Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Botanics Nail Strengthening Hand Cream Review

My nails have always been crap, total and utter crap at that! They are seriously weak and so brittle and they've been that way ever since I can remember!
Over the years I've tried different products but never stuck to anything permanently. For the past few years I have been getting my nails done professionally and having gel extensions put on which at the time I love and they look awesome but they do have a damaging affect on my poor little fingernails so I've been having a break from them to hopefully help my nails strengthen up a bit!

I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to nail hardeners and nail strengtheners as I always forgot to keep putting them on, whereas a hand cream, well I won't forget that!
Not impressed with the dirty packaging.... the risk of buying online eh!
I was just browsing the Boots website when I spotted this! A hand cream which doubles up as a nail strengthener, sounds perfect for me! I'm always applying hand cream and love having it in my bag 24/7 so what better than to kill two birds with one stone!

This has a lovely floral type scent which actually smells just like a product from Liz Earle but I can't quite pinpoint which one it is... maybe the hand wash. It's a strong scent but isn't too much that it's overpowering.

The cream is non-greasy and melts into the skin very quickly, which is perfect for me as it means I can re-apply it as many times as I want it throughout the say, even when at work.
The skin around my nails has improved drastically, alot less flaky and dry than normal and they look so much healthier too plus my hands feel hydrated and soft.
My nails themselves are feeling so much better! Less brittle, less flaky and actually starting to grow slightly. Obviously I think this is down to a mixture of things including not wearing any nail varnish (I know... shame on me right now!), this for me was a brilliant buy and I shall be re-purchasing this once I've run out!
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  1. This sounds perfect! My nails got so bad lately that I had to chop them right down, and practically start over - my nails are thin, flakey and just bend and break! :( I've started strong with applying my OPI Nail Envy daily, and have gotten into a routine of moisturising my cuticles to encourage a healthy growth, but I might browse for this too to really boost the routine!

  2. My nails are horrendous. I always have rough and dead skin around my nails - I moisturise my hands but had never considered a moisturiser specifically for my cuticles.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

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  4. My nails sound like yours, i have had trouble with them for a while now and its been driving me mad! Thanks for the review sweets, i will be picking this up very soon xx


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