Monday, 14 July 2014

Botanics Ultra Calm Gentle Cleansing Cream Review

When things are on offer AND I have vouchers for them aswell it is really really hard for me to say no. 
This happened to me recently with the lovely skincare brand Botanics - which is a Boots skincare brand.
 In my opinion this is one of the most underrated skincare ranges out there, every product I've tried from them I've been super impressed with and the prices are really reasonable.

So with there being up to 1/2 price of Botanics products at the moment and me having lots of different advantage card offers/vouchers (including even more money off and a free packet of face wipes) I couldn't quite resist picking up a few new products!
The first of these I'm going to talk about is the Gentle Cleansing Cream from the Ultra Calm range.
For months now I have been just taking off my make-up with a hot cloth cleanser, whacking on a toner and sometimes my Nivea soft cream over the top. I thought it was about time I added in a cleanser too! 
I have been using this once I've removed my make-up to give my skin an extra cleanse (duh!)
I chose this one for sensitive skin as I've noticed recently alot of thick "anti-ageing" or highly fragranced creams have given me a couple of spots that I do not want on my face so I went for the safe option of the Ultra Calm range.

I was weirdly drawn to the fact that this is made with 'calming marshmallow' - this sounds nice and soothing. (and slightly yummy)
The scent is lovely, simple and fresh and reminds me slightly of suncream, which is a good thing! 
I rub gently this onto my dry skin and then remove it with a cotton pad to give my skin a proper deep cleanse after removing my make-up.
 I wouldn't use this to remove my make-up alone as I don't think it would do the job properly for me - I'm so used to using hot cloth cleansers that other products never seem to work as well!

My skin has felt refreshed, clean and comforted and I'm really glad I picked this up, another great product from Botanics and I'm looking forward to try out the rest of the ones I picked up!
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  1. great post ,really like it:)
    keep in touch xoxo

  2. Oooh I've been looking for a budget cleanser to add to my collection, this sounds fabulous and just what I'm looking for. Thanks for the review lovely!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  3. Great review, this sounds lovely x


  4. I need to get some products for me as well, because I'm struggling a lot with my skin, specially for being too sensitive it gets redness pretty quick if I use something too aggressive

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  5. Ooo I will have to check this out when I am next in boots x

  6. Thanks for the review, I think I'm going to try this!

    Holly in Your Pocket xx

  7. I love this too, great product xx Bean's Beauty Blog


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