Friday, 10 October 2014

Cheryl Stormflower Perfume

I think most have us have been waiting for this day for years - the day the Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini has her own perfume out on the shelves of the UK!
It was always going to happen, I mean, why wouldn't one of the popular females on this side of the planet have their own signature scent?!

Can I just say aswell, before I start, that I obsessed with each and every look that Cheryl has been whipping out weekly on the X Factor - how is she so perfect? I'm so looking forward to the upcoming live shows to see what she wears and what she does with her hair and make-up!
So, back to the perfume! First, lets talk about the name. Stormflower. I love it. The name is said to have been designed to reflect the smell of air after the storm. 
I'm so glad Cheryl has thought about the name and not decided to call it "Cheryl" or something - I wouldn't have been impressed with that.

The fragrance comes in a gorgeous curvy bottle with fabulous flower lid! I love bottles like this, I have Vera Wang's Love Struck also and I just love how pretty they look sat on my shelves - rather than plain old square bottle. I think bottle's have alot to do with how much a fragrance is sold - if you're anything like me you want something that looks good aswell as it smelling good!
The size of the product I have here is 30ml, which is the smallest size available alongside a 50ml and 100ml. Looking at the amount I've used already though (in just a week) I'm not sure this little bottle will last me too long!

Now after saying that you can probably guess what I'm about to say about the scent - it's awesome. 
Like most people I'm pretty pants an describing a scent (you'd never believe I work with perfumes - opps!) so I'm going to share with you a brief description of what the clever lot at Cheryl HQ have come up with .....

'...fruity notes of nectar and mandarin followed by a floral heart that is interwoven with the scent of peach blossom and freesia. The fragrance then closes with base notes of sandalwood and musk.'

The scent overall is light but bold and has a lovely refreshing quality to it. It's meant to be a scent that complete describes Cheryl's elegance and personal style and I think she's done a fantasic job.
Celebrity fragrances can be a bit hit or miss with me and I always get a little nervous I won't like them as much as I like the person but this is a total winner.
With no hint of teeny-bopper sweetness or any form of old granny smell this is totally modern, fresh and a perfect everyday scent for most ages!

I have worn this every single day since I got back from Florida and have had a great response from the boyf and even had a few people ask me what I'm wearing which is great... I think I shocked them when I stated proudly it was Cheryl's! It's really wearable and lasts for ages!
I love wearing it too work and I've also been wearing it when I've gone out in the evenings!
This is going to be on my Christmas list for sure, it won't be long until I'm rationing out the end of this bottle!
You can get the 30ml fragrance (as pictured) from Fragrance Direct for just £20.99 at the moment - that's a saving from the RRP price of £23.95!
With Christmas coming up (yes it really is, don't kid yourself that it's not) this is a must have for both Cheryl lovers and perfume addicts alike! 

Have you smelt Stormflower yet? What do you think?
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  1. This even sounds pretty! Want to get my hands on it!

    Hannah Rose

  2. The bottle is really pretty!

  3. This is definitely on my after birthday wishlist, it looks pretty and I LOVE Cheryl xxx



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