Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kirstie's Travel Diaries #18 : St. Patrick's Day, Cinema & Cheesecake Factory

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Day 18 (17/03/12)

After a long, long catch up on sleep and a lazy morning, we are into day 3 of our stay in San Francisco and although the rain had stopped .... it was still cloudy and a bit chilly! 
It was St. Patrick's Day so clearly green was the colour of the day! 
We had missed breakfast in our hotel every morning for some reason or another and today was no different! So we decided to head out and go and find somewhere for a nice mid-morning brunch!

We found  a Denny's - which I was super excited about as I'd always wanted to go there.... it's the little things isn't it haha! Pancakes, bacon, toast, hash browns and more later - we were full for the day and headed back towards town!
It was then that we noticed the parade! Because it was St. Patricks Day there was a parade with floats and things all through the streets - I loved this as it really reminded me of home as we have so many carnivals here! 
Where the weather wasn't great we decided to head down the nearest cinema, which was luckily only a few blocks away, and see 21 Jump Street seeing as we had been outside the premiere just days before we were dying to actually see the movie!

Now something I wasn't prepared for in an American cinema.... no.sweet.popcorn. - WHAT?! They only did salted... totes weird right?!
The movie was of course hilarious and if you haven't seen it yet then you are 1. seriously behind in the times and 2. missing out!

Our day was of course not over here, there is always time for shopping! We headed to all the stores we hadn't yet checked out (spent way too much money) - this including Macy's WHICH had a Cheesecake Factory at the top of it - amazing!
My jaw dropped when I saw everything they sold but with the queue to be seated being an hour long we decided to just get some cheesecake to takeaway each!
This was just round the corner from our hotel so it was time to head back, get in some comfy clothes and eat cheesecake!

 NEXT POST : Tram riding, Fisherman's Wharf and.... yup we head to the cinema again!

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  1. I loved San Francisco when I stayed there! Its really a great city :)

  2. Omg those cakeslook so amazing, I feel like I need to go to the gym for just looking at them! Glad you had a good time :)

    Cat | LilacGhosts

  3. Mmmmm Cheesecake! <3 looks sooo delicious!


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