Thursday, 31 July 2014

Video : HUGE Fashion Haul - Primark, ASOS, New Look & More.....

I'm back in the Youtube game ladies and gents!
 I've been picking up a few bits for my holiday and in the summer sales so thought it was about time I shared them all with you beauties! 
There's stuff from Primark, ASOS Sale, New Look and some other exciting little bits (like a special new beach towel!) - let me know what you think!

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Karora Cosmetics Skin Sensation CC Cream For Face & Body Review

I'm definitely more of a CC cream girl than a BB cream girl - I don't think I have actually ever even bought a BB cream! This is mainly because I like more of a full coverage base, but when CC creams came out they intruiged me with the promise of banishing redness aswell as evrything else so I've bought my fair share over the last year to try.

  Something I had yet to try until now is 1. a 'one shade fits all' CC cream and 2. a CC cream that is made for both face and body - and that is exactly what this product from Karora is!
Karora is a brand I hadn't really heard of until a couple of months ago where reviews seemed to be popping up everywhere featuring their tans and creams! So when they asked if I wanted to give their CC cream for face and body a go I thought... why not!

I like CC creams for this time of year especially as they do feel a bit lighter on the skin while still giving a fairly good coverage!
Karora Cosmetics Skin Sensation CC Cream For Face & Body*
The bottle is alot bigger than your regular cc cream/foundation - it is 100ml and comes in a lovely purple tube. It's obviously bigger because this stuff is for your face and your body!
The product comes out a slight grey colour but adjusts to a skin tone once it you starts to blend it.
The texture is nice and creamy and with a buffing brush blends in easily.  With ingredients such as green tea leaf extract and argan oil this cream provides serious hydration for your skin and leaves it feeling smooth.
I have one slight problem I have with this cream is the scent. It smells a bit funky to me, a bit of a fishy tint - which kind of lets it down for me, especially if you're wearing it on your face (near your nose!)
The colour is slightly too dark for my face at the moment but will be fab once I have a bit of a tan, so I'm sure this will be joining me in Florida!
 As for using on your body this stuff is fab for helping to blend in any imperfections or marks on the skin and give you an even complexion, good for things like hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

Karora's Skin Sensation CC Cream is priced at £20.99 and with there not being many products like this around and the size of the bottle you get, for me it is a suitable price range.

UPDATE : Since writing this post Karora have approached me and revealed they have produced a new formula for this particular product in which they have improved the smell, so I will hopefully be trying that beauty out soon.... stay tuned.......

Have any of you tried this out yet? I would love to know if you found the smell a bit off too? Or is it just mine?
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

eBay Wishlist #19

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Kirstie's Movie Recommendations #1

I've been thinking about doing a post like this for a little while! It's not beauty or fashion related but more or less everyone loves a good movie and I'm a major movie lover and cinema addict!
I have a major passion for films and always have done since I was a kid so I thought why not share with you a few favs of mine and maybe introduce you to some new titles that you may never heard of ..... or we can just completely bond over the love certain films!
FYI.. I obviously won't be including any spoilers here and if this is a hit I'll be doing more... as my list of favourite movie's is endless!

1. Heartbreakers
A movie which I always recommend to my friends - such a fun and hilarious chick flick from 2001 about a mother and daughter con artist duo! If you love comedys and a good con artist movie you will love this! Max (Sigourney Weaver)  marries rich men and then gets her daughter Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) to seduce them somehow - catching them in the act and reaping huge divorce settlements in the process! They decided to one do one last sting and head to Palm Beach Florida in search of the richest man they can find!
I seriously love this movie - too me it never gets old! Warning : You will get serious body envy of JLH.

2. A Little Princess
One of those movies that makes me cry every.single.time. Yes this is a "kids" movie but I think anyone can enjoy this. Rich little Sara is sent from her home in India to a boarding school in New York when her Dad is called to war. When her father is pronouced missing and Sara's tutuion money stops the strict head of the school Miss. Minchin turns the tables on Sara and she is banished to live with the help.
Honestly one of my favourite movies which will makes you both beam ear to ear and cry your little eyes out, go and watch it now!

3. She's All That
A total early 00s classic, I think I watched this on repeat as a 13 year old! I loved this era of teen movie's as I'm sure if you did too if you are around my age! Zack the future prom king and total heartthrob of the school is dumped by the most popular (and bitchy) girl - Taylor Vaughn and therefore heartbroken/pissed.  Zack then bets his best friend Dean that he can take any girl and turn her into a potential prom queen, Dean chooses  Laney Boggs a totally unpopular, art freak who couldn't care less about being in the spotlight. 
I seriously love his film, I think I can probably speak it word for word...... "I wanna be like Mike."! (p.s. look out for Usher!)

