Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Recreate Yourself : Wonderland Wigs Krysten Wig

Wonderland Wigs are a fabulous brand that I have had a great relationship with for months - their products have always been such a great quality and the girls there are so lovely it makes me love the brand even more!

Recently the girls challenged me to recreate myself with a wig and accessorise it to the max! With it being Festival season headwear is a must and being at a Festival you can literally get away with anything - that's what I love about them - anything goes!
Wigs are a fab idea for a festivals, although they can get hot you can have a totally different look everyday AND not have to worry about styling your hair each morning - which, when you've been sleeping in a tent all night isn't the most glamorous/easiest of things!

So once my snazzy wig had arrive I started out on a mission to find some cool headwear that I had in my flat to recreate it and give me a completely different look each time! It was so much fun!
This is the Krysten wig* - so strange having a fringe again! I always think they make my face look fatter/rounder... hmmm thought?!
 I just popped my hair into a low bun flat against my head and fitted the wig on over it - literally a 10 second job, so easy and really secure!
What do you think - what's your favourite accessory? 
I have so much fun changing my hair and this is so quick and easy - and super fun!

Are you going to any Festivals this year?
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  1. how fun! I kind of wanna buy color extensions for the summer, this would be fun too!

  2. Looks great with the flower crowns! I love wigs - I just bought some shitty $1 ones off eBay and although they may not look natural AT ALL, they are still really fun to wear. I cut my hair super short recently so wigs are easy to just pop onto my head. PS - you really suit a fringe!

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

  3. Haha you are so cute! I love this post-so creative! I especially like that flower crown.


    PorcelainShree | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Such a fun post, having a wig or any kind of dress up prop is fun at a festivals, I love finding random things to take round with me, but I like the idea of fuss free hair in the mornings. KBxx

  5. I've never tried a wig on before, but I reckon it would be fun!
    alicekatex ♥


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