Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Face B4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash & Serum Review

It's time for another review here on A Yellow Brick Blog and today it is a skincare one! So grab a cup of tea, coffee, squash and get comfy!
I have always been fairly lucky with my skin. Never had a bad case of spots and only ever rarely getting one or two obvious ones dotted around my face and bumps/pimples down the side of my face.
Saying this about 4 weeks ago I noticed a small outbreak on my forehead, especially around my hairline - also the rough 'bumps' down each side of my face looking worse than usual! So I couldn't believe my luck when these 2 products came into my life.
Face B4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash & Serum*
Face B4 is an anti-bacterial regime of daily skincare aiming to reduce skin conditions and help maintain healthy looking, clear skin.
These 2 had my attention from the start - something to help reduce blemishes and redness was definitely what I needed so I jumped straight in and starting using them!
First up, the daily cleansing foam wash. This is a combined cleanser and toner with a dual pump-action nozzle which is super easy to dispense!
I love this idea, no more step after step after step - this is a quick and easy foam you apply to damp skin, massage in and then wash off 60seconds later - simples!
I have been using this every evening after removing my make-up with a hot cloth cleanser. It does say to use this morning and evening but for me it's just been an evening routine as I have other products I use in the shower each morning.
 It is really gentle and pretty much scentless, it's really soft and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.
Next up is 2 of the FaceB4 regime the anti-bacterial after cleasning serum. 
Now I really need to get this off my chest before I start.... I HATE the smell of this stuff - it is rank.
I had to just get that out, because it's the only downfall to these two!

The serum is to be applied to dry skin after the foam wash. I've found 2 pumps is about right to cover my whole face, I pump it onto my fingertips and gently massage it all over until it's been absorbed!
I then follow up with my Nivea soft cream and head to bed!

I've been using this for a few weeks and have been really pleased with the results. The few spots I had on my forehead actually went down in just a couple of days and seemed to have been kept at bay!
Bit gutted you can't tell much of a difference in each of my crappy photos because in real life when I look in the mirror I see such a difference! 

The redness of my skin has changed drastically and this is what I've been most happy with. My skin DOES looks clearer and Face B4 has given me a nice natural glow which makes me look healthier and definitely more 'awake'.
If you're having problems with redness and blemishes I'd give this a go, it's so easy and will probably work even better if used both morning and night (which is what I'm going to try now!)
You can find this duo both online at their official site here or at Superdrug/Boots. The foam cleanser is priced at £14.95 and the serum £9.99.
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  1. Kirstie, I see a HUGE difference in the before and afters! I have a lot of redness in my skin tone and I've been looking for something to even it out. I will definitely give this a try. xoxo

  2. This sounds like such a good product!! You can definitely see the results in your before and after pics!



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