Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"On Wednesday's We Wear Pink"

With it being the TEN year anniversary of Mean Girls this month I thought I would do a whole post dedicated to the classic movie we love and have grown up with!
I was 14 when Mean Girls came out and of course was as obsessed with it then as I am now! Hilarious, girly and one of the quotable movies of the last 10 years for sure, Mean Girls has gone down in history as one of the best teen chick flicks of all time!

" On Wednesday's We Wear Pink " - a phrase uttered by probably all of us at some point over the last decade - so I thought to myself..... why not honour The Plastics and share a post of a few gorgeous pink items I have spotted out there on the high street at the moment!



  1. I am in pink beautiful heaven, I love gingham prints and that handbag is stunning, alongside the glasses..I just love it all! xxx

  2. Love it! Mean Girls is my all time favourite film, I was only 10 when it came out and it makes me feel a little old when I think about it haha. Love this collection you have put together too :)

    Roo xx

  3. Such a cute idea! Best film ever! =) "Four for you Glen Coco you go Glen Coco!". lol.. "Stop trying to make fetch happen" lol


  4. those shoes! x


  5. Ahhh need all of this, loving the gorgeous watch and the handbag is amazing! xo


  6. Ooo, I love everything, especially the bag.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  7. I love the nod to Mean Girls! The Kate Spade watch is so pretty!


  8. I love the skirt, it reminds me of the Grease theme.


  9. Oh my gawdddd no way is Mean Girls 10 years old - that film was my lifeeee!!
    Unfortuately I lived by the motto 'everyday we wear pink' rather than just Wednesdays back in those days haha, my entire wardrobe was a variation of rosy tones and not nearly half as stylish as your picks up there - I particularly lovee the gingham skirt <3

    Holly Mixtures

  10. Aah. I don't usually wear pink, but I'd totally make an exception for that bag and those sunglasses!

    Funky Jungle


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