Friday, 16 May 2014

POTW #15 : A Beautiful Mess Photo Editing App

Something a little different from my usual POTW's this week - an app!
I have an iPhone and to be honest I rarely download new apps.... I'm just happy with the ones I have okay?!  But..... recently I decided to have a browse of some photo editing apps and stumbled across "A Beautiful Mess".
I've been loving this app there are lots boarders, filters, 'doodles' and lovely fonts to add captions to your pictures!
I think it was about 69p.... it's not like me to pay for an app but I think it's worth it! So fun fun creating new pictures with cute little edits!
Here's a few pictures I've made using the app!
Have any of you got this app? Any other cool photos apps I need in my life?!?!
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  1. I love apps like these they are so cute and I love putting little 'stickers' on my photos haha xxx

  2. Those images look great! I will definitely look into that app as well :)

  3. Product of the Week?! Love it! Such a great idea!

    -A | Mirror, Mirror

  4. Afterlight is another great photo editing app :)

  5. DoodleSnap by Wonder Forest is a pretty similar app to this and it's free :) I love it! xx

    Katy |

  6. So worth paying for. Love your photos, they look so cute with an added extra something!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  7. I've had this for about a year, couldn't fault it!

    Hannah Rose// Blog

  8. I have ABM too and love the little phrases, there is also VSCO and Design the second one is having constant updates which is great :D

  9. ABM is amazing, it's designed by bloggers! :)

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