Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Winter Essentials : Lip Balms

Can you believe it's December already? Advent has started - yay! and it's time for another 'Winter Essentials' post!
Lip balms I think are probably on the top of everyones list as a winter essential! Cold weather, air-con and windy wind make our lips chapped, dry and even a bit gross and flaky!
Here's 4 of my top picks for lip balms  - these save me from getting that awful trip-lip that we all dreaded as children.... you know what I mean right?
Vaseline - Limited Edition Queen Bee
Vaseline is a classic, I'm sure 99% of you either own one o these handy tins or have done in the past. This years limited edition is called 'Queen Bee' - I love the name and the packaing alike! The scent is honey... obvs and alot nicer than I was expecting - another one to add to my never ending collection of tins! 

Carmex with Jasmine Green Tea
Carmex is a product I have used for years and years so when I see they've bought out new version I always want to try them out. You may remember me sharing this on here a few months ago! I'm a huge Green Tea fan so this is a win win for me! (plus it's my Mum's fav!)

EOS Strawberry Lip Balm
I got this in Florida along with a blueberry version and they have become a huge favourite of mine! This is the lip balm that is currently in my hand bag! It's easy to apply, smells amazing and keeps my lips hydrated!

Nivea Blueberry Blush Lip Butter
Nivea Lip Butter's have been something I've raved about for months and months. They all smell amazing and are just as good as vaseline for keeping the lips chap-free, smooth and soft! A total bargain too at only £2.20ish each!

What are your favourite lip balms for this time of year?
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  1. I really want to try the Nivea blueberry one it looks lovely :) xx

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  3. Can never go wrong with Vaseline but the Nivea ones are absolutely amazing and work perfectly! They smell really nice too! X x

  4. love the nivea lip butter blueberry :)

    emily xx

  5. I've been loving my new EOS lip balm - I wasn't super keen on it at first because it isn't a rich, super hydrating lip cream but I do love using it "on the go" and the scents are so wonderful! x

    One Little Vice - UK Beauty Blog

  6. I want to try this Nivea lip butter. But hte exact THIS smell we don't have here in Ukraine(

  7. I've heard such good things about E0S balms, really want to try one! I always stick to Carmex xx

    Abi |

  8. Palmers Cocoa Butter lip balm.

  9. I love Blistex Intensive, always sorts my lips out! I want to try EOS, they're so cute!

    India / Too Faced giveaway

  10. Jasmine green tea is my absolute fav so I'll definitely be trying this Carmex! Thanks for the tips!
    Sophie x

  11. Carmex is by far my favourite lip balm, I love the Cherry one but have never tried the Jasmine Green Tea so thanks for recommending it! Must try the Vaseline honey one too :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  12. Love the limited edition Vaselines soooo much...I think its a bit of an addiction! I bought about seven tins of the Pink Bubbly and Paint the Town Red, and have just bought two of the Queen Bee ones...I think I need help! xx

    Sarah |

  13. I still haven't gotten around to trying the Carmex with Jasmine Green Tea even though I wanted to after you blogged about it haha
    A favourite of mine atm is Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla Macadamia - it has such a lovely scent and taste!
    xx Ann-Kathrin


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