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Karora Cosmetics Skin Sensation CC Cream For Face & Body Review

I'm definitely more of a CC cream girl than a BB cream girl - I don't think I have actually ever even bought a BB cream! This is mainly because I like more of a full coverage base, but when CC creams came out they intruiged me with the promise of banishing redness aswell as evrything else so I've bought my fair share over the last year to try.

  Something I had yet to try until now is 1. a 'one shade fits all' CC cream and 2. a CC cream that is made for both face and body - and that is exactly what this product from Karora is!
Karora is a brand I hadn't really heard of until a couple of months ago where reviews seemed to be popping up everywhere featuring their tans and creams! So when they asked if I wanted to give their CC cream for face and body a go I thought... why not!

I like CC creams for this time of year especially as they do feel a bit lighter on the skin while still giving a fairly good coverage!
Karora Cosmetics Skin Sensation CC Cream For Face & Body*
The bottle is alot bigger than your regular cc cream/foundation - it is 100ml and comes in a lovely purple tube. It's obviously bigger because this stuff is for your face and your body!
The product comes out a slight grey colour but adjusts to a skin tone once it you starts to blend it.
The texture is nice and creamy and with a buffing brush blends in easily.  With ingredients such as green tea leaf extract and argan oil this cream provides serious hydration for your skin and leaves it feeling smooth.
I have one slight problem I have with this cream is the scent. It smells a bit funky to me, a bit of a fishy tint - which kind of lets it down for me, especially if you're wearing it on your face (near your nose!)
The colour is slightly too dark for my face at the moment but will be fab once I have a bit of a tan, so I'm sure this will be joining me in Florida!
 As for using on your body this stuff is fab for helping to blend in any imperfections or marks on the skin and give you an even complexion, good for things like hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

Karora's Skin Sensation CC Cream is priced at £20.99 and with there not being many products like this around and the size of the bottle you get, for me it is a suitable price range.

UPDATE : Since writing this post Karora have approached me and revealed they have produced a new formula for this particular product in which they have improved the smell, so I will hopefully be trying that beauty out soon.... stay tuned.......

Have any of you tried this out yet? I would love to know if you found the smell a bit off too? Or is it just mine?
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  1. Eww fishy! I'm allergic to fish so that's put me off it completely then. I'm yet to find any one shade for all that suits me. I'm not convinced by them. I do like the tube though. It would look fab in my bathroom!


  2. The scent sounds horrendous, hopefully the new version is a bit better! I love your outdoor photography, the pictures look lovely! x

    lillies and lipbalm

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