Sunday, 17 August 2014

Botanics Sisal And Bamboo Buffer Review

I feel like I've been having a constant battle with my skin recently, dry skin, red bumps on my arms, bingo wings..... okay bingo wings are really something I can get rid of with a product - but they are still a problem in my life!
Summertime is a time to keep your skin hydrated and healthy and I've been on a mission to get mine looking smoother and feeling softer!
I've used exfoliating gloves and scrubs for years but I thought it was time to give something new try this summer!
Queue this new little friend of mine the Botanics Sisal And Bamboo Buffer!

I've been using this mitt for the last couple of weeks 2 or 3 times a week.
It has two sides - the sisal exfoliator (which I use most) and a soft bamboo side. 
With a bit of my shower gel added to the textured side I have been using this in circular motions over my whole body, focusing on my upper arms and legs!
After this I use my usual shower scrunchie and have a good old wash and then flip the mitt over and use it's soft bamboo side as a polisher! (That last step is probably once every 3/4 times or so... alot of the time I'm too lazy!)

This had made my skin feel alot smoother and feel alot healthier - goodbye dead skin cells! Things like this are perfect for summer, espesically if you're usinf fake tans and things - this is perfect for prepping and pampering!

Botanics are slowly becoming one of my favourite affordable brands, they do so so many products, I'm definitely going to start making my way through the different ranges!
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  1. I love the Botanics range but hadn't seen this before, might have to give it a go!! xxx

  2. Sisal is brilliant. I have got a body brush but that's masochistic.


  3. This post has made me want to get in that shower and buff away those dead skin cells! Looks an awesome product! x

    Kate | raspberrycheeks

  4. I tried the Superdrug version and would not actually recommend, it's fallen apart after a few uses!


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