Thursday, 19 June 2014

10 Random Facts About Kirstie : YouTube

Oh dear... I finally went and did it! 
I have officially uploaded a proper video onto youtube.... social suicide or fun new hobby?

I thought to start with I'd just do a quick - 10 Random Facts (and they are seriously random!) 
This is totally terrifying to me and I do feel like a bit of a plonker BUT... yolo (yes I did just say yolo!)
 Please let me know what you think (Good or bad... just be honest ... but not mean) and maybe I'll do another. 
This could just all fall flat on it's face and I'm totally prepared for that but if you guys like then I'll make another video very soon! 

If you do like the video it would mean the world to me if you hit subscribe :)


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  2. Great first video sweetie. YouTube is a scary place! I've subscribed - think im ur 1st! YEAY. Look forward to more v soon
    Sara xoxo

  3. Lovely first video! Love your blog especially your ebay lists - if you buy anything from your lists you could do a haul/review sometime!

    Keep it up.

  4. So exciting, i just started making Youtube videos too, i shall subscribe to you now, my channel is Frankie Boo if you want to sub to me too :)

    Frankie Boo Blog

  5. How exciting, well done! I think your first video is great! x


  6. Congrats :) Can't wait to see more! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Loved eatching this video, you should definately do more :)

    Love Emma xx

  8. As you said you had a fear of Snakes, I honestly thought you said a fear of Steaks, was quite confused for a few seconds there! Great first video :D xx

  9. Really nice video, I am looking forward to the next ones!

  10. Yay well done you! You didn't seem nervous at all, I think you're a natural. :) Subscribed!

  11. nice to see and hear you :-) xx

  12. Aww I loved this video and I really can't wait to see more :D
    Counter Pretty


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