and trying out a few new bits and a couple of weeks ago one of these fell into my hands! Soooo good and dairy and gluten free which makes me happy. Obviously I only try and have one a week and try and have it just before or after exercise as I know otherwise I could start piling on the pounds haha! 

Eat Natural Dark Chocolate With Macadamias and Cranberries
My.favourite.treat.ever. The gluten free versions (which I think are the same as the original) come in a pack of 4 and are slightly smaller than the usual sized bars so they make a perfect evening snack. This and a peppermint tea after dinner - perfection.

What have you been loving this past month?! 
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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Soap & Glory Winter Wonderhand Gift Set

Coming home to surprise post is one of the most exciting things!
 I was recently totally and utterly surprised by the lovely people at Soap & Glory with a few of their Christmas sets and I couldn't wait to show you all.
Soap & Glory have got to be one of my favourite beauty brands ever. 
Since stealing my Mum's sexy mother pucker lipgloss as a teenager to using their new Sugar Crush hand gel every 5 minutes - I don't think I've bought a product yet that I don't love!
One the my most re-purchased products I've had over the years is the Hand Food hand cream. The gorgeous non-greasy hand cream which I think all of us beauty lovers have had at one point or another.

So how amazing is this .... a gift set with 3 50ml Hand Food tubes and it's called Winter Wonderhand* ... #genius - I love seeing what names S&G come up with each Christmas.
Aswell as the original scent you also get the Sugar Crush version (my favourite) and the Smoothie Star version - which I don't think you can even buy on it's own.
This is such a lovely gift idea - and for only £8 it's a bargain! 

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Friday, 27 November 2015

Last Minute Black Friday Madness - Fashion Picks


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So... it's that time of year again.
Black Friday is here once more and it looks like it's bigger and bargainier (yup that's a word now) than ever! My e-mail inbox all week has been buzzing with endless deals and offers and now payday is finally here so I can actually get excited about it all!

I've got some great sites with some great offers to share with you - seriously amazing savings just in time for Christmas presents or a payday treat! 

First up - MyBag and their amazing 30% OFF EVERYTHING (including the already discounted outlet) with the easy CODE : BLACKFRIDAY - it's not hard to forget!
Watches, purses, bags..... oh my gosh, my wishlist is endless - here's some of my favourite picks!

This deal is on until keep your eyes and fingers ready for special 40 % hourly specials throughout the day today (27/11) - HERE.

40% off Lauren Ralph Lauren = ALL WEEKEND 27/11-30/11 Code : 40BF
40% off Karl Lagerfeld = 10am - 11am - Code : 40BF
40% off Aspinal of London = 12pm-1pm - Code : 40BF
40% off Paul Smith = 2pm-3pm - Code : 40BF
40% off Rebecca Minkoff = 4pm-5pm - Code : 40BF
6pm onwards.... lots of surprises!

Next up - All Sole footwear.... I'm all about shoes and when there's 30% off... I mean can you really say no?! 
That's right there is 30% off everything here until Monday - total and utter bargains to be had if you ask me with some HUGE names and some of my personal favourites *cough*uggs*cough*!

All Sole also have some awesome hourly deals going on (27th only) where you can save a whopping 40% on certain brands - check out the list below to be in the know!

40% off Asics = ALL WEEKEND! - Code : 40BF
40% off Ralph Lauren = 8am-9am - Code : 40BF
40% off Hugo Boss = 10am-11am - Code : 40BF
40% off Paul Smith Shoes = 12pm-1pm - Code : 40BF
40% off Hunter = 2pm-3pm - Code : 40BF
40% off Ted Baker = 4pm-5pm - Code : 40BF
40% off H Shoes by Hudson = 6pm-7pm - Code : 40BF
8pm onwards...... lots of exciting things to choose from!

Lastly it's Coggles who aswell have a massive 30% off EVERYTHING! Even the stuff in the outlet - this is where and how to get designer stuff people... who wants to pay full price?!
Here's some of the amazing bits you can pick up......

And guess what.... Coggles also have hourly 40% off deals going on all day (27/11!) Take a look below to find out everything you need to know to save even more this Black Friday!

40% off Premium Asics = ALL WEEKEND - Code : 40BF
40% off Karl Lagerfeld = 8am-9am - Code : 40BF
40% Marc by Marc Jacobs = 10am-11am - Code : 40BF
40% off Hugo Boss = 12pm-1pm - Code : 40BF
40% off Polo Ralph Lauren = 2pm-3pm - Code : 40BF
40% off Paul Smith = 4pm-5pm - Code : 40BF
From 6pm onwards.... a mixture of exciting brands and products!

Let me know in the comments if you get in there and grab a bargain!
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