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How To Be A Blogger : My Tips, Tricks & Advice

After seeing Jim Chapman's recent video called 'how to be a Youtuber' this seemed like a fun thing to do! I was going to do this as a video but my Flip camera has decided to die so I shall be writing it out instead .... which, seeing as this is about blogs kind of makes sense doesn't it?

 Over the last few months I've been getting more and more e-mails for girls wanting advice on blogging or who have a few questions about blog related things - literally anything from giveaways to how to increase your views! 
I'm shocked and overwhelemed everytime someone comes to little old me for advice or with a query as I've only been doing this for just over a year and am noway any form of 'expert' in the subject. All I know if what I've seen/done/realised/taught myself over the past 14 months and I'm going to share all those things with you now!
These things may be obvious to you or they may not even interest you but this is what I've found to have helped me so far in this little journey!

So get a cup of tea, some comfy clothes on and settle down because this could be a long one... you've been warned!

Taking The Plunge & Getting Started
Anyone can be a blogger - if you have a blog and create content for it - you are a blogger.
1. The Right Reasons
You want to start a blog because you love reading other blogs and you have a passion for a certain subject and want to share that passion and your knowledge of it with others as a fun hobby, then GO FOR IT! But..... if you want to start a blog because you want to get free stuff and make money - stop now, it doesn't work like that. You've got to have a passion and drive about what you are writing about, if you are there for the wrong reasons it's transparent, it will be seen.

2. Picking That All Important Name
This is the tricky bit. You've got to think of this one username that's going to stand out, not confuse anyone and be original.
I think everyone goes through the stage of wondering weather they've picked the right name for their blog and I've seen a fair few change in the past year or so. I always have moments of doubt - should I change it? Is it okay? But for me I feel it's too late now to change it now and I've grown to like it!
Here's a few tips to help you create that awesome new blogname...
  • Pick Something Easy : No-one is going to remember 'babygirl27lovesmakeupforlife446539' are they? It's too hard to remember and too long for people to care about or type. Have something that's easy to read, especially when it's written all as one word and easy to remember! (People get mine wrong alot which is frustrating - you don't want that!)
  •  Google : Thought of a few ideas? Google them, see if there is anything similar already taken, if so try something else!
  • Be Original : You want to stand out right? So don't copy someone else or have something super similar - there's no point calling yourself PollyBowBow or SprinkleOfSparkle! You want to be a first rate version of yourself not a second rate version of someone else.
  • Commit : Once you've picked your name, commit to it - learn to love it - you're going to be typing it alot!
Content & Aesthetics 
I think I'll probably just be echoing alot of other people's thoughts here when it comes to what readers re looking for when they click on a blog to read.

1. Photography & Pictures
Now firs off - you don't need a big flash DSLR to create great pictures for your blog! As long as you have a camera and some decent lighting you can make it work! Just make sure they are clear and big, small, dimley lit photos are a big turn off for people and it only takes a spilt second for someone to decent weather to stay and read on or not - make sure they want to stay!

2. Font
Pick something readable , tiny fonts and funky calligraphy writing will put people off staright away aswell as bright colours/hard to read colours! Alot of people I've spoke to said that simple dark font on a white background is what they want to see as it is easy to read and clear.

3. Layout
Simply laid out blogs are usually the most popular. Lots of pop-ups and different places to click with multiple pictures and colours can put people off. Make sure each section is clear and it isn't too over-crowded for the reader. Just think of what you like to see and what you enjoy and don't enjoy when looking at blogs! 

4. Writing
Everyone is different! Just because someone writes a certain way doesn't mean you have to fit that mold and write that way. Everyone has their own style and you'll develop it over time, you'll tweek and edit til' your blue in the face but if you know what you want to say you'll get it out! Just make it easy to read and well structured! 

5. Content 
Just because everyone else has gone out and bought every single one of the baby lips collection doesn't mean you have too! Buy/blog about things that really do interest and excite you not just because you think it's what everyone wants to see and will get you more views from it. If you really like something and want to share it that will shine through in your posts, if it's not genuine that can also be noticed!
DO NOT steal/use other bloggers content - writing, photos, anything - you will be found out an it's just not cool! 

6. Honesty
Bloggers nowadays are relied on alot for decent and honest reviews and opinions on a range of different products. I always go to bloggers first when it comes to trying out something new or wanting recommendations. Being honest is a key ingredient for your blog. I'd say it's the number one rule when it comes to blogging - there is no point writing something if you don't mean it. Saying something is amazing when it isn't won't do you any favours, just say how you feel, everyone has the right to express their opinion right?

7. How Often Should I Post?
That is totally down to you and your lifestyle. I post more or less everyday and that has become my routine but I'm well aware this isn't doable for everyone and there is alot of the time where I do struggle. Don't put pressure on yourself, this is meant to be fun - don't turn it into something else! As long as your posting as least once per week you should keep people interested.