4. The Help
One of my favourite movie's of all time - I feel like I could watch this and then when it finishes watch it again straight after. This best selling book is bought to life by an incredible cast of some of my favourite actress' including the awesome Emma Stone! Set in the south of the US in the 60s this book is all about the life of the upper class and their black maids aka The Help. This movie is both heartbreaking and hilarious - I don't want to say anymore about it as I just think you should go and watch it now!

5. Drop Dead Gorgeous
Lastly we've got Drop Dead Gorgeous! With a cast of faces you are bound to recognise (including Kirsten Dunst, Kirstie Alley, Brittany Murphy and Amy Adams) this movie focuses on the Mount Rose teen beauty pageant and the process the girls go through in their bid to winning and getting through to the national competition.
Filmed like a documentary this movie is hilarious and shows that some people will do anything to win, with lots of twists you probably won't be expecting this was permantly in my video player for months as a teenager!

So then..... have you seen any of these? You must have right? If not then get to Netflix, Amazon or HMV right now and have a watch! 
Please let me know if you enjoy this sort of post and I will carry on and share more of my recommendations with you - maybe even TV series and books too, what do you want to see?

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Monday, 28 July 2014

NEW Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel With Active Charcoal Facial Wash

A new product range hit the shelves in Boots recently and in true blogger style I decided to grab them and give them a go - I would be a bad blogger not too right?

Boots have had their Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range for a long while now but they've decided to add to them with these new products with a hint of active charcoal!
There is a wash, scrub and mask in the new collection but so far I've only been able to get the wash and the mask - although to be fair I have lots of scrubs to go through already!
 Today I'm going to be talking about the facial wash.
The smell of tea tree immediately takes me back to my childhood and teenage years - the shampoos, the skincare - I swear I was tea tree mad at one point! I really do like the smell because of this, I love to reminisce! 

With active charcoal this wash helps to remove impurities and excess oils which is definitely what I have been needing the moment in this weather. My skin has been feeling so grotty and greasy with all this hot and sweaty weather a good detox is what it needs whether it be morning or night.
I have been using this mostly in the mornings in the shower but some days I have been using it as an extra step after removing my make-up in the evenings to give my skin a really deep clean.

The product is black - as you may have already guessed with it being charcoal and all! It is all shiny and pretty and foams up well on the face when warm water is added!
The wash leaves my skin feeling cleansed and smooth and I also think the charcoal has helped to bring out some spots - although this sucks as my skin is normally fin it's better to get them out right? 
This has taken the place of all the other facial washes I've had stocked up to choose from in the shower and I tend to keep on using it for a long while!
I'm really looking forward to tying out the mask now, so keep an eye out on here for a review which I'm sure will be up in the next couple of weeks!
The facial wash is only £3.40 and you can find it - here.
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Nut Oil Masque Review

Okay to a quick one........... if you are getting bored about me harping on about these face masks then please let me know! it's just I've been using a different one nearly every week and want to share my thoughts with you all - duh? Why else would I buy them? .. Jokes!

Montagne Jeunesse masks are fun, unique and total bargains with something for everyone - I love sharing products on here that work really well yet are also affordable!This week I have tried the Nut Oil Masque .... intrigued? Then have a little read of below!
 First up - you may notice these 2 ingredients from a post I did quite recently! Yes the new Lee Stafford range also uses these fab African oils too! 
Baobab and Marula oils are highly nourishing and have worked amazingly on both my hair and now my face!

The mask smells beautiful.... if you like nuts! If you aren't a nutty person then this isn't the stuff for you as you will probably hate it!
I'd say there's enough here for 2 uses or 2 people, I feel like I waste so much by only using it once on my own!

Cleansed and make-up free I put an even layer of this nutty goodness across my face and cuddled up on the sofa for a good 20 minutes.
At first my skin felt a bit tingly and I did start to worry that I was going to have some sort of reaction to it but after a few minutes this went away and I relaxed!
After about 10 minutes the mask started to set - I love this bit! It felt super tight and I could feel it working it's magic!

Relaxing time up I washed off the mask and was left with a fab glow I haven't had in a while. I've had certain glow's recently but they've been mostly a 'walking up-hill in 28degree heat' kind of unflattering glow!
Jim Carrey eat your heart out
It felt like it has really nourished my skin and had given it a good refresh - perfect for my weekly pamper!
This is definitely a mask I would repurchase and for only £1 why wouldn't I?! I still think my favourite mask so far has been the exfoliating hot spring sauna one with ginger - I'm dying to use that orange badboy again!
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Saturday, 26 July 2014

MeMeMe Flawless Concealer Review

Hello fellow beauty lovers and addicts - I'm back today with a brand spanking review - wahoooo!
 I feel like I haven't done a make-up review in so long, what a bad beauty blogger I am! But nevertheless here I am with a snazzy new concealer I've been trying out and wanted to share with you all so ......keep on reading to find out more!
MeMeMe are a brand which I had heard lots and lots about - especially for their well-known "dupes" for products like Benefit's High Beam (things like this alwasy get my attention!) so trying their products has been on my to-do list for a while!

