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Kirstie's Travel Diaries #18 : Tram Riding & Fisherman's Wharf

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Day 18 (17/03/12)

Our last day in San Fran before we headed off on our travels again! Today the sun was actually shining - woohoo, we had hardly seen it since landed here so we were so excited to get out of the hotel and enjoy our last day!
(Not sure why the flags say 2013... because it was 2012!) Something we still hadn't yet done was ride the famous trams so it was on the top of our list of things to do!
Once again we had missed breakfast in the hotel so we got ready and left and joined the queue down the hill for the Powell & Market tram!
The queue was definitely longer than we were expecting - we hadn't really noticed it before... maybe it was because of the weather though - everyone had the same idea as us!
We probably queued for half an hour or so, maybe longer, but it didn't seem that long - I can't remember where we got our tickets weather it was before or once we had boarded the tram but I think it was about $6 or so for a return to Fisherman's Wharf and back!

We luckily got seat on the way there - being a first timer I didn't fancy standing, especially when this thing came so close to other traffic - people were literally high-fiving bus drivers! 
It was so nice to get out of the main square and explore a bit more of the city! 
There were so many things to see whilst on the tram journey down the Fisherman's Wharf and you can seriously see how steep the hills are too - no wonder the queues were so big for this thing!
San Francisco is so beautiful - it's one of the places I want to re-visit most!
 I can't really remember how long it took down to Fisherman's Wharf but it can't have been longer than 30/40 mins! Once there (it was the end of the line) we hopped off and had a little walk around!
There was a Starbucks just by the tram line so we went in there and got a drink and had a sit down! Whilst in there we checked-in for our flight the next day - because we had booked things separately we wanted to make sure we'd be sat together on the flights. (even if it was only an hour and a bit!)
After a little while we decided to head back on the tram - we weren't sure how often they came so and we knew we had to pack so we went and waited for one to take us home!
This time it was busy again and we actually had to stand up and hold on - which thankfully I wasn't as scared about now!
We were stood next to a lovely couple who we ended up chatting to most of the way back! I can't quite remember where they were from ... possibly England now I think about it and they had just been on a cruise and were telling us all about their adventure and we did the same about ours! They were lovely and really helpful as they popped our bags between their feet so we didn't have to hold them and still had a free hand to snap some photos!
Back at Powell & Market we had a couple of hours to spare so we thought - let's go to the cinema again! Haha, we are the coolest right?
This time we decided to see The Lorax - something we both had really wanted to see after "meeting" him at Universal Studios Hollywood. I am such a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan so couldn't wait to see it!
Slight problem after purchasing the tickets though.... we went to get some popcorn and my friend suddenly realised - she's lost her bank card. After going through her bag 3457 times it was official - her card was lost/had been taken. HELP. 
Queue calling England and our parents to help us out! We are 8 hours behind remember so that was a bit of a pain! Thankfully after just a few phone calls home we had sorted it - the card was cancelled and a new one would be sent out to Florida for when we arrived there in a week's time.
Panic over - slightly... my friend was now cardless!
After the drama we had luckily only missed about 10 minutes of movie so sat down and enjoyed the rest of it! ( Bloomin' brilliant movie that I could watch over and over again! )
After the movie we made our way back to the hotel and started packing up our life's once again because tomorrow ..... we were off to Sin City.

NEXT TIME - We fly to Las Vegas!

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