Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 : Goals & Resolutions

Another year, another list of things that I will be striving to do and achieve in 2015! (Can you believe we are half way between the millineum and 2030 already?!)
Well.... it wouldn't be January without them would it? Lets just hope I put them into practice for the 365 days or more and not just a fortnight!
Some are blog related and some are just life related and I'm sure some are probably repeats of last year too, opps haha!

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
- Get fit and stay healthy
I'm sure most of us are going to have this on our lists. I'm forever up and down with my weight and dieting on and off has become the norm for the last 3 years or so.
 This year I am super determined to get that body I've always dreamed of and finally be fully confident with myself, as well as ditching lots of the crappy foods that seem to run my life! Just look at Charlotte Crosby - I can do that too!

- Stay tidy
I'm nearly 25 which means I should know how to be a tidy human being by now. Goodbye clutter, hello organised home!

- Say YES more
It's about time I got out there and said yes more. Whether it's a blog event or dinner with friends - Kirstie saying yes is going to happen more!

- Be a positive Polly
I moan far too much and really what do I have to moan about? My weight? My job? I can change all that myself so I'm going to try and see things in a positive light and really appreciate how lucky I really am in this world.
 "Happiness is a choice." - Shay Carl

- Finish the Vampire Academy series
Well I was going to say "read more" but that was definitely on my list for 2014! I started this series months and months ago and even though I bought all 6 books on my kindle I'm STILL only on book 2 - so this year I WILL finish them!

- Get a tattoo
Every year since turning 18 I've said I'd get a tattoo. I have a few ideas in mind so I just need to decide on one and go for it! Yolo!

- Focus on quality not quantity 
This year I have done a whopping 322 blog posts - to me that is alot. I ended up doing a blog post every single day for most of the year and I have to say it was a serious challenge at some points. Don't get me wrong I loved it but some days I feel like I put way too much pressure on myself to get things done! 
In 2015 I want to focus more on the quality of the post rather than how many I do!

- Invest in better equipment 
 I love blogging and it has become a real passion of mine but I have been really scrapping through with the stuff I have been using to keep it going.
 I cannot wait to invest in a new camera, some lighting and hopefully eventually a mac. I have recently bought a new laptop to replace the awful netbook I have been working with for the past year - the first step to help me improve A Yellow Brick Blog!

- Youtube
Yes I started uploading videos to Youtube this year after years and years of self-doubt but in 2015 I really want to put more effort into it! The amount I watch others on youtube makes me so motivated and determined to do it myself and improve my videos... because at the moment they are pretty pants!

- Push Myself
Improve my content, expand my audience and take up all the amazing opportunities I can! Time to stop being such a nervous wuss and get out there :)

What goals do you have?
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  1. Lovely post, I definitely share a few of these myself especially saying yes more and being more positive! I've always wanted a tattoo too but I'm such wimp. Hope you have a wonderful 2015!

    Roxie x

  2. Hope you have a wonderful 2015! I really want a tattoo too but I'm not even sure what I'd get! x x

  3. Such good goals! Love knowing I'm not the only one with some of these :)

  4. Good luck with your goals. It's always good to push yourself to be better.
    Rubi | The Den

  5. Loved reading your list, being more positive and saying yes more is a biggie for me this year too.

    Jane x

    Queen Jane Approximately

  6. Oh a tattoo, I need more! I only have two!
    My goals, stick to my new blog and enjoy my life more! :)
    All the best for 2015!
    Clickity click here, if you wish! All things Makeup, Fashion and Beauty, On a budget!

  7. Love these sort of posts. I definitely need to up by blogging game. I definitely need to focus on quality not quantity this year x

  8. Great positive post! Wishing you the best in your resolutions!

  9. Happy New Year Kirstie! I hope you have a wonderful 2015 :) xx

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