Friday, 25 July 2014

POTW #24 : Flamingo Candles Macaroon & Almond High Tea Classic Jar

I'm all about smells. Give me a good smelling product or thing and I'm sold. So of course I'm a crazy woman when it comes to candles! I love love love them!
Recently the lovely people at Flamingo Candles (cute name alert!) asked if I wanted to try out one of their new High Tea candles - a celebration of the great British teatime tradition. (who doesn't love teatime?!)
 So this just HAS to be my POTW as I have been burning it constantly! 
Quick note - my lighting inside is so rubbish hence the reason why the photos are taken outside .... I don't usually randomly burn candles outside! (obviously)!
Flamingo Candles are handmade, organic candles made with natural cotton wicks and soybeans and are all hand-poured. Snazzy huh?! I like knowing how the candles have been made - seeing this it feels like alot of love goes into making every individual candle.
First, lets talk about this packaging - SO cute. I love the 3D flamingo and the gorgeous 'shabby chic' colouring. It's a total blogger perfect candle visually don't you think?

The scent I have is Macaroon & Almond and it is a beaut! If you like the smell of marzipan then THIS is for you. Luckily for me I love it, it reminds me of Christmas cake - yummy. I could eat marzipan by the strip... am I a freak?
It is really sugary and with hints of cherry and coconut it is perfect for the summer - this has been making my flat smell beautiful!
Now this isn't the strongest smelling candle I've had when it's burning , it does take a while before the scent starts to linger around unlike a couple of other candles I have which give out a fab smell in just a couple of minutes.

It might look small but it has a burning time of 50 hours! I am officially hooked on the unqiue scents and cute packaging and cannot wait for payday, as these candles are only £12 I think Flamingo Candles is going to be getting a visit from a certain blonde blogger *cough*me*cough*!
My current wishlist : Lemon Curd, Green Tea & Lemon, Cheesecake Crunch, Pink Lemonade, Pear Drops & Coconut Lemongrass (not alot then?) 

Have you tried any candles from FC yet? Let me know your favourites or scents you would love to try out!
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  1. YUM. I know that you aren't supposed to eat candles but YUM all the same. I've never heard of Flamingo Candles, which is odd, being the candle hoarder that I am, but I am definitely going to check them out!

    Kirsten |

  2. That sounds like my perfect candle! I love the smell of marzipan (I have been known to get marzipan for christmas) so this would be amazing! And I love that all the candles are hand poured, just makes them seem that little bit more special x

  3. This candle sounds gorgeous!!
    I am such a candle addict I have so many but they make me feel so calm that I can't stop getting them! hehe!
    xo Holly xo


  4. I have always thought how pretty the jars are and I bet it smells amazing xxx

  5. They're so pretty! *-* I love everything that smells like Christmas and I love candles, so I think I will surrender

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  6. These look so so good, need to get my hands on it <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  7. Wow how lovely. I am sure it smells great but the best part of this is the packaging! This is super sweet and is a great gift idea.

    Emma Louise xx

  8. I've never heard of Flamingo Candles before, but I'm starting to really get into scented candles and that one sounds yummy!

    Jenny x

  9. I like totally and agree. And I think that in order to be comfortable with your style is to wear it more often. So wear your style to the lab on days that you don't have to do anything bloody, muddy or otherwise gross! Get Wholesale Unscented Pillar Candles


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