Organisation Is Key
I got asked this one alot on twitter - how to keep organised - so these are the few things that I have found really helpful to keep my blog going!

1. Keep a Notebook
Write down every single little idea you have! Weather it's just a product you've bought and want to write about or a fun idea for a new series of posts I find writing everything down so helpful - even on scrap bits of paper or maybe even the notepad on your phone!
2. Plan & Schedule
Having a plan each week for my posts saves my blogging life! Each week I write out Mon-Fri and what I'm going to have up for each day. It makes it so easy to know what to write next and what to prioritise when I sit down to blog each night. Scheduling posts is a must for me, on my days off I usually try and write at least 2 or 3 posts for the up coming days/week and have them all published for certain days so I don't have to worry about it! Somethings I have set days for - like my POTW posts I normally put them up on either Friday or Saturday and wishlists on Wednesday's, it helps me to have a regular timetable to keep too.

3. Do Things in Bulk 
Taking lots of photos at once is a must for me. Having all my photos ready for the upcoming week or so makes it so muhc easier when coming to write the posts themselves.

4. Get The Apps
For blogging on the go - get the apps! I use Blogger  & Bloglovin to keep my own blog upto date aswell and catching up with everyone elses!
Growing Your Baby
I'm sure alot of you have scrolled down to find this section as this is the most askd question when it comes to blogging - how do I grow and build my audience?

1. Be Active
Make sure you are keeping your blog alive, posts as much as you can without it disrupting your life too much. If people go onto your blog and see our last post was 3 weeks/a month ago they will think you aren't that interest and will probably be les likley to follow. (I know this sometimes can't be helped with work, school, exams etc so if you know you aren't going to be blogging for a little while maybe just write a little note on there and explain to help keep people upto date!)

2. Use Twitter (and every other form of social media)
In this day in age I'd say Twitter is the number one place to share your blog and promote. Tweet every post you do, even tag the companies, if any, that are mentioned to help spread the word of your blog! Use the famous #'s and RT accounts to help get your posts across to new readers! The same goes for instagram, facebook, pinterest, 

3. Join In & Interact
If you are a blogger yourself then I'm sure, like me, you are a major lover of other bloggers and their blogs! I LOVE joining in with the #bbloggers #lbloggers #fblchat etc chats on twitter! Such a fab way to chat with everyone and find new blogs to check out and read! It's also a perfect time to show your work too, get involved with everyone and share!
Also, if you read someone's post, write them a comment - it's another great way to interact! 

4. Don't Compare Yourself
I will say this once and once only - you will (unfortunatley) not turn into Zoella  or Tanya Burr in a week. "Big" blogger are 'big' for a number of reasons including time, hard work and originality! 
Something Shaycarl says has really been drilled into me and that's 'Time & Pressure" if you put both time and pressure into something eventually it will turn into what you want it to be.... that's how diamonds are made right, time and pressure?
 Just because someone else has 458967 don't feel gutted that you don't. Success doesn't come overnight, it does take hardwork and blood, sweat and tears! Okay maybe not.... along I've definitley had a few tears in the past! 
Feel blessed for the people who have already followed/subscribed/commented on your blog/twitter instead of just thinking about the people who haven't yet! It can be hard not to focus on the numbers, number of views, number of followers but try not too.

5. Be Confident & Proud
If you are happy with your posts and like what you've written adn put together then it is highly likely that someone else will too! No-one got anywhere thinking that what they've written was a bit pants, be proud to show it off and share it. 
Uninspired? : Surviving Writers Block
Now this is something I think everyone suffers from, I have a fair few times! It's hard to give advice on this as everyone is different but I'll give it a go!

1. Making Notes
Like I said before, keep that notebook, paper, phone close at all times and write down every little idea you get! You'll never know when they might come in handy!

2. Tag Posts
When I'm suck in a blogging rut I always love doing a good old tag post!
 I find these so much fun to write and they are too strenuous on the brain either so if you're not feeling in epic blogger mood you can still bust one of these out no problem! And the good things is with these theat there's always one you haven't done yet! I seriously want to do the British Tag asap!

3. Read Other Blogs & Magazines
Now I don't mean this in a "copying" type way but really other blogs can really inspire you to think of new content for your old blog! Same with magazines, you might see a great celebrity look or a gorgeous outfit you want to create! Be insprired by others!

4. Create a New Series Of Posts
A great way to have a constant flow is having a series of posts that you are constantly adding too, for instance I have the Dress Like Disney series that I love doing and each week I like to share my Product Of The Week and a wishlist of some sort! This provides you with at least one thing to do each week!

5. Share The Love
Can't think of anything to write yourself and at a total loss? Why not form a list of your favourite bloggers/youtubers to share with everyone! You'll make someone's day and there's nothing better than a bit of blogging community love! 

Coming to the end of this post I am so so glad I did a written version instead of a video version. Lots to get out and it's pribably better to have it in writing anyway!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, please let me know if you found it helpful at all! IF you have any questions write them below in the comments or feel free to email me at 
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