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My Favourite Blogs Of 2014

I've seen a few people doing these over the past week or so I thought why not share my favourite blogs from the last 12 months!
 I have soooo many favourites that I thought I was narrow it down to just 12 (one for each month right?!) and put them into 4 different category's - Inspiration, Informative, Fashion & Personality.
Blogs that I look at in awe, their layouts, their writing, their photographs - I love what these girls do, some of my ultimate favourites!
Liza is one of the first bloggers I started chatting to when I started A Yellow Brick Blog back in 2013! Since then she has constantly been an amazing friend and helping hand! Her blog is hands down one of my favourites! The fact she runs it whilst also  running her amazing youtube chaneel, working and being a Mummy is just incredible! I'm always obsessed with her photography and her looks are perfection!
This is the blog I head to when I want to read about a bit of glam! Kayleigh always seems to be on point with everything fabulous! I love her reviews and her photos are always perfectly thought out and the main focus of the post - I love that! Plus her OOTD's and Instagram are awesome too!
Another blog in which I just sit and stare at the photos are think .... wow! Becky's reviews are always so informative and honest and I love the way she writes! She has that classic blogger knack of making me want to invest in everything she talks about! Lipgloss and Lashes is also now on youtube so make sure you check her out!

Need a review on a product? Want some facts on things? - one of these girls is sure to have it! Bursting with products all-day-everyday, they are my first stops when checking out the newest stuff on the market or if I need a helpful review to read.
I fell in love with Ree's blog after stumbling across it at work one day. I was googling a new product I wanted to find out more about and up came this blog with so much information and some great photos! If you want to check things out before they've even been released - this is the place to go! Ree seems like such a genuine lovely lady, I hope one day I can create something as brilliant as her!
Another blog which is totally jammed packed with posts day in day out and look how pretty the header is!
 I love coming to Gemma's blog after a few days and catching up with the exciting new products she has to flaut! Gemma also has an amazing personality, I love chatting to her - some conversations recently have had me in fits of laughter!
The perfect place to start if you are new to beauty blogs! Hayley has the perfect variety of beauty posts and she is another person I always go to on a weekly basis for a good old catch up! There's always so much to read and I find her blog great for finding new products to try out! Her reviews and posts are some of the most honest out there and I really trust her!

I love these girls for their amazing style and variety of posts they do, these 3 are taking the blogging world by storm at the moment! Not going to lie I to sit slightly green with envy when checking out these beauts with their fab style and hot bodys! (plus one of them is a fellow islander! #TeamIOW)

This girl has had an awesome year hasn't she? I love Megan, she is hands down one of the sweetest bloggers I'm lucky enough to chat too and her blog has been one of my favourites since finding it last year! Her style is adorable, she wears everything I couldn't! Her beauty reviews and YT videos are always a hit too - make sure you go and check out this petite little princess! (aka Charlotte Fisher) - Charlotte
I have no idea why this photo above has come out so much greyer than the others - stupid phone!
 Charlotte is that fellow IOWer I was talking about! She has literally taken the blogging and social media world by storm these past 12 months and if you are looking for some outfit inspiration then she girl for you! She has amazing personal style and creates window-display-worthy outfits every single post! Her love for Katy Perry, animals and Evan Peters aswell makes me like her even more! - Victoria
Silly iPhone couldn't change this too a desktop site display darn it - I'm sorry! I can guarantee most of you have either already checked out Victoria and/or are following her already! This purple haired beauty (major hair envy alert!) has the most amazing blog and youtube which are visually just a dream! Her outfits always look incredible and her personal style is to die for! Her beauty reviews are some of my favourites to read and her blog is probably the one I venture to most!

These girls are total babes - from their writing on their blogs, to their tweets on twitter to their amazing mugs on youtube. I love their personalities, we should totes me friends girls!
Did someone say sister from another mister? This girl is my soulmate for sure, I feel like we were separated at birth.... just 14 months apart! (Kate I hope this hasn't freaked you out.... I don't sound like a weird stalker crazy woman do I?)
 Kate's blog and range of social medias always make me smile and her youtube videos are some of my favourites to sit back and watch! Our chats always cheer me up and ti makes me laugh how much our minds are the same sometimes haha! Go and click SugarfixxBeauty now! - (aka the uglyfaceofbeauty) - Gracie
Gracie's blog is a fantastic range of fashion, life, beauty and love and I am so glad she has ventured into world of blogging!
 Her posts are always really positive and her writing is fantastic, she has such an amazing confidence about her! Such a genuine sweetheart, I love the effort she puts into my her posts as well as her videos on YT, Gracie is a fab role model!
Did someone say fellow Disney lover? Anyone who loves a bit of Disney is going to be in my good books really aren't they? Charlotte's upbeat and happy writing always has me smiling - I mean just look how happy her blog looks above!

Who are your favourites from this year? Any of the above?
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  1. Lovely post - I'll make sure I check out all their blogs soon.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Lovely post and definitely some great blogs to read x
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  3. I also read a lot if these blogs too and they are just amazing! Such a sweet post x x

  4. I've just found some lovely new blogs from this post! x

  5. Ooh! Most of these are my favorites too! Great selection! xo

  6. Thank you so much for including me in this Kirstie, especially as I've been put in the same category as two of my own inspirations! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas but I'm sure I'll speak to you before :) Also, if you're ever over on the mainland in the new year you'll have to let me know! xx

    Lipgloss & Lashes

  7. Oh Kirstie this just popped up on my feed and I was so shocked to see my photo! Thank you SO much for including me :) so pleased to hear you enjoy my blog - I love yours too! Xx.

  8. I like a lot of these blogs too! I can't believe it's almost 2015-eeeek!


  9. Great post. Posts like these help us newbies find some great blogs.

    Hayley \\ CompassToGuide

  10. Thank you so much for featuring me you absolute babe, so much love for you <3

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  11. I love these kind of blogposts, gives me lots of new blogs to read! Couture girl is also one of my faves too, her blog is just perfect isn't it! X

  12. Some great blogs there along with some new ones to check out. Love these kinds of posts as I love discovering new blogs.
    Happy New Year

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