Saturday, 31 May 2014

Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour : OOTD & Concert

If you follow any form of my social media or have heard from me in the last 24 hours you will clearly know that last night (Friday 30th) I ventured up to London and went to the O2 to see the incredible Katy Perry!

Now this was the 4th time I'd seen her so of course I knew I was in for an amazing show from an amazing artist!

 Me & my friends had bought these tickets back in November when they were released so for the last 6 months we have just been doing a constant countdown to May 30th - and I can't believe it's been and gone already!
So I thought I'd share with you a few magical photos from the evening and my OOTD (because they are always fun!)
Boat journey done we headed for our train to Waterloo - as you can see ... we all love a good statement piece! We also thought we'd make some memories and jump in a photobooth before our train left!
We had Reflection Section tickets we meant we were in the pit in the middle of the stage!
Necklace : New Look
Top : New Look
Trousers : New Look
Shoes : New Look
So yeah.... it's all from New Look!
In the Reflection Section!
So there you are.... an another amazing night of my life complete thanks to Katy Hudson Perry! She really is so so talented and the amount of thought, effort and detail that goes into every second of her shows is just outstanding! 
Praying they'll be another chance for me to see the Prismatic World Tour again before it ends next year! 
Thank you Katy xxx


Friday, 30 May 2014

POTW #16 : Make-Up Revolution Amazing Sheer Lipgloss Tube - Baby Try

It's Friday which means it's product of the week time - and this week it's all about lips,lips,lips and it's another product from that snazzy new company Make-Up Revolution!
All the products I have tried from them so far I have been so impressed with and they are slowly making their way into my make-up routine everyday in some shape or form!
This is the Amazing Sheer Lipgloss in shade Baby Try* (cute name)
This is a product that I have surprised myself with, I normally hate these sorts of lipgloss. I have never been a fan of "tube" type glosses - I just never liked how sticky they felt and I thought the application process was a bit pants and that you didn't get much in the tube!
But.... I take it all back! 

This stuff is lovely, totally non-sticky (compared to other tubes I've tried in the past), a fabulous pigmented bright colour which glides on super easy.
I have been wearing this non-stop, I love the bright bubblegum barbie shade - I'm such a sucker for things PINK and shiny!
Want to know the best part? This little beaut is only £1! Yup, I am serious, just 100 pennies for this gorgeous lipgloss - totes affordable and amazing quality for the price!
I'm obsessed with this brand!

Have you tried anything from MUR yet? What are your fav products?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jurlique : Rose Collection Picks

I told you they'd be more of this brand coming your way! If you haven't seen my review of Jurlique's amazing Rose Silk Finishing Powder then click here and have a cheeky read!
This brand is a new one in my life and after falling in love with the finishing powder it wasn't long before I was hooked on these other Rose beauties from their collection.
Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum*, Rosewater Balancing Mist* & Rose Love Balm*.
First up I'm going to talk about the newest product in the rose range and that is the daily serum. 
This product comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with an easy pump action. I've found just one pump is enough to cover my whole face - I started with two pumps and it just seemed too much. 
It has the lovely floral rose scent which, like I've said before, I find so relaxing and calming.
 I have been using this every morning (I know it says morning and night but I have another night serum I use) under my Nivea Hydration primer and it gives my skin a soft feel and lovely healthy glow.
My skin has felt hydrated and thankfully less oily! This is a product I'm definitely going to carry on using throughout the summer! 
It is £40 which for me is slightly expensive for a 30ml bottle but with only using 1 pump a day I know this one bottle will last me months so it does seem totally justified.

Now onto the Rosewater Balancing Mist....
This is product that is just made for summer and hot weather! 
A light mist in a petite 50ml glass bottle. This stuff is so refreshing and fresh on the skin and really wakes you up. 
The rosewater scent is beautiful and it is perfect to spray on your face and neck/chest area when you need to a quick pick me up! 
I have been lovely using this in the evenings, especially when I get home from work as a refreshing wake up call!
This is also great if you work indoors with alot of a/c too or a prone to getting dry skin that needs hydrating! The mist is £16.50 and would also be perfect for taking on holiday!
Lastly we have the Rose lip balm! This was the product I was uneasy about trying initially,  I just wasn't sure about having the potent rose scent as a lip product!
After trying it out though it is alot more bearable than I imagined! This balm is pretty thin so just leaves a slight gloss to the lips but the real bonus is how soft it makes your lips - this is perfect for your handbag to carry round all the time - especially if your prone to dry, chapped or sore lips!

