Friday, 9 May 2014

POTW #14 : Palmer's Shea Butter Formula Concentrated Cream

Product of the week time!
I am soooo guilty of over-using anti-bac hand gel and recently it has been having a right old affect on my poor old hands!
Yup, dry patches have started to appear, which is a totally new thing for me - I've never had this problem before, so I am blaming me and my addicted hand-gel ways!
I thought maybe it was time I upped my hand cream game and went for something a bit stronger than hand food and my standard Nivea creams.
This was on offer in Superdrug and I'm a huge fan of Palmer's and their products and as it said 'for extra dry skin' I thought why not give it a go! (No harm in trying things out right? Especially when they are just over £1!)
This has had such a great affect on my dry hands! The patches are completely gone and they feel so soft! Time to try this stuff on my dry legs and feet too!
The only thing I'm not too sure about is the scent... it's strange but bearable!

Have any of you guys tried this out before? If your struggle with dry patches I highly recommend this stuff!


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  1. I love Palmer's products! I used the Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream after my pregnancy and loved it! Their Cocoa Butter lotion is great too, if you haven't tried it!


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