Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rodial Instaglam Skin Tint Capri (Light) Review

Hello lovely ones! Hope you are all well and having a good week so far! Today I have a review for you all from that new brand in my life Rodial.
You may remember my post about the fabulous Glamstick last week and I'm back with another make-up product from them in the form of a skin tint!

This is the Instaglam skin tint in the shade Capri (light.)
Rodial Instaglam Skin Tint Capri (Light)*
First up, obsessed with this product's name. I'm an Instagram hoe so the fact this is called Instaglam just makes me happy!

It is a skin tint.... aka a tinted moisturiser/BB cream type product! I was a little worried about the shade when I first got my hands on it as it is the lightest one in the collection but it is actually turned out alot better than I was expecting.

It comes in a professional loooking  40ml tube with a snazzy silver mirrored lid! I'm pretty lucky with my skin so I don't mind wearing something that isn't high coverage, this is said to be medium coverage and I would agree with that.
 I've been wearing this a couple of times a week when I haven't been upto much and not after  full-on look.
The texture is smooth, soft and creamy like a moisturiser and glides onto the skin with ease.

I've found I need to use a fair bit each time to get my desired coverage but it does give me a nice, even look.
It doesn't cover my bag under my eyes I can tell you that, I definitely need concealer alongside this if I want some good coverage in that area but everything else like redness and freckles are covered easily and evenly.
Bloomin lipstick swatches staying on my hand! Proper long-lasting those!

Although it leaves my skin feeling really smooth it does leave quite a shine on my skin which I'm not surprised by, as of it's consistency so if you are prone to oily/shiny skin this probably won't help you BUT if you suffer with dry and dehydrated skin this would be fab!

To be honest I've not noticed my 'lines/wrinkles' being plumped that much like it promises but my skin does feel very even and soft. It might work better and be more noticeable on more mature skin maybe?

This is the perfect product for me for the hot summer weather, alot lighter and fresher than my usual foundations and it has an SPF 30 which is great you are going to be outside for the majority of the day - beach/festival/holiday.
 I will definitely be taking this to Florida with me but I don't think I'll be able to wear it for that long as once I have a tan it will be way too light.

I do have one problem with this product and that is the price. This retails at £45 which for what it is, I would say is alot. I think £20 would be sufficient!
You can see this beauty here on Rodial's website! I'm really intrigued now to try some more products from this brand - I've heard such amazing things about their skincare and a certain boob cream which sounds awesome, so keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure they'll be more reviews coming your way soon! 
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  1. Thus looks great- I am trying to use foundation a lot less as the hot weather and summer continues xxx

  2. I'm always trying to wear tinted moisturisers in the Summer. It sounds lovely, although my skin is probably more towards the oily side so I don't think it'd work too well on me which is a shame!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  3. Wow that looks really good!
    The coverage looks amazing!
    xo Holly xo



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