Sunday, 11 May 2014

Blistex Lip Brilliance Review

That 'thing' with me and lip products is getting a little out of control.
I'm a sucker for them all - lipstick, lipgloss, lip crayons, lip balms .... you name it, I'll buy it - I couldn't even tell you how many I own!

I have a new one to talk about today and it's a bargain drugstore lip balm.
Blistex Lip Brilliance*
Lip balms are great for keeping lips hydrated and soft! There is nothing worse than chapped, flaky, dry lips - literally my pet peeve in life and the ever-changing weather seems to be a cause of that for me!
This Blistex Lip Brilliance* is in the shade Blushing and has a lovely pink shimmer tint to it (extra thumbs up for that!) which makes it even more likeable for me! Some lipbalms are so boring - this comes out a lovely soft sheer rose colour.
This is the key for having soft lips for me at the moment, with Vitamin E (a personal fav ingredient of mine) this stuff makes my lips silky-soft and smooth 24/7.

Not only that but because of the Hyaluronic filing spheres the Lip Brilliance boosts your lips so they look naturally full and therefore... fabulous - duh. 
Plus it has a slight strawberry scent to it which is lovely.
For only £2.61 in Boots this is a bloomin' barry bargain!
 I have had this in my bag constantly, it is perfect if you want something really subtle - maybe for work, school or even if you just want to keep your lips in good condition at home... this is great. 

A product which keeps your lips looking full and feeling soft with a great shimmer for less than £3 - a perfect addition to any make-up loving girls summer collection.



  1. Also a sucker for lip products! I have so man lipsticks and lip balms. It's insane. Tried this product before and I really liked it, although my favourite is my cherry chapstick :)

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I'm definitely addicted to buying them! X

  2. I have been through so many of these! I always try different ones but end up coming back to this :)

    1. It's so lovely isn't it and love the scent! X

  3. I'm addicted to lip products as well! This lip balm looks lovely, might just have to purchase this one :) xxx

  4. love blistex products they work a treat! check out my latest blog post - daily essentials!

  5. These look lovely! I love a balm with a tint of colour!
    Ellie x

  6. I do love a good tinted lip balm, I'm like you - you can never have enough!! :)
    Fab post hun - enjoy the sunshine!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  7. This looks so lovely. I have farrr to many lip balms, but I really need this now lol. Thanks Kirstie!!!

    Kate | raspberrycheeks

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