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My Favourite Foundations

Foundation is something I have worn for years and years.
Since I was probably around 14/15 (holy moly that is TEN years ago) I have popped on foundation nearly everytime I've left the house. (minus those trips to the corner shop and lazy days)
I'm very lucky with my skin and have rarely had any bad cases of spots or acne but I still love the even, clear look foundation gives my face and I'm a make-up junkie so really... what do you expect?!
Over the years I have gone through bottle after bottle of the stuff and tried out more foundations than I can even think of! 
BUT I do have my favourites which I have become my holy grails and have now stuck too and hold very dearly. (please don't be discontinued!) 
I get alot of questions both online and in real life asking me what foundation I use so here are my 3 favourites which are what I wear 99.9% of the time!
Just a quick FYI..... I do like a full-coverage foundation, so if you're into more of a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream these may not be the products for you!
L'oreal True Match Foundation 
This is the foundation which made me fall in love with foundations. I have probably been using these stuff since I was about 17 or 18 (about 7 years!) and I still love it as much as when I first bought it!
 I know this is so many of your favourites too from what I've read in the #bbloggers chats on Twitter! 
It is great for everyday make-up and also heavy enough for a good old night out aswell, it has a lovely silky smooth feel and is so easy to blend in! 
Until I found the other 2 foundations featured below this was the only foundation I had used for years - mostly being too scared to try something new as I didn't think it would be as good!
I usually buy in shade N4 (although I think this is a little dark for me at the moment) - if you are just getting into foundations and want to try something I little more full coverage I highly recommend this stuff, they have a great range of shades too so hopefully there is something for everyone and it is only £9.99.
Bourjois Healthy Mix
This is a foundation that I only tried for the first time last year after seeing so much hype about it from other bloggers. (yes you girls really do influence me!)
Since trying it I haven't looked back and it has been firmly in my everyday make-up ever since!
Great coverage like the True Match foundation this stuff gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin giving you such a radiant finish - it really does live up to its 'healthy' name! This stuff has great lasting power and it is fab if, like me, you want to even out your skin tone! 
This stuff is also only £9.99 and worth every penny but doesn't have as many shades to choose from as the True Match. (With my complexion at the moment I am using the shade Vanilla
Mac Studio Sculpt 
Now for something slightly more pricey and actually a foundation I only wear for a night out or big occasion.
On my last day of my trip round America back in 2012 I was in New York doing some shopping and I decided to head to Mac to get a new face. (....of make-up!) 
Because I was so tanned for being in the sun in Florida for over 2 weeks none of my make-up matched my face anymore so I was actually using bronzer as a face powder so wanted to get a new foundation to match my amazing tan and this is what the lovely lady gave me!
Obviously I fell in love, such a perfect high coverage base in my opinion and this is a priced possession of mine. 
Since then obviously I have had to buy it in a couple of other shades (tan's don't last forever) and this is the stuff I use every time I go on a night out or if I want to have my make-up a little heavier. For me I couldn't wear this stuff daily as I think it's a little thick for me to have on everyday (espically at work, it seems pointless) .... and well, I could not afford to do that too!
This stuff is £25 for 40ml, but a little does go a long way and I am always happy to pay that when it is such a great product! The shade I use at the moment is NC25.

So there we have it, my favourite foundations! Have you used/do you use any of these? What are your favourites? It would take alot for me to change from these now I feel - they are perfect for me!



  1. I don't really have a favorite foundation, I like to try different ones!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I used too but I'm so comfortable with these now I couldn't imagine changing! X

  2. OMG healthy mix is amazing i really love it! its such a great foundation one of my favourites have to the the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

    1. Really is isn't it! So glad I gave in to the hype and tried it! X

  3. I have been looking for some new foundations to try so I will definitely have to try these out! :)
    Zoe x

    1. I highly recommend them! Can't imagine life without these 3! X

  4. Bourjois Healthy Mix & Healthy Mix Serum are my go-to foundations......they just never fail! I'm also quite fond of the Body Shop Mineral liquid foundation too.

    1. Haven't tried the serum version yet as haven't heard great things but I am tempted! X

  5. I love the Bourjois and L'Oreal ones... on my list of favorites too :)

    annie ||

  6. Such great reviews and choices of foundations. I have used the L'Oreal True Match and I've used MAC but in the Studio Fix and loved them. I am going to try the Bourjois and MAC because I have heard so many great reviews x

    1. Thank you! If you like true match then I'm sure you'll like healthy mix! X

  7. I love Studio Sculpt and Healthy mix... which means one thing: I MUST GO BUY L'OREAL TRUE MATCH!! :)

    Hannah Elle Bee x

  8. I think I still haven't found my holy grail foundation but I love MAC Studio Sculpt and will have to splash out and re-purchase it!

    1. It's always worth it! Love the stuff! X

  9. Loreal true match is awesome, my nan (shes pretty cool haha) always uses it so i started nabbing some from her cupboard and i've been hooked ever since. Still need to try the 'healthy mix' foundation xxx

  10. I always wish I wore more make up!! Your blog makes me want to try! :)
    I blog about happiness, motivation, and strength. One of my goals is to become a life coach… I would feel honored if you checked out my blog and left some feedback! :)
    Thank you so much!

  11. I tried my friends True Match and really liked it. I actually think the Mac Studio Sculpt is the worst foundation I've ever used! I'm gonna have to sell it on because it worked no way near as well for me as it did for you x

  12. I love the look of healthy mix, lots of hype about it! I also want to try the MAC you have mentioned too now xxx


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