Monday, 28 April 2014

My Childhood Female Icons

I was having a little daydream the other day .... I live in a dreamworld probably 68% of the time..... and for some reason my thoughts traveled back to the 90's and early 00's when I was growing up (aka loving life without a care in the world) and I was thinking about all the girls/women/characters I looked up to and wanted to be admired.

With this in mind I thought why not do a little post about it - share with you lovely lot who, when I was younger, I thought was the bee's knee's and would have done anything to grow up and be like them! (and too be fair... my feelings haven't changed!)
1. Cher Horowitz 
A total 90s icon - I was obsessed with Clueless and Cher from a young age! I will always remember seeing that computerized wardrobe for the first time and being green with envy - so so cool! I loved her self-assured attitude, total confidence and super sassy preppy style. I definitely bought a few fluffy pens because of her as a kid! 

2. The Spice Girls 
That's right, all of them. 90's girls I know you are all with me on this one, The Spice Girls were god.
I was one of those little girl's you didn't have a firm favourite throughout the years but slowly went through them all at some point claiming the were my favourite.
 I had the ginger phase... the baby phase.. the sporty phase - well you see where I'm going with this! There was a part of all of them I loved and I wanted to be a Spice Girl more than anything - truly imprinted Girl Power into my mind forever!
3. Belle
I clearly couldn't do a post about all those girls I looked upto as a kid without mentioning a Disney princess! Belle has always been my favourite Disney character and growing up I was totally in awe of her. Being a fellow bookworm (I read so so much as a kid) she showed me it was okay to love reading and to give everyone a chance. Kind, caring and pretty much perfect - she is still my favourite Princess.
4. Buffy 
Of course I've saved the best for last. My ultimate female icon as a kid (and still now) was none other than Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
You all probably know already (if you know me, read this blog or follow me on twitter) that Buffy is my favourite TV show of all time. Growing up I would be so so excited every weekday when it was on BBC2 after The Simpsons and I just wanted to BE her.
Gorgeous, funny, sporty and umm hello a vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar made me want to get fit and kick ass! I don't know how anyone would not want to be Buffy!

I would love to know who your female icons were when you were a kid - comment below or join in and do your own blog post!!



  1. Love this post, if I was to make a list of my childhood female icons every single one of these would be on it! Especially Buffy... she will always be the ultimate kick ass female :)

    Lauren |

  2. Buffy is my all time favourite TV show too! I so happy that other fans are still out there
    She is IMO one of the best characters ever created (in general not just female).

  3. HELLS YEAH to all of these. Especially the Spice Girls though. I used to want to dress up like Ginger Spice aaaaall the time. Probs not the most appropriate of choices for a 9 year old girl but whatever!

    Kirsten |

  4. Such a great post. Buffy was my all time fave icon growing up to in the 90's. Still watch it to this day :))

  5. I love this post! Clueless is still one of my fave films (RIP Brittany Murphy) and I was SUCH a Spice Girls kid. I'm very blonde though so I was always Baby Spice. I might have to dig out my dress-up pics for a TBT post... x

  6. I loved the Spice Girls, I was always Sporty Spice and I was Rachel in S Club 7, those were the days.


  7. I use to think I was Sporty Spice! That was back in the day when I didn't want to be a girl. I even made my mum call me by Johnny haha! Then when I learnt to love my lady bits (that sounded a bit wrong) I looked up and wanted to be anything like Fearne Cotton, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Shakira, Rachel from S Club 7, Faye from Steps. It's funny to look back at things like this ha xx

  8. Loving the inclusion of a Disney Princess - Belle is my favourite! :) Love her elegance and the bows in her hair - perfect princess material!

    Thanks for a lovely and fun post to read! :D

    Yinyin xx

  9. YES! To Cher-- how amazing was her little outfit planner on her computer? haha Makes me want to watch Clueless now :)

  10. Buffy and Belle are definitely mine and have been for a very long time and they are still to this day :) x

  11. I love this post! Belle was my favourite Disney princess, and l was always Posh Spice. But I think Hermione Granger from Harry Potter was the ultimate icon for me haha - I was/am such a nerd!

    Kasia's Beauty Diary

  12. This is such a great post! They are all brilliant icons especially Cher and the Spice Girls :p
    Tiana x

  13. Randomly stumbled across this blog post on Twitter and now I'm gonna have to follow your blog!

    Your icons are amazing and I couldn't agree with you more. While I don't really think about the Spice Girls anymore, Belle, Cher and of course Buffy are still women that inspire me daily! xo

  14. You are automatically awesome in my book because you have Buffy on this list!! I really need to dust off my Spice Girls CDS!! Found you from twitter!! Have a great weekend!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill


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