Saturday, 13 December 2014

Surviving Party Season

It's that time of year again where our social calendars become fuller than ever and every weekend has an aray of parties, meals and meets that keep you busier than Santa himself!

With that in mind I thought I would share with you a few of my must-haves for getting through party season, I know alot of you with be juggling parties, piss-ups and work shifts all within the same 24 hours so take note as some of these could be lifesavers for you!
Beat The Blisters
First up, Compeed Blister Relief plasters*! A Christmas/New Years party outfit wouldn't be complete without a fabulous pair of heels and if you're anything like me, you would have bought new ones! After hours of walking, mingling, dancing and whatever other moves you're pulling out of the bag you're feet (unless you have magic soles and toes) are going to ache and you may even be getting some pesky blisters! Be prepared by keeping sliter plasters in your bag! These are great for shoes that are rubbing or even blisters on the bottoms of your feet!
Top Tip : Putting some Vaseline on your feet before wearing new heels can help prevent rubbing!

Refresh That Face
With all the naughty foods and drinks we will be consuming over the next 4 weeks our skin can really take a beating! Not only this but with all the events going on, your bound to be wearing make-up more than usual!
Doing a face mask every week can help keep your skin looking bright and healthy! Rodial's Hangover Mask* is one of my favourites for this, it keeps my skin feeling rejuvenated and clear from any build up and nastiness!

Eyes On The Prize
There's a couple of beauty bits in life that can completely change your look in seconds, one of those things is false lashes! If you don't have long to get ready and want to make yourself look more glamorous than usual - whack on a pair of lashes! These lashes are from Nouveau Lashes and they are from the Let's Go Lashes*  range! As you can see in the picture below these lashes are gorgeous full-on fan lashes and I am so excited to try them out over this holiday season.
"I got that red lip, classic, things that you like" (Yup, I'm quoting TS)
Red lips, red lips, red lips! I love a red lip at this time of year (unless you're rocking a pink dress!)! This one I've including is one of my all-time favourites! Rimmel Apocalips - Big Bang - is a super bright pillar box red and it is perfect for transforming yourself from drab to fab! Plus red is super festive!

Bloat No More
Tight bodycon dress for NYE? High waisted skirts/trousers to rock on Christmas Eve? Being bloated is the worst! Peppermint tea is a great way to relive any bloat and keep your digestive system in check! I like to have one every evening before bed, it's really refreashing and calming and makes me feel like I'm kind of being healthy... especially after the 600 mince pies I've probably eaten already!

Bags Be Gone
Finally it's time for a pick me up for after all those late nights! I love this eye bag slayer, for one.... it is a play on Buffy the Vampire Slayer... the greatest show ever made and my fav! I keep it in the fridge so it is amazing for reducing puffy eyes and also fab for headaches.... coz you may have a few of them after those heavy nights!

I hope you guys liked this post and have a great time over the next month, partying and celebrating :) 

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  1. I need the bags be gone range in my life. Great picks!

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. I completely agreed with the compeed blister relief!! Those things are life-savers...I think they even have a roll on now so shoes don't rub!! Love these picks!! Defiitely saving this post to find it another time! X

  3. 'Big Bang' is my favourite Rimmel Apocalips colour! It's absolutely perfect! xx

  4. love your post. some things I had never even thought about, I will be trying out the peppermint tea. x

  5. 'Puffy the eye bag slayer' gets me every time..! Totally agree with the peppermint tea - I've been addicted to it ever since I was recommended it by a doctor and I swear it helps.

  6. Great tips, the tea is something I will be trying out!

    Hannah Rose

  7. fab tips.. I need that eye mask!

  8. Hey,
    I really like your Blog! Would you like to support each other and follow via GFC?
    Only if you like my Blog too and yes.. I hope we stay in touch! :)

    Greetings, Sophia
    Instagram: sophiaton_

  9. Compeed is a must have anyway. Some lovely picks and tips x

  10. The eye bag slayer is so funny! What a great name. xo


  11. Love that Buffy pun on the eye mask! I need to get myself one of that for all year round. xD

    These are amazing suggestions for the buzzing holiday season, I'll def be packing those shoe pads around and false lashes!

    Love you blog hun.

    Hope you have an amazing Christmas season! Xoxo.

  12. my highlght of 2014 is going to california in august 2014


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