So there we go, some more beauts from Jurlique - I am now dying to try out the rest of their products, I've been on their website and my wishlist is never ending!
Have you tried anything from Jurlique? Let me know what your favourite products are!


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wishlist : eBay #11


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Argania : Original & Light Hair Oils Reviews

Recently I was strolling round Boots and noticed my favourite word on a certain price label - "clearance". Jeez I love a bit of discount or a total Barry bargain!
 These 2 products were down to just £1 each so of course without thinking they were in my hand and I headed to the till!
£1 each for a perfect handy travel sized hair oils? That's a total bargain right?
I'm a sucker for hair oils, if you've read this blog for a little while you will know this and be saying to yourself - really Kirstie? more hair crap? - but yes! I cannot refuse things for £1 it would be just plain rude!

Obviously I wasn't expecting the worlds greatest hair oil for this price but there was no harm in giving them a go - and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised!
The top thing about this product - the scent. It has a lovely vanilla smell to it, alot of other oils I've used don't really have a smell so it was so nice to use one with a nice sweet scent that I didn't mind running through my hair both day and night.
These are only 5ml so they aren't going to last months but you don't need alot at all as only a small 5p size will do to get through your mid-lengths to ends. 
Saying this the only problem with these bottles is the way you distribute the product - it's hard not to tip out too much as there isn't a pump or small hole to get the product from. So you've got to be careful when tipping it out!

The oil has left my hair feeling soft and smooth and definitely given it a pretty shine.
The 'light' version of the Argania oil hasn't been too different for me.
 I can tell in the product itself is different when looking and feeling it. It is slightly lighter in colour and feels thinner but the effect it has on my hair isn't much different to the original. 
The light oil is for people with lighter coloured hair or fine hair - so if your hair is white/blonde and really thin/fine this is the stuff for you. 
Like I said before it isn't as thick as the other oil so will be alot easier to work through thinner hair and will help avoid build up - but for me, they work just as well as each other.
The light oil also has the lovely vanilla scent, so still winning there!

These are perfect for carrying round in your handbag or if you are going away for a few nights - hair oils are a must for summer, no-one wants dry, thirsty hair! 

Have you tried either of these yet? There are more products from this range which I am now dying to try.... anyone used them?


Monday, 26 May 2014

Make-Up Revolution : Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights Review

Finally I have tried out that new bargain make-up brand on the market - Make-up Revolution! If you haven't heard of them yet then well... where on earth have you been? Gorgeous products for tiny price tags - my sort of thing!
This is the first, of what I think will be many, reviews of one of their best selling products.
 I have always been addicted to highlighting products - anything that can give me a healthy glow makes me happy.
I've been through so many highlighting products over the last few years I've lost count, powders, creams, liquids - there are so many on the market and I'm a sucker for all of them!

This one from MUR is a lovely pressed powder in a cute little compact and has the teeny price tag of just £3! (Seriously that's like cheaper than a sandwich in some places!)
There are 3 shades available in these highlighters, peach lights, pink lights & golden lights. 
Peach lights is a lovely pinky-white silver colour - does that even make sense? 
This stuff looks gorgeous both under and over foundation and just a tiny bit gives the skin a super duper sheen and pretty natural glow.
Make-Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter*
I am in love with the pattern on the product - for the price you would expect just a plain flat product plonked in a compact - but this has such a pretty style, it reminds me of a pretty seashell.
The size of the product is also amazing for the price, needing just a little sweep of it to create a gorgeous glow this compact will last months and months! I have been using this to highlight my cheek bones and brow bones and it is fab for both an everyday natural wear and any full-face look!

Make-up Revolution have some right bargains (and some amazing dupes.. there I said it!) in their collection and I have been so impressed with the products that I have tried from them so far - so keep your eyes peeled for more reviews on them coming soon!

