Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'm BACK!!! & The Positive Post #3

I'm back! It's official I'm back in England on my little island after an amazing 2 weeks in Florida (if you're looking to hear all about my trip to Disneyworld/Orlando I'm hopefully going to be getting some posts up real soon, please leave any requests or ideas that you want to see in the comments below!)

Being on a holiday high I thought another positive post was a great way to kick A Yellow Brick Blog off again, I've missed being so active on here but it was also really nice to fully enjoy my holiday, take a backseat for a bit and not having to worry about having a certain schedule to keep too!
For now I am going to try and post at least 4 times a week and really try and keep upto date with my youtube, I love doing it but have previously found it hard to keep posting whilst working full time and blogging everyday! So hopefully it's going to be quality over quantity from now on!

So here's a few things to turn your day around and hopefully lift your spirits!

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  1. I hope you had a great hoilday! I'd love to go to Florida! This is a lovely post too.

  2. some really lovely quotes - "you're never too old to be young" - that's a great one! xx

    Ioanna |

  3. Can't wait to see more about your holiday, I would love to go to Florida! Lovely post, you've made my afternoon blues a little better :3

    Kate |

  4. Glad you had a nice holiday but it's always good having you back <3 xx

    Blonde of Carbs

  5. Inspiration post :) I hope you had a great time on Holiday!

  6. Lovely inspirational things - glad you're back.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  7. Aw love a positive post. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Florida. Your Instagram pics have been making me very jealous haha. KBxx

  8. Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely holiday and it's definitely good to focus on making good content rather than making content often!

  9. I love little quotes like these, they help me to focus!

  10. Hope your holiday was brilliant and the photo you've shared are lovely ! :)

    Morag x

  11. Love a good positivity post! Hope you enjoyed your holiday :) xx


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