This is the Flawless Concealer, a liquid concealer which comes in a range of 3 shades according to MeMeMe's website but my product simly to says "No.5" so I'm not too sure which one it is!
MeMeMe Flawless Concealer*
With is doe-footed applicator this lightweight and creamy product is easy to swipe on to help created a 'flawless' complexion and gt rid of all those nasty imperfections I spend my mornings groaning about.

I have been using this for about a week now and have been really really happy with it. I normally use Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint but with all this hot weather it has just seemed a bit thick and heavy on my skin and by the end of the day I have been regretting slapping it on in the mornings, espeiclly if I've used a lighter base like a CC cream.
For a lightweight cream this concealer gives great coverage. I have been using it on both my dark circles and a few blemishes and spots that have seemed to crop up on my face recently. (sun = sweat = spots, appratnly - not cool skin, not cool!)
Obviously it isn't as heavy duty as Seventeen's but for the current climate I have been enjoying using this alot more!

This is actually only £6.50 (see here) which I was pleasantly surprised about as I thought it would be a bit more than that!
I'm looking forward to trying out more from this brand - so keep your eyes peeled as MeMeMe are bound to be making another appearance on A Yellow Brick Blog! 
Any of you guys tried anything out anything from them before?
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Friday, 25 July 2014

POTW #24 : Flamingo Candles Macaroon & Almond High Tea Classic Jar

I'm all about smells. Give me a good smelling product or thing and I'm sold. So of course I'm a crazy woman when it comes to candles! I love love love them!
Recently the lovely people at Flamingo Candles (cute name alert!) asked if I wanted to try out one of their new High Tea candles - a celebration of the great British teatime tradition. (who doesn't love teatime?!)
 So this just HAS to be my POTW as I have been burning it constantly! 
Quick note - my lighting inside is so rubbish hence the reason why the photos are taken outside .... I don't usually randomly burn candles outside! (obviously)!
Flamingo Candles are handmade, organic candles made with natural cotton wicks and soybeans and are all hand-poured. Snazzy huh?! I like knowing how the candles have been made - seeing this it feels like alot of love goes into making every individual candle.
First, lets talk about this packaging - SO cute. I love the 3D flamingo and the gorgeous 'shabby chic' colouring. It's a total blogger perfect candle visually don't you think?

The scent I have is Macaroon & Almond and it is a beaut! If you like the smell of marzipan then THIS is for you. Luckily for me I love it, it reminds me of Christmas cake - yummy. I could eat marzipan by the strip... am I a freak?
It is really sugary and with hints of cherry and coconut it is perfect for the summer - this has been making my flat smell beautiful!
Now this isn't the strongest smelling candle I've had when it's burning , it does take a while before the scent starts to linger around unlike a couple of other candles I have which give out a fab smell in just a couple of minutes.

It might look small but it has a burning time of 50 hours! I am officially hooked on the unqiue scents and cute packaging and cannot wait for payday, as these candles are only £12 I think Flamingo Candles is going to be getting a visit from a certain blonde blogger *cough*me*cough*!
My current wishlist : Lemon Curd, Green Tea & Lemon, Cheesecake Crunch, Pink Lemonade, Pear Drops & Coconut Lemongrass (not alot then?) 

Have you tried any candles from FC yet? Let me know your favourites or scents you would love to try out!
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ruby Slippers : July

It's July and it's time to talk about those special people who are living in my snazzy sidebar this month!
 Yes if you scroll down and look to the right you will notice a few lovely blog buttons sat there all pretty and blog-like! These are 3 fab ladies so of course it was necessary to feature them in a post for you all to show their awesomeness..... Introducing .........

Hi! My name is Michelle, I started Thou Shalt Not Covet as a blog dedicated to my obsession with beautiful things, it has gradually evolved to focus on fashion, beauty, and jewellery, product reviews and features, nail art, wedding plans and lifestyle updates - a bit of everything really! Please feel free to come and say hi!

Michelle's Product Of The Month : Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster Serum

 Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm an 18 year old beauty junkie and Forensics Student from Scotland. I started my blog as a way for me to share my love for make-up, skin care -  and even fashion - with people, as my friends and family were fed up with me constantly talking about it. Those Stars That Shine has become one of my only creative outlets and I don't plan on giving it up any time soon. 
My blog has been around since June 2012, but unfortunately I neglected it. I now post quite regularly with two to three posts a week. On my blog you can find lots of beauty reviews, the odd OOTD and occasionally a a little bit of lifestyle.  If there are any posts you'd like to see I would be thrilled to hear your ideas. 
I love talking to other bloggers and in general meeting new people, so please feel free to come on over and say hey.

