Friday, 30 May 2014

POTW #16 : Make-Up Revolution Amazing Sheer Lipgloss Tube - Baby Try

It's Friday which means it's product of the week time - and this week it's all about lips,lips,lips and it's another product from that snazzy new company Make-Up Revolution!
All the products I have tried from them so far I have been so impressed with and they are slowly making their way into my make-up routine everyday in some shape or form!
This is the Amazing Sheer Lipgloss in shade Baby Try* (cute name)
This is a product that I have surprised myself with, I normally hate these sorts of lipgloss. I have never been a fan of "tube" type glosses - I just never liked how sticky they felt and I thought the application process was a bit pants and that you didn't get much in the tube!
But.... I take it all back! 

This stuff is lovely, totally non-sticky (compared to other tubes I've tried in the past), a fabulous pigmented bright colour which glides on super easy.
I have been wearing this non-stop, I love the bright bubblegum barbie shade - I'm such a sucker for things PINK and shiny!
Want to know the best part? This little beaut is only £1! Yup, I am serious, just 100 pennies for this gorgeous lipgloss - totes affordable and amazing quality for the price!
I'm obsessed with this brand!

Have you tried anything from MUR yet? What are your fav products?


  1. Stunning colour. And a POUND?? Seriously?! All over this. xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  2. Such a pretty colour! x

  3. This sounds amazing! nice colour too!

  4. this looks gorgeous on you :)
    and only £1.00 - bargain!

  5. This is gorgeous on you!


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