Friday, 19 September 2014

POTW #32 : My Favourite Mascara.... Ever.

Being a 24 year old girl/lady/woman I've been through a fair few mascaras over the last 10 years or so.
 After all this time though there is always one that I come crawling back too, one that for me if just the best mascara for my short stumpy lashes!
Maxfactor's Masterpiece Max has probably been out since I was about 17/18 and it is the mascara that I always recommend to anyone that asks me.
It's thin comb like brush is perfect for my short lashes and I find it so easy to use. The older and bolder sister of Maxfactor's original Masterpiece mascara this tube is for giving high volume and definiton in a gorgeous jet black shade.

I try new mascara's all the time and too be honest I don't really know why this is the one which I always call my favourite and come back to in the end!
For £9.99 it is totally reasonable, I think I'll be sticking to this for now - until new mascaras are released for me to try that is haha I jut can't help myself!
If you have small eyes and short lashes I highly recommend you try this out!
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  1. Max Factor do really good mascaras!

  2. I love this mascara, it's my favourite! I'm currently using Revlons Lash Potion but I am definitely picking this back up when I finish Revlon! xx
    Ellie |

  3. I will be giving this try next, great review. I am currently using the Too Faced better than sex and it's pretty good x

  4. How have I never heard of this before? It sounds incredible!

  5. Cool post I might have to try this as I've never heard of it xx

  6. Love this mascaraaaa!!! I have quite big eyes/ long lashes but this just adds a bit of extra drama for a night out!! Great review

  7. I used to use this and LOVE it - I so need to buy another! x


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