Sunday, 12 October 2014

September Favourites 2014

I think this is probably the latest I've ever put up a monthly favourites - I can't believe it's October 12th already! 
But I couldn't just forget my favourites for September, no sir! I had a few products which really stuck out throughout the month and couldn't not mention them!
A few beauty products first! Starting with Vera Wang Princess.
 A perfume I have wanted for years and years finally made it's way into my collection when I was on my way to Florida! I knew that I wanted to buy a new perfume for my holiday so the scent could always remind me of the trip - sad I now but it does really work - and when I saw this on offer in Gatwick I knew I had to have it!
This 50ml bottle was less than £30 and I am so glad I bought it, I smelt fab for my whole holiday and it wasn't until I got to Disneyworld that I realised how perfect the name of the perfume was!
Next is the Make-Up Forever HD Foundation. You may have seen me talk about this in my Florida Haul video on Youtube but I had to put it in my favourites for last month too as it is sooo good!
I knew I was going to pick this up when I went to the US as it had been on my wishlist for so long and it was the first thing I picked up when I skipped into Sephora! The colour I picked is slightly darker than my skin at the moment but I've been mixing it with my L'oreal true match foundation to bring it down a shade! It is so so good I am obsessed, gives me skin a gorgeous finish plus doesn't feel super thick and heavy like my Mac Studio Sculpt.
On holiday I become addicted to this next product. I have already done a review for this No7 highlighter - here - if you want to read more about it, but last month I wore it constantly! It was perfect was my more relaxed minimal make-up look for the daytimes in Florida, it gave me a gorgeous glow and a tint of bronze too!
Lastly on the beauty front I've added in Bath & Body Works' Anti-Bac Hand Gels. These are my favourite favourite favourite things to have in my handbag! I was so glad to be able to stock back up on these - only $5 for 5 is something I just can't say no too! I'm hoping all the ones I got last me a while!
Last time I went to Disneyworld I spotted this iPhone case but decided to be sensible and save my money (not cheap at about $40) - although I regretted it as soon as I left Orlando! So when I saw it again this time I talked myself into getting the beauty! I have my 5S for another 18months so knew I'd get alot of use out of it! I love it so much, it looks awesome and feels and fits so much better than all those cases I had from eBay!
This Watchalicious watch from Folli Follie* has been on my wrist permanently since recieving it. It is the perfect size and shape for me and after having a few links taken out I am so so pleased with how it fits and looks, I actually think I'd be lost without this now!
Last but not least I've got some snazzy footwear which I lived in throughout September! You may have seen my talk about these on twitter - they are the flopZ Siam Flip-Flops with pink straps* and they saved my feet on holiday! 
These flip flops have an amazing massaging gel sole which makes walking feel like a dream - I don't know about you but walking round in flip-flops for me can become really uncomfortable so these are a genius invention!
I know it's Autumn now so the time for flip-flops and sandals wearing is diminishing fast but I think I'm even going to start wearing this round the house! 
flopZ I must high five you on such an amazing creation!

What have been your favourite products recently?
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  1. I need to try the Makeup Forever Foundation, heard so many amazing things x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  2. That watch is an absolute beauty and vera wang princess looks beautiful! xx


  3. I really want Vera Wang Princess perfume! I love the smell of it so much ♡

  4. I love my Vera Wang perfume but I left it at home when I moved for Uni :( Silly me!

    Hannah Rose

  5. That Disney phone case is beautiful :) I'm so glad you picked it up this time around. I love Vera Wang Princess, I bought it for my friend last Christmas and the scent reminds me of our friendship and how important it is to me :) xxx

    Forever Dreaming of Oz

  6. That watch is gorgeous! Definitely need to buy a watch soon, I haven't had one for ages! xx

  7. The style of your blog is one of the prettiest yet haha gorgeous, im new to blogging and feel lonely at the mo so if you wouldn't mind checking my blog out i'd really appreciate it thankyou so much x

  8. I use MUFE HD foundation too! Isn't it so great?

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  9. I love that phone case, it's so pretty! :)
    And Vera Wang perfumes are my favourites!
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  10. I have been addicted to the No7 highlighter, never expected a No7 to be that good!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. I love that foundation, I should start using is again! :) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  12. Such a beautiful phone case!!!!


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