Friday, 12 September 2014

POTW #31 : Fudge Urban Hair Chalk

Earlier this week in my Bestival post I mentioned how I loved my pink hair at Bestival and that I was going to share with you how I did it! So here it is, Fudge Urban Hair Chalk!
I'd used hair chalk before, at Bestival 2013 but I knew this year I wanted to use alot more of it and really change my hair! I picked these up from Boots at £5.99 each. (a little expensive compared to cheapy ones on ebay really!)
I went for pink and purple although on the day after I'd finish putting them in and brushing it through, it just looked all pink - artistic flare failed!
Hair chalk is so super easy to use! I'd recommend maybe doing it in some old clothes and wear a towel or something around your shoulders as it can be a little messy with the fall out. (Do NOT use when standing on white/cream carpets!)

This chalk comes in a little round pot which is cute but not as helpful as other brands' packaging! Because of this I use a plastic bag around my other hand when applying it to save my fingers from getting stained! Saying this if it does get on your hands it is pretty easy to wash off!

I went for the dip-dye look because I'm 'totes original' - bahaha not! I think it looks cute, who cares if every other Tom, Dick and Louise has it!
 After putting a fair bit through the fronts of my hair my lovely friend Megan - Hey Megs - helped me to do the back!
Like I said before I tried to use purple and pink but they both seemed to fade to the same shade after I had brushed it through! 

Brushing did hurt slightly, it just feels like there is alot of build up in your hair - but it was so worth it! I had lots of people ask if I had dyed my hair which I was really chuffed with - must have looked half professional right?

 And........ here is the finished product! Even though it felt like I had used quite a bit in both mine and my friends hair I've still come home with lots left in the pot! I'm tempted to take it on holiday with me to change up my looks on a few days!
If it wasn't for my job I would dye it tomorrow - I love it!
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  1. I love this look on you. Who cares if it's not entirely original!? I have such dark hair, I would love to give things like this a whirl but it just wouldn't work for me. The hair chalks are such a fun idea though, especially for a quick fix that you can rinse out when you're done! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive.

  2. Really suits you Kirstie! I LOVE it!!

    I'm very tempted to get some for my holiday. £5.99 seems a lot to pay when I don't even know if it will suit me though! :/ xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion

  3. Ahh this looks gorgeous! This is such a fab way to try something new before actually dying you hair!

    Fab post!

    Chloe x

  4. Wow that looks so good, better than when I have tried it! Will have to give it another go! xx

  5. Hi Kirstie,
    I did this 2 years ago for my birthday when I had blonde hair (at christmas so a totally different time to yours haha) and it came out so well - the chalk is a wicked idea, I don't think you could get the same effect with a hair dye? its nice that you can just wash it out whenever. Really suits you :) - I did this before all the chalk was on sale in high street stores and used normal chalk (from ebay) so it's exciting now that they're available alot easier than having to use average everyday chalk :) when I'm blonde again I'll have to look for this product/brand!

    Lots of Love
    Jamie xox

  6. This looks gorgeous on you! Big fan x

  7. This looks gorgeous is your hair, I think it would work much better in your type of blonde hair though, don't think it would show much in my darker hair. Great post, bestival was amazing wasn't it?

    Beth x

  8. ooh I love how this turned out on your hair!

  9. Lovely look!

  10. Ahh I was actually wondering what these came out like, and they are much nicer than I expected. Feel a weekend colour splurge coming on!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. I also think it looks gorgeous on you!

  12. These look great. I love it in your hair. Great for festivals and temporary changes x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  13. Love this, what a great product. x


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