Have you tried anything from MUR yet? What are your favouite products?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Everything You Need To Know About HD Brows & My Experience

A few weeks ago I posted HD Brows as my POTW! 
This started off a lot of conversation with lots of people asking me lots of questions and a few local girls asking where to go in our area!
So I thought why not share a whole post with you girls (and guys?) about my experience with the HD Brow process over the last year or so and give you answers to some of those many questions!
Back in 2012 me and my pals were organising a trip to that little place called Essex for my best friend's 21st. For it we wanted to go all out - this included nails, hair, tan and of course - eyebrows!
I had known I wanted to start getting HD Brows done for a while I had heard such amazing tings about them and finding out a salon in my local town was trained to do them made it clear it was meant to be!
I have now been getting my brows done in the same salon for nearly 18 months and have never looked back!
Sorry for rubbish photos - iPhone 4s camera and lightning wasn't that fab was it? 
FAQ about HD Brows
What are HD Brows?
Well HD obviously stands for High Definition. The unique and professional shaping process transforms your eyebrows and the way you look and the way you feel! HD Brow trained stylist's use a technique known as the 'one shape fits all' and create the perfect brow after assessing the client's skin tone and face shape.

What does it involve?
The procedure has a number of steps... initial consultation,  tinting, trimming waxing, threading and tweezering to give the perfect HD finish.

How long to do need to grow your eyebrows for?
For my experience I's say grow them as much as you can, the more to work with the better and easier it is to transform the shape. I grew mine for a good 6 weeks before I went the first time. They were 2 caterpillars on my forehead... it was not a good look for me but it was worth it!

How often do you need to get them done?
Since getting them done I have been able to leave longer between each session every time. The last time I went probably 4 months .... this was probably a little too long but it was still bareable! They don't grow as fast anymore which is fantastic but I do miss the tint when it fades, having them dark looks so much better.

How much does they cost?
Each session costs £25.

Does it hurt?
In my opinion, no. The only bit that makes my eyes water is the threading - but it is hardly painful.

Where can I get them done?
You should only go with someone to get HD Brows if they are registered on the HD Brows website. These people have had the official training and are the only people trained to do HD Brows properly. You can find all of these on the HD Brows website - just enter in your postcode our local stylists and stockists.
Girls if you, like me, are on the Isle Of Wight then go to Melissa at Six Hair Studio in Star Street, Ryde - she is the best!

Do HD Brows do anything else?
YES! HD Brows also have a fabulous make-up & brush range to go alongside their best selling eyebrow products.
 They have foundations, blushers, powders, palettes and more to suit every skin tone and give you a flawless, professional finish (check them out here)! 
HD Brows & Me
As you can see as time has gone on I have become more confident with a bold eyebrow and have gone darker each time. 
I started off with more of an ashey blonde shade to match my hair but overtime I decided that the darker they are the better they look and the more "HD" they look.
I would never let anyone else touch my eyebrows now and wouldn't want any other treatment.
Having HD Brows done has completely changed the way I look at my eyebrows, and even my face. Before I was very, very lazy with my eyebrows - even as a make-up lover - I didn't really pay much attention to them and just penciled them in here and there every morning.
Now I love spending time in he morning using my pencils and hd brows palette , eyebrows really do change your face!

I highly recommend getting hd brows done - especially if you are like I was and don't really pay much attention or put alot of effort into your eyebrows at the moment. 
Having someone else do them for you is just so easy and not only do they change your face but it makes applying make up SO much easier! Threading makes your skin so smooth and putting on my eyeshadow has become so much easier, the colour sit and stay so much better!

Have any of you had HD Brows done? What did you think?

Like I said before, if you are reading this and are a lucky devil like me and live on the Isle Of Dreams Wight then head down to Six Hair Studio and see Melissa!
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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ruby Slipper Advertiser : May

So there is something a little different on AYBB this month.... and no I'm not talking about the total make-over it's had... did you notice that?!
 I'm talking about the fab new advertister feature!
Upto 5 bloggers can now grab a spot on A Yellow Brick Blog every month and be a snazzy Ruby Slipper! Want to know more - all the info you need is here.

This month say a massive warm hello to my first ever Ruby Slipper ... the gorgeous Lori from Lori's Lookbook!
Hey Folks! My name is Lori, a little Scottish lass and I run the little corner of the web that is Here you can find beauty reviews, fashion posts and general every day musings! You can find new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So, if you love all of the above then be sure to pop by and say hi! - that rhyming was unintentional! Lori x
My Must Have Product Of The Month
The product I have been ranting and raving about this month has got to be Origins Drink-Up Intensive Mask. It has been taking my ridiculously dry and dehydrated skin (who knows where that's came from) and transforming it into a much brighter and fuller complexion! What's not to love? 
It's incredibly hard not to smother this all over my face with it gorgeous apricot and avocado scents. Pop this on around twenty minutes before you head to bed and let it sink into your skin overnight, when you wake your skin will be feeling more plump and refreshed. Full review of this coming soon, but trust me guys, this one will not disappoint!
All photo's from Lori's Lookbook
Can also come find me; 

So get your butt's over to Lori's little web space right now and be polite and say hello, I am so obsessed with her photos at the moment and all her beautiful products.... my wishlist is slowly growing even bigger because of some of her posts!

