Sunday, 7 December 2014

Getting My Beauty Sleep : The Fab 3

This is the time of year where lots of us ladies and gents are working alot more and alot harder, so sleep can sometimes be cut short or feel non-existent
I myself have been totally wiped recently so have been trying out a few things to help me having a more relaxed evening and a better nights sleep!
Here's 3 products which have definitely helped.....
1. Kindle
I always say to myself that I'll have a quiet night in and read my book (which I have been reading forever... I'm literally getting nowhere!) but me being me - a 24 year old internet addict - before I know it I've been sat on my phone/ipad/laptop all night and it's 10pm and time to go to bed!
This is BAD and I've been trying to change my ways. Getting into bed with a book really helps me to relax and chill out! It's so fun for your brain to turn off everything social and work-related and transport to another world for an hour or two! The more I do read, the more I want to read aswell! I can't wait to finish this series I'm on it's brilliant!

2. Candles
I'm a bit of a candle addict and have a slight obsession with my home smelling nice, whether it's with candles, sprays or diffusers. 
Recently I have been burning this Aromatherapy candle from Flamingo Candles* (which you may have seen in this haul post). This is the 'relaxing' candle and is bursting with the scent of lavender and ykang ylang which helps calm be down after a stressful or busy day!
I' also still loving my Glade Honey & Chocolate candles - I've bought 3 already this month, they are so strong and fill my whole flat with the yummy scent!

3. Sanctuary Sleep Comforting Night Butter
I had been looking at these products from Sanctuary for a while, I really liked the scent but wasn't sure whether I'd actually go ahead and use them or whether they'd get shoved in a draw/box like alot of other things that I think are a good idea at the time!
But in the end... obviously I ended up buying a couple of products from the range! I got this body butter along with the body scrub and I made damn sure that I used them as soon as I got them home!
The scent is so lovely and relaxing and I've found it has made a real difference in the way I feel before I go to sleep! I've also been leaving the body butter open on my bedside table some nights - the smell really radiates round the room which is lovely.... but I think it's about time I invested in the candle too!

Other things I love and which help me relax and get a good nights beauty sleep are.... green tea, a good face mask and clean bed sheets!

What helps you sleep?

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  1. Ooh I love the sound of the Aromatherapy candle from Flamingo Candles x

  2. I agree with you about the Internet - I get into bed at 8 and am still messing around at 11...

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Candles and my kindle help me feel so much more relaxed and ready for bed! Reading before going to sleep always seems to ensure that I have a better, less broken night's sleep

    Steph -

  4. You're lucky you can sleep that easily… my insomnia causes me to lose so much sleep AND break out. Horrible. :( I've never tried lighting up scented candles to get me to sleep, though, so thanks for the tip!

    x Erika of Erika's Secret Closet

  5. I always find reading something simple sends me to sleep. I tried to read a self help book and had crazy dreams all night, back to chic lit for me.

  6. Clean sheets and a nice bath before bed both make falling asleep easy for me. Doing breathing exercises really helps me too, especially when I'm feeling stressed out!

  7. Clean sheets and a nice bath before bed both make falling asleep easy for me. Doing breathing exercises really helps me too, especially when I'm feeling stressed out!

  8. I've recently started using a meditation app to do some short self-guided exercises when I can't sleep due to anxiety, and it's helped loads :) a good long bath always helps though, and weirdly for me, traffic noise! I can never sleep as well when there's total silence. I blame being a city girl ;) x

  9. Bedtime is one of my favourite parts of my day and here's why. I like to do my cleansing routine, then climb into bed and do my night time skincare routine there. I'll often take up a hot drink with me too and when it's cold a hot water bottle and then I read, lots and almost every night. Reading helps me to relax and really get ready for a good nights sleep. I have a kindle and keep it loaded with books so I always have something good to get my teeth into!!


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