Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ruby Slipper Advertiser : May

So there is something a little different on AYBB this month.... and no I'm not talking about the total make-over it's had... did you notice that?!
 I'm talking about the fab new advertister feature!
Upto 5 bloggers can now grab a spot on A Yellow Brick Blog every month and be a snazzy Ruby Slipper! Want to know more - all the info you need is here.

This month say a massive warm hello to my first ever Ruby Slipper ... the gorgeous Lori from Lori's Lookbook!
Hey Folks! My name is Lori, a little Scottish lass and I run the little corner of the web that is Here you can find beauty reviews, fashion posts and general every day musings! You can find new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, if you love all of the above then be sure to pop by and say hi! - that rhyming was unintentional! Lori x
My Must Have Product Of The Month
The product I have been ranting and raving about this month has got to be Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask. It has been taking my ridiculously dry and dehydrated skin (who knows where that's came from) and transforming it into a much brighter and fuller complexion! What's not to love? 
It's incredibly hard not to smother this all over my face with it gorgeous apricot and avocado scents. Pop this on around twenty minutes before you head to bed and let it sink into your skin overnight, when you wake your skin will be feeling more plump and refreshed. Full review of this coming soon, but trust me guys, this one will not disappoint!
All photo's from Lori's Lookbook
Can also come find me; 

So get your butt's over to Lori's little web space right now and be polite and say hello, I am so obsessed with her photos at the moment and all her beautiful products.... my wishlist is slowly growing even bigger because of some of her posts!


  1. The 'Ruby Slipper' name is super cute! How creative of you! I'm off to check out Lori's blog now!


  2. Such a nice post! Going to look at her blog now!!xx


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