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TV Shows That Made My Childhood

Recently with a certain 90s pop band reforming on Children In Need I was having a think about a certain TV show *cough*Miami 7*cough* from my childhood and suddenly a whole list of TV shows which I grew up with filled my mind! 
Shows that I would run home from school so I wouldn't miss, stay up way too late on a school night to watch and WISH that I was in!

Most of these probably were on our screens between 1997-2003ish and most of them are kids shows but there are a few other classics thrown in there too!
 Let me know in the comments below which ones you watched too - I was obsessed with all of these!

1. Maid Marion And Her Merry Men - The best kids show of the 90s in my opinion, hilarious with some great songs! #pancakeday
2. Aquila - 2 boys find a invisible spaceship, one of them gets a reptile hand... ring a bell?
3. Jeopardy - This actually used to scare me! Scottish kids getting abducted by aliens in the outback and nothing making sense!
4. The Queen's Nose - Probably my first TV obsession... I called my hamster Monty just because Harmony did and who can forget Uncle Ginger?
5. Byker Grove - Soooo much better than Grange Hill, I always used to want a geordie accent!
6. Sister Sister - 'never knew how much I missed ya!'
7. Kenan & Kel - WHOOOOO loves orange soda? and who put the screw in the tuna?
8. Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Every girl wanted the power to change her outfit instantly!
9. Student Bodies - A mix between a high school drama and a cartoon - I loved this show about kids writing the school newpaper!
10. The Generation Game - A CUDDLY TOY!
11. Gladiators - Who didn't love this on a Saturday night, Wolf was always my favourite!
12. Blind Date - I'm sure as a kid I didn't get any of the innuendo's but I bloddy loved Cilla and her match-making skills! 
13. Baywatch - Drama on a beach, can't go wrong with a bit of lifeguarding action!
14. The Moment Of Truth - Another Cilla show where a member of a family had to perform a certain skill in order to win prizes for the whole family, I loved this!
15. Albert The Fifth Musketeer - This cartoon used to crack me up I loved the song!
16. Bad Girls - The best prison drama ever (although I do love OITNB), this show was awesome!
17. Footballers Wives - Obsessed didn't explain it - this show was EVERYONE'S favourite, I'll never forget the ridiculous storylines! And you can watch them on youtube -perfect!
18. Noel's House Party - Mr. Blobby and gang always had the best Saturday nights!
19. Changing Rooms - is it bad that I used to love it when the people hated their new room?!
20. Home On Their Own - The kids version of changing rooms, siblings that turned their kitchen's into burger bars and their bedrooms into jungles, I always always soso jealous!
21. Fun House - If you have't seen this then get on youtube now, they don't make kids shows like this anymore!
22. The Crystal Maze - This was always so stressful to watch!
23. Robot Wars - Yes I'm a huge tomboy but I LOVED this show!
24.  Ocean Odyssey - Do anyone of you remember this? An underwater community and a girl who lived on an island on her own and swam and talked to whales?
25. The Demon Headmaster - Brilliant and terrifying, I will never forget watching these for the first time!
26. The Ghost Hunter - That cute little cockney shoe shine boy and the crazy old lady who trapped ghosts in glass jars!
27. 50/50 - Everyone wanted their school to go on this show!
28. Clarissa Explains It All - The first proper American teen show I started watching.
29. Miami 7/Hollywood 7/ LA 7- The birth of S Club 7 and my love for them. REACH.
30. Little House On The Prairie - An old classic, I used to love watching this with my Mum.
31. Animorphs - Remember the kids that could turn into animals? And th creepy slug things that crawled into people's ears... I think this is where my fear of leeches comes from!
32. Through The Dragons Eye - For years I didn't know what this was called and always tried to explain it to people! The weirdest education programme ever - that bad crow man Charn was terrifying! This was totally brilliant, probably the first show I actually remember, it first came out the year before I was born! (check it out here)
33. Noah's Ark - The polar bear and all his mates!
34. Live & Kicking - I definitely called into this show more than once.
35. Recess - One word - SCANDALOUS.
36. The Animals Of Farthing Wood - 90s kids will all know this one.
37. Eerie Indiana - This was a strange strange show but I remember really enjoying it!
38. So Little Time - Mary-Kate or Ashley, I just wanted to be one of them!
39. Bodger And Badger - MASHED POTATO.
40. The Secret World Of Alex Mack - Basically it was Bianca from 10 Things I HAte About You after a werid chemical thing. 
41. The Worst Witch - Mildred Hubble and Nancy from Hollyoaks getting into trouble constantly.
42. Popstars The Rivals - Those younguns nowadays don't understand where Cheryl came from... I was totally and utterly hooked by this show - Nicola Roberts was my favourite! Girls Aloud for life! and who can forget THIS moment.
43. The New Adventures Of Superman - BBC2 totally rocked when this was on after Neighbours had finished on BBC1. Everyones favourite evening show in the 90s!
44. Dawson's Creek - Watching teenage drama that I was sometimes to young to understand was my fav hobby.
45. The Genie From Down Under - Who remember this?! I've only just thought about it, it rocked!
46. The Racoons - Best theme tune ever. Don't believe me? --- Proof.
47. The Belfry Witches - Banished from witchland these 2 teens (including the blonde one from The Office!) live in the belfry of a church, pleaseeee tell me someone else remembers this?!
48. Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow - BOGEYYYYSSSS. Massive lols. (click here)
49. Fame Academy - I can't be the only one who had a crush on David Sneddon?
50. The Wild House - Natalie Wild and her crazy family, I was so sad when this ended.

I could go on forever but I do promise I did do more with my younger years than just sit in front of a TV! What were your favs?



  1. I loved Miami 7 and most of these shows - haha :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. This was so much fun to read! I remember Through the Dragon's Eye too - it was so bizarre! LOVED The Worst Witch and Blind Date x

    Under Blue Lights

  3. My best friends sister was in through the dragons eye lol!

  4. This was so fun! I loved Dawsons creek too! I can think of soooo many more but i won't blow up your comments. Thanks for bringing back so many memories for me! :)

  5. Ahh, so many memories! I loved Through The Dragon's Eye when I was at school and The Queen's Nose. I was also obsessed with Round The Twist and Bernard's Watch! This is such a fun post! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  6. OMG JEOPARDY! And the Ghost Hunter! I loved those :) You can watch Jeopardy on Youtube too! :) xo

  7. Omg you have nailed all of these so much!!! I now have the 'So Little Time' theme song going through my head haha! xx

    Abi |

  8. this was such a cute post! i loved 50/50 and of course Recess :) xx

  9. I loved Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Sister Sister! And haha, I was obsessed with Fame Academy (was able to watch it on BBC even though I live in Denmark)… I had the biggest crush on Ainslie Henderson!


  10. This is such a different post but I loved reading all your favourite TV shows. I loved anything with Mary-Kate and Ashley in when I was younger! xo

  11. woahh! This post has brought back so many memories.
    I think my faves were Saved By The Bell, Baywatch and Sabrina The Teenage Witch x


  12. I was totally hooked on Dawson's Creek for a while. Ah, youth.


  13. So much nostalgia. My primary school always used to make us watch the through the dragons eye programme & I hated it, I loved Recess, Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven the most... they don't make them like that anymore :(
    Natasha Paris x

  14. Through the Dragon's Eye was one of the shows we had to watch at school and it traumatized half of us when the kids were 'killed'!

  15. Round the Twist!! These shows all completely took up most of my childhood though lol!



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