Sunday, 14 September 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac Review

Oh god I know, another one of these damn reviews! But hey, just sharing my opinions y'all! You all know by now that I'm a big MJ fan, I probably do one weekly - at least and this past week was no different.

My skin this week was treated to the Mud Pac from Montagne Jeunesse. This I'd say is one of the most well known sachets from them, I'm sure it's been out for years and years!
This again like a few others I've used recently was bought when on offer so it only cost me about 67p - total barry bargain!

This mask is an anti-stress mask and is made for normal/oily skin - which is fab for me as my T-zone recently has decided to become a toal grease pit, totally uncool.
The Mud Pac is a deep pore cleanser, it draws out the dirt and any impurities in the skin and helps to open up those pesky blocked pores we all hate.
Not only is it made with sea kelp nutrients but the mask is also filled with anti stress oils to help you relax and unwind.

After removing my make-up and washing my face with some warm water I ripped open the sachet to reveal the blue cream and spread it evenly over my face.
I love funky coloured masks, this one made me look like a smurf!
What I did notice with this one is that it is a little thinner than others I've tried, it feels more like a lotion than a thick mask.

The scent was refreshing and the feel was slighty minty - very refreshing and I can see why they call it an anti stress mask!
I left it on for probably 15 minutes or so after it had set I washed it off with some warm water.

As soon as I washed it off my face looked refreshed and and felt really soft! But after a couple of minutes I noticed it looks slightly red and blotchy, luckily this was just before bedtime so I didn't have to face anyone or put on any make-up over the top!
Obviously this was a little harsh but still when I woke up in the morning there wasn't a strange looking mark on me at all so all was well in the world again!

This, for me, isn't one I'd do on a regular basis as it was a little harsh but is did work really well and clearing my pore's and giving me that deep cleanse!

Aswell as the sachets MJ also do the mud pac in a bottle - less than £5 for lots of pamper night's in!!
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  1. I love the peel off ones so satisfying! And the chocolate one :)

    Lucy x

  2. I often find my face gets a little red and blotchy after a mask or a good wash. Strange?

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. i don't mind at all i love your mj reviews, i really want to try this one too! lovely honest review x

  4. Mmm I've always loved these facemasks, so affordable as well!
    new beauty and fashion blog!


  5. I love ones that really cleanse your pores and give you a deep clean this sounds like ME but I would have to make sure I didn't use it everyday as I get addicted! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  6. Love these masks! Such a great review and really lovely blog too! X

  7. I tried this one before. I had a similar experience. It's not good enough to be a holy grail product. Thanks for sharing tho beautiful! I hope all is well.


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