Saturday, 11 October 2014

POTW #34 : Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Hand Cream

Oooo cheeky US product alert! 
I'm am totally and utterly obsessed with Bath & Body Works and their magical aray of beautiful smelling things. 
Each time I've been to a store I've just walked in like a kid in a candy store not knowing where on earth to start looking! If it wasn't for luggage allowance I would have bought back thousands of candles and fabulous products but unfortualey for me I could only buy what I knew I could squeeze in.... which wasn't alot :( (you may have spotted this in my Florida Haul!)

This was a must have for me.
Sweet pea is one of my favourite scents from BABW and with the weather taking a turn for the worst back here in the UK I knew hand cream would be one of my go-to products for the next couple of months.
I love having a hand cream with me in my handbag, as well as being a yummy smelling pick me up this stuff helps keeps my hands hydrated - I'm a big over-user of anti-bacterial hand gels and along with the cold weather this sometimes leads them to becoming dry and sore! 

With shea butter and vitamin E this cream leaves my hands soft as a baby's behind and with the sweet pea fragrance has them smelling fab for ages after! It's like perfume for my hands! 
Not greasy in the slightest and rubs in quick and easy, I'm always re-applying this throughout my work days and am always surprised how long the scent lasts for!
I can't quite remember how much this cost me.... how on I'l do some research online...... *a few minutes later* ... it was $5! Such a bargain! I'm going to have a look online on ebay etc to see i I can order some more of these hand creams in different scents - I love it more than I love Soap & Glory's Hand Food.... that's saying something!
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  1. This sounds amazing! I can only imagine how lovely it smells. Great bargain too! Can you buy these in the UK? If you think it is better than S&G Hand Food then it definitely sounds worth trying out :) xx
    Forever Dreaming of Oz

  2. That sounds fantastic - will it be available in the UK?

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Check you out with your cheeky US product :) I've never tried anything from B&BW - am I a bad blogger?

    Danniella x


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