Sarah's Product Of The Month : Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hi, I'm Frankie and I blog over at Fashion Dough. 
I am a Law graduate with a love of fashion. I love to shop, read and spend far too many hours on Pinterest drooling over street fashion inspo. Oh, and I also love coffee and doughnuts a worrying amount. I'm not keen on the gym, but I do love to dance.  
I decided to create my own personal style blog so I can hopefully provide inspiration for others, and as somewhere to share my thoughts on everything from current trends, celebrity fashion to catwalk shows. You are also likely to find a smattering of food, travel and beauty post throughout my blog too!
Frankie's Product Of The Month : Barry M's Gelly Nail Polish in shades Pomegranate & Coconut.

Want to be a Ruby Slipper and come and hang out on A Yellow Brick Blog for a month? All the info is - here.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

eBay Wishlist #18

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Recently the lovely Megan form Thumbelina Lillie asked/challenged/tagged me to join in with her amazing new blogging project - #ProjectBareAll.
 I'm very lucky to talk to so many lovely bloggers on a regular basis (total babes) I always feel so inspired by them and love the sense of community that us "beauty bloggers" have and this post is something that really struck a cord with me personally and something that I think everyone should join in with!

#ProjectBareAll is simple - it is all about having confidence without that safety blanket we call make-up. 
I, for one, am guilty of wearing make-up near enough all the time and I treasure those days where I feel I don't have to apply it!
Don't get me wrong I love love love make-up.... a little too much really but it has become the norm for me and I do not feel myself or confident enough to go about my daily life without it.

We all have our hang-ups mine range from my small eyes to my sparse eyebrows to my awkwardly shaped nose and don't even get me started on the dark bags under my eyes! But with make-up I feel like I can make myself feel slightly better about those little hiccups on my face. 
I've worn a full face of make-up probably since starting high school, which is actually 10 years ago now and for me now the thought of going out or to work with no make-up on is... well.... bloomin' scary!

I think the main thing for me is how different I think (do) I look without it, I've taken a few make-up free pictures in the past and have always had comments come my way from people I know fairly well saying things like "it looked nothing like you" or "you look so different without make-up" - this I obviously took as a bad thing and so it is rare that you will see a make-up free photo of me, well until now!

After reading Megan's fab and honest post I was inspired to join in her journey of becoming more confident without make-up. I'm not saying I'm going to rock up to work tomorrow footloose and make-up free but I need to learn to how to feel good in the skin I'm in and worry less about what others think of me and my face. (In reality, who actually cares?!)
So there it is, my #ProjectBareAll bare face (and arms apparently). The list of things I've picked up on looking at this photo is endless but this project is all about confidence and I need to find mine so this post is going up and I am going to make myself feel good about it!

 I urge you all to go and read Megan's post (and follow her amazing blog - it is one of my favs!) and join in yourself whether it be on your blog, Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook - just use the hashtag #projectbareall and rock that bare faced look!
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Monday, 21 July 2014

Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

I told you there would be more Botanics reviews coming your way - and I wasn't lying!
 I've delved into the world of cleansing balms this week after wanting to try one out for months!
I've seen so many blog posts on different cleansing balms and oils and as I'm currently trying to try more out in the way of skincare I thought this hot cloth cleansing balm from Botanics was a great place to start.
For years I've used Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish to remove my make-up and cleanse my face and up until recently it had become a bit of a safety blanket.
 I wouldn't give anything else a go as I didn't think it would live up to my high standards, until a couple of months ago when I was running low on both c&p and funds ("help me, I'm poor") so decided to try out No7's version and loved it!

Anyway I've digressed a bit there..... this is a new type of product for me, I've never used such a thing as a cleansing balm.
To be honest when I opened it up I was a little surprised, for some reason I was expecting a cream or white sort of product but instead I was faced with a hard yellowy balm - why I didn't think it would be balm-like when it's called a balm, I will never know! (duh!)

This stuff smells amazing - it is 97% organic and I really think you can tell that in the scent. It does remind me slightly of Liz Earle products actually and I love it! Super soothing and calming which is definitely what you want at the end of a long, hard day!
Once you pop your hand into the product and apply some heat/movement it melts straight away giving you a fantastic cleanser.

Rubbing onto dry skin it stuff doesn't take long to lift all my make-up and with a quick swipe of the warm damp muslin cloth my face is clear and make-up free (such a good feeling..... along with the removal of my bra!)
The only problem I've had is it making my vision a little blurry after use, although it's probably my fault for putting too much around my eyes to remove the layers and layers of mascara I stupidly use!

This stuff is a Boots product so you can buy it in Boots and Boots only! It has taken the place of the hot cloth cleansers in my life for now and I am so happy I gave it a go!

Do you recommend any cleansers?
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