Friday, 23 May 2014

POTW #15 : Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder

Product of the week time once again! I find it crazy how fast every Friday seems to come round! Weeks are just flying by this year - how is it nearly June?! It will be Christmas and winter coat time again before we know it!
Sorry... I'll get back to the subject of this post and that subject being .... my Product Of The Week (duh!) which is the fabulous Rose Silk Finishing Powder from Jurlique!
Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder*
This one of a few products from this brand which have recently made their way into my life and onto my face! So bare that in mind as I'm sure you'll be seeing alot more from them on A Yellow Brick Blog in the next few weeks or so! (To get a quick load down on this brand - click here!)

This is a gorgeous loose finishing powder from Jurlique's fabulous Rose collection. I've never been one to pick out Rose as a scent for products - if it has been an option for me before it hasn't been something that I've been drawn too.
Well... I was missing out wasn't I!
First up I'll talk about the scent. Guess what - it smells like roses
Yes, it is very floral so if you aren't a fan of potent scents like that then this stuff (and particular range) definitely isn't for you.
 My opinion however is....... I love it! I find the scent so calming and it makes me feel refreshed and ready for the day when I pop it on.
I've been using this stuff every day as a last step to my make-up routine.
 I don't own to many loose powders as I find them quite messy and I find a pressed powder alot easier to work with but the packaging of this powder is great and I haven't made alot of mess at all - phew!
 For me though, I don't find a puff great for application so I give the pot a little shake to disperse some of the product out and use my big powder brush from real techniques too sweep it all over my face.

It is a very lightweight powder and you don't need alot to cover your whole face. It helps give my face a smooth finish and a has lovely soothing feel - top marks Jurlique.
 I've also noticed how much better and brighter my complexion has been throughout the day - alot more "radiant" shall we say and some usually oily patches have become less noticeable!

Even thought this is a newbie in my make-up collection it is firmly staying in my everyday make-up routine from now on! 

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wishlist : eBay #10

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Happy 1st Blog Birthday!!!

It's here! A Yellow Brick Blog's first blog birthday! A year ago today to decided to jump in and take on the blogging world properly and become one of those people known as a "blogger"
Over the past year I have had so much fun, learnt so much, spoke to the nicest people ever and generally just really enjoyed myself on this crazy blogging journey!
To me it is insane that I am sat here looking at my little spot on the internet knowing that it has nearly 1,900 followers and over 210,000 views - when on earth did this happen?! Totes baffled!

Look how much it's changed in just 365 days!
I am so so grateful for everyone who has been so supportive and lovely to me especially all the other bloggers who have been so welcoming to me - you guys rock!
I feel like I'm part of a proper community and everyday I love coming online and reading comments/tweets etc from people and I'm so proud of what I've achieved so far!
So this is just a post to say thank you, thank you, thank you for every single one of you who's read, followed, commented, tweeted, re-tweeted, liked, favourited - and well... more of less done anything to encourage me along the way!

So... roll on the next year (or ten!) and whatever it has to offer!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Another fashion post today - I'm really loving doing more posts about clothing and fashion, finally getting a bit more confidence with it all!

Today is all about the LBSD (Little Black  Swing Dress... duh!). For me black is classic and if I'm ever stuck with what to wear it normally ends up being something black - although I don't see it as depressing at all like many!
Black is a colour that you can wear all year round - obviously just accessorise it differently if the sun is shining!
This is a dress I received recently from the fabulous Mrs. Blak - this is a new website to me and I have become obsessed with browsing it's pages!
 I'm the sort of person who sometimes goes on a site... looks at the dresses and refines the search options to my size and black. This site literally only sells black clothing - perfect if you're looking for an LBD right?
With pieces from ladies such as Lydia Bright, Amy Childs, Binky and Jessica Wright aswell as their own pieces this site is great and there are prices to suit everyone - to see everything they have to offer sign up to their fun newsletter - here!
Excuse my white face.... I think the powder I used was a tad light - shame on me, I look ill!
Swing Dress : Mrs.Blak*
Necklace : New Look
Shoes : New Look (£5 in the sale - total bargain!)
Legs : Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Instant Spray Tan*

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